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We’re back with a pre-Stanley Cup episode because even when your heart is broken, it’s still hockey, amirite? Erika and Deb talk about the chaotic end of the 2018-2019 season, how to find the fannish fire when every single #&@^#% team you love is currently playing golf, what’s coming next in hockeylandia and how we just know one team is going to break our hearts next year and sign #&@^#% Voynov.

In our #WhatThePuck segment we explain the flurry of signings of NCAA players and how it affects their ELC/trade value.

Our hockey tidbit this ep is the adorable NHL Fan Choice Awards.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish

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Short Shift - Erika

No time for a full-on podcast, but Erika has more exciting hockey talk to share with Deb!

Erika Ensign


Short Shift - Erika

No time for a full-on podcast, but Erika just can’t wait to spew some hockey talk at Deb!

Erika Ensign


It’s March and We’re Mad

Deb and Erika are back and have a lot to say about Erika’s new-found passion for the Florida Panthers (you do you, girlfriend), recent games they’ve attended, the post-deadline trade fall-out (RIP Zuccarello), the REAL March Madness of playoff runs, Deb’s Duchene issues and the fan reaction to the (disproved) homophobic slur uttered at the TORvTBL game this week.

In a new “What the Puck?” Deb dives into the creation and mission of “You Can Play” and how it differs from the NHL’s “Hockey is For Everyone” initative.

Finally, Erika talks about those Bunch of Jerks™ and their fantastic Storm Surge in this episode’s “Hockey Tidbit”.

BONUS! We announce our upcoming Member’s Only Bonus Episode. It’s going to be pretty cool. #teaser

Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


From Pucks and Sticks to Analytics

This is a super-sized, super special episode as we welcome Meg and Hannah from Balls and Sticks podcast to talk hockey, the NHL at large and sexy sexy stats. ! Basically, this is what happens when you put four people together who just really really like hockey. I’m not saying it gets rambly but I’m saying we could have talked a lot longer. A LOT. We had a ton of fun and we hope you have just as much fun listening. And check out our show notes for all sorts of links including where to find Meg, Hannah and the Balls and Sticks Podcast!

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish with Meghan Hall and Hannah Burry


All-Star Puppies and Real Time Stats

Thank all that is holy, hockey is back. Sure, the ASG break is fun for SOME of us (I’m looking at you, people in Canada, who had the GOOD All-Star Weekend broadcast) but the rest of us had to suffer through the not-fun bits to see our old faves and new faves including Kendall Coyne and Brianna Decker who Tore. It. Up. Deb & Erika break down the highlights and lowlights of All-Star Weekend and the resource disparity between men and women’s pro hockey, starting from development. We also touch on the new razzle-dazzle technology the NHL launching next year and the possible impact it will have on the league. We close our regular segment with the Muzzin trade and why it is a good thing (In Deb’s opinion).

In this episode’s “What the Puck” we talk about the importance of scouting and why having depth in your organization is critical.

Finally, we close on an adorable hockey tidbit: Hockey Puppers.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Rushin’ to the Trade Deadline

We’re back from our (very extended) holiday hiatus and wow, life moves fast. Like, what the hell is up in Edmonton? Erika gives us the local perspective while Deb listens sympathetically. (Chiarelli, amirite?) We also talk about trade-deadline madness, the financial impact of making the playoffs and why can’t the ASG be fun? (We need a Storm Surge!) Speaking of surges - we touch on the unexpected Islanders and how delicious an Islanders/Maple Leaf playoff game would be. (Bitterness and spite - don’t discount these important motivators) Finally, we wrap up the regular segment with a bit of “weird and cute”. Weird being Jack Eichels incredibly detailed game day routine (#TeamGoFundMe for the “good” apples!); and the cute being the Dallas Stars incredible Make-A-Wish game played with the mighty EKG’s (and that goon Anderson McDuffie).

In this episode’s “What the Puck” be go back to basics and break down the “rush”. During which Erika proves she is a Fake Canadian and doesn’t even make one Rush joke. She is NOT today’s Tom Sawyer. But she does get her revenge by quizzing Deb in a rapid fire “Say What Now?”

As always, we close with a “Hockey Tidbit” in which Erika recounts a charming family anecdote about the time Daryl Sutter delivered a combine and was sassed by her nephew. Canadians, eh?

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish



Today our cities may be at war, but for this episode Deb and Erika cozy up and discuss the changes in management and coaching brought to our fair cities, and if they’ve made any differences. (The Philadelphia Flyer fan half of this team threw hands AND snorted.) We also discuss the NHL’s 32nd team, the upcoming World Juniors Championship, and the age old dilemma of how to deal when a player you like is traded to a team you very much do NOT like. (ANGST)

And now the the Willy Nylander deal is settled (#blessed) we bemoan the oncoming months of Matthews/Marner speculation. (This is not AO3 so don’t look at that slash that way. Rude.) Which brings us to this week’s “What the Puck” - Offer Sheets! We give you the lowdown on what they are and if they are feasible in the modern NHL.

To close out this ep we give you the delightful Hockey Tidbit of the Montreal Canadiens “Twig for Twig” program. It’s a good one.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Carcast! Alberta Edition

It’s a special Beginner’s Puck/Hockey Feels crossover Carcast! Once again Deb and Erika are joined by Steven and Rachel from Hockey Feels as we road trip through Western Canada to see the both the Battle of Alberta (Edmonton Oilers v. Calgary Flames) in Calgary and Vegas Golden Knights return to Rogers Place In Edmonton. It was a white knuckled drive but we talk about #oldhockey, our favorite arenas and all things NHL. I mean, if four hockey podcasters are stuck in a car for 3+ hours what did you think was going to happen?

Want to join in the conversation about your fave rinks? Drop us a tweet @beginnerspuck or an email at beginnerspuck@gmail.com!

Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish with Steven Schapansky and Rachel Donner


The Good, Bad, Ugly

…otherwise known as “The first week of hockey, baby!” Deb and Erika talk about the good (So. Many. Goals.), the bad (why you have to hurt us like that Edmonton?) and the ugly (NHLPA/NHLShyam Das - you are ON NOTICE. You too, Matheson). Sure, there have been some bumps in the road but it’s early days, kids. Who knows what next week will bring?

In this episode’s “What the Puck?” we’re back on our goalie game - this time breaking down the evolution of goalie equipment.

And finally, in a fuzzy, orange, terrifyingly ridiculous hockey tidbit, Deb wants to love Gritty with her whole heart. Sadly, due to some off-ice issues she has to deduct a few character points, dropping him firmly into the “problematic fave” league for the time being. We believe in your development, Gritty. We’re pulling for you!

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


How to Bake a Roster

We did it, fam. We survived the endless off-season and hockey is baaaaack! Deb and Erika talk about our new career as Freelance Hockey Facilitators, The Drama in Toronto, the up/down sides of International Games and a Deb’s new Fantasy Hockey obsession.

In a special ‘How the Puck’ we discuss how teams go from Training Camp to a 23-man Roster. And yes, we explain What the Puck is an ATO/PTO, how waivers are used and who gets sent to minor league and who gets sent back to Juniors. We even debate the merits of the 9 game “try-out”.

And, finally, while Erika may be less than thrilled with international games, she delights in the International crowd in a lovely little Hockey Tidbit.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish

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