chirp / CHərp / verb - to make fun of or joke around with; trash-talk; commonly associated with hockey. Related forms: chirp·er, noun.

Wynonna Earp is the Albertan demon-killin’, gun-totin’ heir to Wyatt Earp’s cursed legacy. Erika Ensign recruits her new(ish) Alberta friends Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk to share a local perspective on the shenanigans in Purgatory and the Ghost River Triangle (which we all know is central Alberta because that’s where they film the show). The podcast is recorded live after watching each episode together on the red couch they’ve stolen from Lazy Doctor Who.

Earp Chirp is a Castria production.


“I Walk the Line” (S1:E13)

Season finale! The Chirpers morn the loss of Bobo just as they are seeing additional depth from their favourite villain. Annette literally drops the mic on Doll’s shirtlessness. The heroes stop the revenant’s evil plan to destroy the town and escape the triangle, but new questions arise: Can they rescue Dolls? What is up with Waverly? Will Doc win Wynonna’s heart? Or is everyone snookered?

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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Previous Episodes


“House of Memories” (S1:E12)

Everyone is looking HAUGHT in their tuxes and gowns, even if Bobo can’t leave off the fur. Kirsten sees straight through Willa and predicts an ultimate betrayal. Smooth knife throwing skills save Doc …and yes… he rescues his hat. The Chirpers must work through their complicated feelings about the birth of a love triangle, which means Annette wants to drink all the champagne even if it’s a bad idea.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Landslide” (S1:E11)

Dolls uses his influence to get the world’s fastest DNA results to confirm Eve is indeed the missing Willa. The Chirpers puzzle over the mysterious “dude” who helps the stranded Doc and the sad lack of poker in the Poker Spectacular. Things are coming together, but so many questions remain. Most importantly… what is going to happen to Doc’s hat?

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“She Wouldn’t Be Gone” (S1:E10)

The Chirpers celebrate masculine pink cars, strong arms, and the growing professional (…and personal?…) chemistry between Wynonna and Dolls as they get lost in the deep dark woods. Kirsten is blindsided by a major plot reveal about cult member Eve, and the Chirpers speculate what this means to Wynonna, Waverly, and even Bobo…

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Bury Me With My Guns On” (S1:E9)

Bobo’s back! And so is the Stone Witch — in a glorious hat. The Seven may be dead, but the plot does not slow down in Purgatory. While Wynonna searches for renewed purpose, the Chirpers celebrate all the lovers coming together this episode. Finally!

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Two-Faced Jack” (S1:E8)

Doc and Dolls are having their own personal fight club while they unite to find Wynonna, and no one is complaining. The Chirpers debate which is worse: living disembowelment or being eaten by a cannibalistic revenant. And Kirsten actually gives Dolls props, even if reluctantly.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Walking After Midnight” (S1:E7)

This episode keeps the Chirpers on the edge of their seats. What will Waverly do with those scissors? Will Dolls ever get to eat a meal with Wynonna? Who is leaving those playing cards? Will Doc get his revenge? If all the tense plot threads aren’t enough, this episode leaves viewers with a super creepy cliff-hanger: Wynonna!

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Constant Cravings” (S1:E6)

There is more talk about PPE and OH&S in this episode than one might expect. That doesn’t protect anyone from flesh-eating revenants though. The Chirpers are enjoying the fight training; however, they are ultimately craving more Doc. Why, Wynonna? Why?

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Digging Up Bones” (S1:E5)

Yeah! They did it! Erika, Annette, and Kirsten celebrate love and shoes and crazy Stone Witches. The heat is up in Purgatory with so much double entendre and flirtation. Dolls isn’t the only one getting sweaty.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“The Blade” (S1:E4)

What is going on with Dolls? Will he ever blink? Kirsten is swayed slightly by his softening charms. The Doc Holliday shipping continues as Erika, Annette, and Kirsten wander everywhere trying to capture the creepy, the gross, and the good in this episode.

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk


“Leavin’ on Your Mind” (S1:E3)

The gross visuals do not stop in episode 3, and Erika and Annette admit they will probably continue. The co-hosts dissect characters and pick their favourites. Listeners will learn not to trust writers trying to convert kilometres to miles, plus where to travel in the Alberta Badlands! (Yes, we have Badlands.)

Erika Ensign, Annette Wierstra and Kirsten Goruk

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