The Incomparable Mothership #337 January 28, 2017
“Black Mirror”

20 Minutes Into the Future

Charlie Brooker’s anthology TV series “Black Mirror” has been compared to “The Twilight Zone”, with its dark, twist-laden tales about the advance of technology and how it affects society. Does it live up to the hype? Our panel watched all 13 episodes—all currently available on Netflix—and is here to report back on the strengths and weaknesses of the series. We also discuss our five favorite episodes in detail, so you can skip to the highlights if you don’t want to utterly darken your soul.

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Show Notes

Our top five “Black Mirror” episodes, which we discuss in detail in this episode, are “San Junipero”, “Be Right Back”, “Nosedive”, “White Christmas”, and “Hated in the Nation.”

We also discussed the other eight episodes, which we didn’t like as well. Those discussions can be heard in a supplementary episode.

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