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#OldHockey is for Everyone

It’s a laid back week here at Beginner’s Puck. Erika’s beloved Oilers have been on hiatus and things have been a little wild in Philadelphia. Seems there are sports other than hockey happening in this town. Still, we soldier on, talking about sports superstitions, problematic faves, concussions and celebrations - both formal and informal.

And we bring back #OldHockey with special guest Steven Schapansky of Hockey Feels podcast! Steven gives us the background on Willy O’Ree who, 60 years ago last week, became the first black player in the NHL. We talk about diversity, what the NHL is doing right and what it is doing spectacularly wrong. (We’re looking at you Kid Rock.)

Finally, this week’s hockey tidbit sends us off with a heartwarming story of 15 y.o. Make-A-Wish recipient Hayden Bradley who signed a three-day contract with the San Jose Sharks. Sometimes hockey is pretty awesome.

Want to add to our “Hockey Is For Everyone…sort of” conversation? Drop us an email or tweet and let us know what you think!


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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish

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CBA, ASG, Bye, Bye, Bye

The NHL was hockey-lite last week as a third of the NHL ran away to drink cervezas in Cabo. When will this madness known as “Bye Week” end? Never fear, we’re here to fill in the dead air with talk about the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team announcement, unexpected trades, the NHL All-Star team selection, Bye Weeks and how that is all influenced by the CBA and NHLPA. It’s a Hockey Gordian knot paired with Hockey Jenga. Best game night ever! Well, until ERIKA goes on an EPIC rant regarding refereeing in the NHL. But who among us has not gone there? No one, I say.

We also discuss hockey podcasts featuring women hosts (see a list in our show notes) and in this week’s “Hockey Tidbit” Erika shares her delight in the latest round of NHL Shop’s commercials featuring Awkward Hockey Boys.™

Want to discuss our “off ice issue” conspiracy theory? Jump in on Erika’s epic ref rant? Or, better yet, add another women-hosted hockey podcast to our list? Hit us up on Twitter or drop us an email.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Good Hockey Boys, Bad Hockey Ploys

There’s a lot of hockey happening out there - and a whole bunch of it isn’t being played by our favorite NHLers. Deb and Erika talk about the madness that is the World Junior Championships, sad hockey babies and perfect - and not so perfect - outdoor games. We also touch on the US Olympic Hockey team, Canada’s Spengler Cup winning proto-Olympic hockey team and our Winter Olympic expectations.

In “What the Puck” Deb and Erika break down penalties and all the ways hockey players can feel the shame. And in an adorable hockey tidbit, Deb talks about the ways hockey players go the extra mile for their team mates. Seriously, have you ever watched a team try to get a teammate his hat trick or a rookie his first NHL goal? ::heart eyes emoji::

Have an opinion on any of these subjects? HAHAHA! Of course you do, you’re hockey fans! Drop us a tweet and let us know what you think.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Streaks and Stats

Did you know hockey is actually fun when your team racks up a few wins? Who knew?! In this ep Erika and Deb talk about streaks - winning AND losing; the most bogus of stats (spoiler: Hockey Analysts love them) and the grudgiest of grudge matches. Hey, we all love a narrative!

In a continuation of “Say What Now?” Erika turns the tables and quizzes Deb on colorful hockey language and in this ep’s “Hockey Tidbit” Erika expresses her love for outdoor hockey, especially when played by teams not named “Chicago Blackhawks”.

Do you have a colorful hockey phrase*? Drop us a tweet and test our hockey knowledge!

*Any phrase uttered by Daryl Reaugh aka “Razer” of the Dallas Stars is automatically disqualified because, dude…that is like next level.

Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Sad Slapper

Sure, everything is terrible in both Philadelphia and Edmonton…and Arizona…and Buffalo, and…

BUT we persevere! Deb and Erika talk about Erika’s recent AHL Road Trip, how you love a team that’s sinking faster than the Titanic and what is the best way to turn around a slump because hockey fans always have opinions on THAT.

Plus, we introduce “Say What Now?” - a new segment that looks at the crazy world of Hockey Broadcast Lingo. In “Hockey Tidbits”, Deb talks about her delightful Hockey Advent Calendar, photos of which will be posted daily on the Beginner’s Puck Twitter feed.

So ignore all that real hockey, it’s just terrible. Listen to us instead!

And hey, tweet us any crazy hockey descriptions you’ve come across. That’s way more fun than reading yet another hot take on which player/coach/system is killing our teams. Hockey, man…it’s brutal.

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish



Deb and Erika come roaring back to Beginner’s Puck…in a minivan. Welcome to the first Beginner’s Puck CarCast! Join us as we record on the New Jersey turnpike on our way to the Edmonton Oilers vs. New Jersey Devils game in beautiful downtown Newark, NJ. We talk about what we’ve been watching, how our teams are doing and how hockey is both the best and worst.

AND BONUS! Steven Schapansky of the Hockey Feels podcast joins us, dropping insights about working video at the Oilers’ games and starring in a new “What The Puck?” where we discuss the NHL stat headers. He also held the microphone while Deb drove. What a guy!

If you’d like to hear a post-game CarCast - pop over to Hockey Feels where Deb and Erika join Steven and his co-host Rachel as they break down the game on their way to Long Island!

Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Waive(r) Your Hands In the Air Like You Just Don’t Care

It’s almost here…the High Holy Day of Hockey…Opening Night! But first Erika and Deb catch up on their pre-season viewing, baby hockey players, the social media conundrum and the hard work of creating a roster.

In “What the Puck” we explain the process of assigning players and putting a player on waivers. There is angst involved, people.

Now the rosters are gelling, the skates are sharp and the ice is cold. Are you ready for some hockey? Because we can’t wait!

As always, hit us up on Twitter or email if you have any hockey questions you’d like us to discuss. We are here for you. * hand on heart *

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


What We Did During Our Summer Vacation

It’s a surprise summer episode! Catch up with Deb and Erika as they recap what’s been going on in Hockeylandia since they last got together (Trades, Free Agency, Piles o’ Cash Contracts, Oh My!) and what they’re doing over the summer to stave off the “There’s No Hockey I’m Dead Inside” Blues.

As a summer surprise we announce our first Hockey Movie Night. Join us as we live tweet “The Ice Guardians” which will be followed by a podcast episode breaking down all the feelings.

There are still weeks and weeks and weeks without hockey. What are you doing to stave off the bleakness? Drop us an email or tweet and let us know!

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Viva Las Draft

With Erika galavanting through the U.K. Deb brings on a guest, Rachel Donner of the Hockey Feels Podcast, to talk about the NHL Awards, the Expansion Draft and what to expect from that OTHER draft.

In a new “What the Puck” Deb pick’s Rachel’s brain in order to determine where all of the baby hockey players (aka “Prospects”) come from and where they go if they’re not quite ready for prime time. And Rachel give us a delightful Hockey Tidbit: The grand tradition of booing Commissioner Gary Bettman.

Were there any surprises in the Expansion Draft? What do you think is the strategy behind the Vegas Golden Knight’s first round of picks? Hit us up on Twitter or email and let us know what you think!

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Email: beginnerspuck@gmail.com

Deborah Stanish and Rachel Donner


A Cup of Alphabet Soup

Hockey (the physical game) may be over but Hockey (the Machiavellian game) continues as we head into the Expansion Draft. Deb and Erika delve into The Great Hockey Hunger Games of 2017. There’s a-wheeling and a-dealing in Sin City, probably, and teams are a-scrambling to protect their assets - and asking players to, literally, take one for the team.

Oh, and the Stanley Cup.

Pittsburgh’s legacy is discussed as well as a brief overview of the beloved hunk of silver that will be hoisted over heads, wined, dined and probably end up in a pool before safely returned to Toronto.

In a new “What the Puck?” We get into the NHL’s Alphabet Soup and explain NMC,NTC, UFA and RFAs. We are HERE for all your de-mystifying needs.

Have a question or topic you’d like us to discuss? Find us on the Twitters!

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish


Stories and Stars

It’s a Game Day edition of Beginner’s Puck! Deb and Erika touch on the narratives coming out of this year’s Stanley Cup Final: the good, the bad, the catfish..but especially #Smashville and those fresh faced hockey boys Jake Guentzel and Freddy Gaudreau.

We also chat about the NHL Livestock Auction. Whoops! The NHL COMBINE (easy mixup); important dates heading into the post-season and the Philadelphia Flyer’s new assistant coach. And in a new “What the Puck?” we explain Three Stars.

Finally, Erika shares a fave hockey tidbit: The fist bump line. Okay, so it veers a little bit into a discussion on male intimacy and the culture of toxic masculinity but hockey is weird, okay?

We’re getting down to the wire, kids. Do you think tonight’s game will decide it all? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know what you think!

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Erika Ensign and Deborah Stanish

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