Lions, Towers & Shields #23 January 30, 2021
The Fountainhead: a hate watch

A Perfect Spherical Cow

Let us consider 1949’s The Fountainhead, the first filmed version of an Ayn Rand novel, though it’s not the first time Rand’s words were spoken onscreen. She worked as a writer in Hollywood while nursing her brew of objectivist beliefs and turning them into some, um, interesting books. Our film stars Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal, and is based on Rand’s novel of the same name. So, how do we feel about all this? Listen and find out!

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Show Notes

Old Movies, New Things: discs, books and other physical objects * Blu-ray: After the Thin Man (Warner Archive), The Court Jester (Paramount), Good News (Warner Archive), The Pajama Game (Warner Archive), Room for One More (Warner Archive),

Sightings: classics on TV, streaming, and (someday) the festival circuit
* This month’s TCM Spotlights: No 31 Days of Oscar, Golden Turkeys,

The Movie: review/commentary on a single classic film * The Fountainhead (1949), trailer * Available to stream, rent or buy digitally * On disc: DVD

Next time, we’ll watch Random Harvest (1942)

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