Lions, Towers & Shields #25 March 13, 2021
Perry Mason *Is “The Mind Reader”

Warren William: Cookie Monster

He’s largely unknown today, but Warren William had an important role in what we know today as pre-code film. Sadly, many of his films are neither streaming or rentable. but we did find one that shows off his seedy side. If you’d like more recommendations, listen in. William usually played a dapper, middle-aged villain with a taste for much younger women, and a line that would get him what he wanted. As we say in this episode, think William Powell, but sinister. After his pre-code days, William played Perry Mason in several films, as well as a detective called the Lone Wolf.

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The Movie: review/commentary on a single classic film * The Mind Reader (1933), trailer * Available to rent or buy digitally

Next time, we’ll watch The Third Man (1949)

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