TV Talk Machine #87 June 17, 2016
ATX Festival etc.

Lost in Austin

Tim is back in his natural habitat, and Permanent Guest Host David J. Loehr is back, as they reminisce about their trip to the fifth season of the ATX Festival in Austin, TX, last week. They talk about hanging out with showrunners, each other, BBQ, sitting in on panels, BBQ, seeing cast & crew reunions, hearing unfilmed pilots, BBQ, and did they mention the BBQ? (They blame/thank Moisés Chiullan for the trip to Micklethwait’s. Blame only because they’re hooked now.) Then on to other topics, like Roadies, a new series from Cameron Crowe, and how it compares to other music-related shows like HBO’s Vinyl and FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. Also, BBQ. (They really liked the BBQ. Thanks, Moisés!)

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