chirp / CHərp / verb - to make fun of or joke around with; trash-talk; commonly associated with hockey. Related forms: chirp·er, noun.

“Wynonna Earp” is a TV show about the Albertan demon-killin’, gun-totin’ heir to Wyatt Earp’s cursed legacy. Erika Ensign recruits her new(ish) Alberta friends Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk to share a local perspective on the shenanigans in Purgatory and the Ghost River Triangle (which we all know is central Alberta because that’s where they film the show). The podcast is recorded live after watching each episode together on the red couch they’ve stolen from Lazy Doctor Who.

Earp Chirp is a Castria production.


“No Cure for Crazy” (S3:E4)

Our favourite shit show is back in high gear! The Chirpers are falling in love with old favourites and new friends. There are so many new threads and enemies and ideas that this conversation is all over the map of the Ghost River Triangle. The only thing the Chirpers know for sure is we are holding our breath until the next episode!

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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“Colder Weather” (S3:E3)

The Chirpers, recording in the midst of a sea of spent Kleenexes, are no longer in denial. Episode 303 is a slower-paced tribute to everyone’s favorite Black Badge Agent while giving some plot teasers about what is to come. Join us in raising a glass of Banana Liqueur. Or Whiskey.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Earp Chirp Bonus! VAM Bam: “Winds of Change”

Inside Wynonna Earp for season 3, episode 2, “When You Call My Name”

V.A.M. / vam / noun - value added material

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“When You Call My Name” (S3:E2)

This was a big episode. Mama Earp, at least how Wynonna sees her, is beloved, and everyone wants to see more. There’s a lot of demon-ey action, angst, and too much foreshadowing that some shit was going to happen. The Chirpers are going through the stages of grief, stopping (for now) on denial. We love you Dolls.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


Bonus! All Over the World


(Oh yeah, and we’re in Calgary and just watched the “All Over the World” bonus feature on iTunes.)

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Blood Red and Going Down” (S3:E1)

Season 3, Earpers! It’s finally here, and it does not disappoint. The Chirpers are glamoured by the fast opening scene, the sexy fog, those vampires!? And then Wynonna goes full Buffy with Dolls to save Purgatory. Throw in some Anne of Green Gables gone Orange is the New Black and what wasn’t to love in this new beginning? (If only we’d thought to make all those clever references on the podcast itself!)

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“I Hope You Dance” (S2:E12)

Tears. Laughter. Guns. Labour. All the feels and action that the Chirpers want from a Wynonna Earp season finale. Doc and Wynonna are the heart of the episode as they make the hard choices to protect Alice. Just enough threads are wrapped up to be satisfactory while leaving us anxious for Season 3.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Gone as a Girl Can Get” (S2:E11)

It’s an alternate world without Wynonna Earp, and the Chirpers don’t like it — though the Doc and Dolls relationship is warming the cockles of their hearts. They return to Doylist and Watsonian theory to discuss this Wynonna-light episode that is stressing everyone out.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“I See a Darkness” (S2:E10)

So many feels throughout this episode! Sometimes there are no good choices, and sometimes people make all the wrong ones. Wynonna and Doc show off some stellar moves, and Nedley proves he is as loyal as we know he is—to humans and to cats. The Chirpers hold on through this intense episode as they race towards the end of season 2.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Forever Mine Nevermind” (S2:E9)

Oh, fudgenuggets! So much awkwardness in this episode in all the character pairings — reaching its peak in the always-dreadful Tucker. Doc and Wynonna have an epic argument with a horrific doll skulking in the background, while Jeremy wins all the hearts — except Dolls’. And the Chirpers debate how to eat KD (mac ‘n’ cheese) Alberta-style and discuss local brewery tours.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“No Future in the Past” (S2:E8)

Annette is in her happy place again — not only with the return of the Bobo, but with the added complexity of his character. This trip to the past reveals a lot of backstory and many complicated feelings from all the Chirpers. Erika confesses she did not move to Alberta to fight demons, but the rest of the Chirpers are doubtful.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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