Magnum, podcast

Hosted by Jason Snell, Philip Michaels, and David J. Loehr

Locked inside their homes with nowhere else to turn, three men embark on a journey to watch selected episodes of one of the greatest TV shows of the 1980s, “Magnum, p.i.” There are a lot of segments.

Latest Episode: December 1, 2022

65 “Ghost Writer” (S2E12)

What’s more dangerous than a box full of DANGER? Two boxes! In a helicopter! This episode features Elisha Cook Jr. as someone other than Ice Pick, a lot of comedy bits, a classic take to the camera, and a plot free of any sense. Corporate espionage, pshaw! Give me some Howard Hughes jokes instead!

Previous Episodes

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    November 17, 2022
    64 “The Legacy of Garwood Huddle” (S5E4)

    Cliff Clavin is married to Doogie’s mom? Generic products that are legally distinct from Amway? A roast beef and Gefilte fish sandwich? This episode’s got a lot going for it, and a lot that makes no sense. But at its center is guest star Pat Hingle, and that means that most of our new segments this week are game shows. For some reason.

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    November 10, 2022
    63 “All Roads Lead to Floyd” (S1E13)

    Noah Beery guest stars as, well, Floyd. All roads lead to him. He’ll cut Magnum off on the road leading to him, which leads to a costly Ferrari bumper repair because someone didn’t carry any auto insurance. His daughter Cindy is on the road to finding him after he abandoned her in order to go into not-secret witness protection. A couple of chicken-loving henchmen are also on the road to Floyd in order to safeguard the theft of… airline tickets? As for Floyd, he’s going to abandon his laughably small car in the middle of the road and run away. Oh, also apparently the Klan are involved? What?

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    November 3, 2022
    62 “…By Its Cover” (S3E21)

    This is an episode with nothing to apologize for. Stuart Margolin cranks up some cool tunes, TC wears suspenders with no shirt, a parole officer just wants to get out of her strange office, and Magnum is mistaken for a bunco guy. Also there’s marijuana trafficking involved, which leads us to an unexpected segment.

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    October 27, 2022
    61 “Luther Gillis File #OOI” (E5E10)

    Luther Gillis is back, but this time he’s paired with the Butler—that’s Higgins—to sniff out an extortion plot. Meanwhile, the Big Guy (that’s Magnum) is wearing a suit and staring into a computer screen. The world is topsy-turvy!

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    October 20, 2022
    60 “Old Acquaintance” (S6E3)

    A dictator of a made-up country is going to be assassinated by a marine park dolphin who was kidnapped by a high-school friend of Magnum’s! Oh, no, this episode is not ridiculous at all. How have we done sixty episodes of this podcast?

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    October 13, 2022
    59 “The Love-For-Sale Boat” (S5E17)

    This episode sounded a lot better on Magnum Dash Mania Dot Com, the official bible of “Magnum, podcast.”

    But it turned out to be… a lemon.

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    October 6, 2022
    58 “Adelaide” (S1E14)

    Why is guarding a valuable thoroughbred horse the subject of scorn? The answer is that this is Early Magnum, and so Magnum’s friends are kind of jerks. Also there’s a lady from Iowa whose relationship with Magnum is perplexing on multiple fronts. Then there’s the “Frankenstein Island” connection. It’s a weird episode. But we have many new segments, one invented by a listener!

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    September 29, 2022
    57 “The Kona Winds” (S6E4)

    The winds! They stir the blood! And so begins a classic tale of Wind Noir, as a mysterious woman enters Magnum’s life and entwines him in a web of deception… and murder?! Tune your transistors to Radio Exposition and batten down the hatches—it’s going to be a windy ride.

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    September 22, 2022
    56 “Tropical Madness” (S2E7)

    Higgins is in love. Magnum is convinced the lady is up to no good, but Higgins is convinced Magnum is just jealous. Also, there are a couple of yo-yos. But when are we going to get to the tropical madness?!

    Thanks to Listener Allyson for winning the Listener Blair award for episode recommendations.

  • Magnum, podcast cover art
    September 15, 2022
    55 “Squeeze Play” (S4E7)

    Sleazy magazine publisher Buzz Benoit has made a bet with Robin Masters! If Robin’s softball team, led by Thomas Magnum, doesn’t win a game against Benoit’s ringers, the estate is gone and Magnum and Higgins will have to start a sitcom about living together in a Real Nice Condo provided by Rick. (Doesn’t sound so bad.) Isn’t this supposed to be a show about crimes? No, friend, it’s a show about softball shenanigans! And… uh, actually, a whole lot of sexism. Let’s focus on the positives: More segments!

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