The Incomparable Mothership #689 November 3, 2023
“Star Trek” pitch draft

Have Phaser, Will Travel

We have some suggestions for the next round of “Star Trek” TV series.

Listen to this episode (1 hour, 12 minutes)

Show Notes

  1. Monty - Star Trek: Alternate Universe (R-Rated)
  2. Moises - Star Trek: Sector 001
  3. Joe - Lower Decks live-action follow-on (Jason’s: Beta Shift)
  4. David - Star Trek: Borderlands
  5. Heather - Lives of a Trill
  6. Jason - Starfleet Medical
  7. Monty - Star Trek: Future Marvels (history of things in star trek)
  8. Moises - Star Trek: Trekballs
  9. Joe - Drunk Star Trek History
  10. David - It Treks a Thief, with Harry Mudd
  11. Heather - Georgiou, Mariner, Section 31
  12. Jason - Star Trek: Galaxies / Andromeda Explorer (maybe anime style?)
  13. Monty - mirror universe, babies, what’s going on at the gangster planet
  14. Moises - Star Trek: Grissom, Engineering
  15. Joe - Star Trek: Reliant, Quark’s Kitchen Nightmares
  16. David - Looking Glass War, Travelers, Cetacean Ops, Orion’s Flag Means Death
  17. Heather - Family focused show, think “Army Wives”; Captain Emergency Hologram
  18. Jason - Guardians of Forever, Space Archaeology! (Dead civilizations that build larger mystery but with Raiders feel), Geordi LaForge’s Tales From the Fleet Museum!, Beta shift (lower decks live-action follow on)

Topics Covered