Metaphors All the Way Down

Book Club

Tape plastic wrap to your windows and wear a heavy jacket, because we’re revisiting Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel “American Gods” (and its not-a-sequel, 2005’s “Anansi Boys”) before these books make it to TV screens. We appreciate Gaiman’s writing style and the tightrope he walks to tell the story he wants to tell, but have some questions about invisible gods, tall tales, roadside landmarks, and the rules of this world.

Book Club Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Monty Ashley, Glenn Fleishman and David J. Loehr

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  • Audible: Great audiobooks that play on any device. Get a free trial at audible.com/snell. Aleen didn’t realize it, but they did sponsor this episode!

  • A Girl In Time by John Birmingham: A fun time-travel adventure, plus there’s pizza. Available on Amazon, iBooks, and wherever ebooks are sold.

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