chirp / CHərp / verb - to make fun of or joke around with; trash-talk; commonly associated with hockey. Related forms: chirp·er, noun.

“Wynonna Earp” is a TV show about the Albertan demon-killin’, gun-totin’ heir to Wyatt Earp’s cursed legacy. Erika Ensign recruits her Albertan friends Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk to share a local perspective on the shenanigans in Purgatory and the Ghost River Triangle (which we all know is central Alberta because that’s where they film the show). The podcast is recorded live after watching each episode together on the red couch they’ve stolen from Lazy Doctor Who.

Earp Chirp is a Castria production. Steven Schapansky is our cracker-jack producer.


“Look at Them Beans” (S4:E2)

We’re back in Purgatory! The Chirpers have a lot of questions. Opinions really. Nedley better not be dead. Jeremy better have an explanation. Nicole better be okay. No one is eating Wynonna’s chili, not today Satan! The Chirpers are swooning over new additions Amon and Casey and definitely not swooning over Cleo or Sherriff Holt. All in all our Chirpers might be confused by this time jump, strangely different Purgatory, but they’re in for the ride. They’re always all in.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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“Friends in Low Places” (S4:E2)

We’re in the garden and it’s cooooold. But that might be better than being trapped in a lab full of science zombies and friendly lab rats. It’s an exciting escape room of an episode with some important emotional moments that are warming the Chirpers hearts. To say nothing about kisses in the garden and the haughtest stairway scene in, well, EVER. We really don’t know where season 4 is taking us, but so far, we’re loving the ride. We’d tell you that we feel deeply for this show, but you already know that we’re all in.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“On the Road Again” (S4:E1)

The Chirpers are back for season 4. It was a long fight and a long time coming but being back in Purgatory feels SO GOOD! This first episode is full of WTF moments and our heads are spinning already. At least we are keeping them on our shoulders. We are happy to see everyone back in the Ghost River Triangle even if they are all in imminent, constant peril. Buckle up! Let’s do this Earpers.

Want to see our faces? Watch the live recording of this episode on our Earp Chirp YouTube channel.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Teaser! Chirpers Live Again

After a hiatus, the Chirpers are returning. And while we are sad that we are cannot record on the comfy couch with all the in-person Eeping and Cheering, we are happy to be virtually together again. Will we catch up with Season 4A before 4B? Maybe. Will we live stream our episodes? Probably. Have we optimistically downloaded a Shorty’s background in case we do? Definitely! See you soon Earpers!

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Old Timey Road Trip!

We are in the Big City. Almost. Wooooo!! It’s our lost episode from two years ago when the Chirpers did a road trip to the Calgary area just to watch the Season 3 opener. And then we toured all the Earp sights with a lot of joy and random Canadiana. While we are not able to all Chirp together for Season 4 quite yet, we are taking you on a virtual Earper tour with us. Will we survive? If Kirsten doesn’t chop off Annette’s hand, we should be okay.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk



WE ARE EXCITED! Season 4 of Wynonna Earp is filming, and the Chirpers need to squee about it. And complain about the weather while bragging about surviving the cold. Join us as we discuss the teaser content we’re getting and speculate about the season to come.


Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Earp Chirp Live! at Edmonton Expo 2019

After their own hiatus, the Chirpers do a live panel at the Edmonton Comics and Entertainment Expo! They talk about the #FightForWynonna, #WinForWynonna, and why they think Wynonna Earp is a show worth fighting for.

And snow. Chirpers always have to talk about real snow.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk



This very special episode is brought you by the #FightForWynonna. The Chirpers gather on the red couch once again to discuss why Wynonna Earp is such an important show. And we shout out all Earpers, who have created the best fandom in the whole damn world.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Earp Chirp Live! at Edmonton Expo

Christmas is over, but we have a Boxing Day treat for you all — it’s our long-awaited live show! Back in September, the Chirpers were lucky enough to be in the same room with some fabulous Earpers at Edmonton Expo.

The panel was a spoiler-light celebration of the action, the drama, the fandom, and yes, the gore of Wynonna Earp from our local Albertan perspective. Many thanks to all the Earpers who attended, and extra thanks to those who got on mic with us to chat about our beloved show! Special thanks to our Crackjack Producer (CJP) Steven, who made sure we sounded good.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


A Very Earpmas Commentary

It’s a week before Earpmas so it is time for the Chirpers to record a festive commentary for Wynonna Earp’s episode: “If We Make it Through December” (S3:E6). It’s a rollercoaster of emotions because amidst adorable canoodling couples and mistletoe, some things are heading off the rails in the Ghost River Triangle. Join us and pass the nog! Put in some extra cheer!

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Bonus! Everybody Loves Nedley

We called the last episode “How Nedley got his groove back” for a reason. We already loved Sheriff Nedley/Greg Lawson so hearing the cast and crew singing his praises only makes us love him more. We’re ALL IN for the Wynonna & Nedley show next year. F*#k yeah.

V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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