Lions, Towers & Shields #67 December 29, 2022
An LTS Draft-a-palooza

Gene Kelly’s Butt

Another year draws to a close, and so many classic movies remain undiscussed on Lions, Towers & Shields. But many of your regular panelists have feelings, as well as recommendations for the future. So I invited them to share them in a themed draft episode.

NOTE: LTS will return in March 2023. We'll cover at least 21 films next year, but the episodes will be spaced out over three, seven-episode seasons to give our panelists (and your host) time to rest and reflect on all the classic film goodness that awaits.

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Show Notes

Classic you would show to someone who says they don't like old movies

I know it's kind of weird, but....

Thirst trap/I have a little crush

Why hasn't this one been on LTS yet? Seriously!

Bring out Your Dead

We'll be back on March 2 with the 1945 thriller, Hangover Square, starring Linda Darnell and Laird Krieger.