The Incomparable Mothership #336 January 21, 2017
Comic book movie pitches

You Had Me at ‘Splorch’

Comic book movies got you down? Too much of the same old thing? This episode has the cure for what ails you, as we pitch a bunch of great comics that we’d like to see get the big-screen treatment that would be guaranteed to enliven the genre. And maybe along the way, we’ll add to your comics reading list, too.

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Show Notes

Also mentioned:

John - Peter Bagge’s Hate!, Stardust the Super Wizard

David - Francavilla’s Black Beetle, Will Eisner’s The Spirit, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Jason Sudeikis’ Plastic Man, Darwyn Cooke’s Donald E. Westlake’s Parker starring Oscar Isaac, The Shadow/Doc Savage/Street & Smith Cinematic Universe, Dept. H, Thrilling Adventures of Loveless & Babbage

Monty - The Far Side, JLA/Avengers, Achewood, Little Nemo, A movie starring Mickey Mouse, a good Birds of Prey movie

Moises - Power Pack, Nextwave: Agents of Hate, Howard the Duck, Valiant Connected Universe, Strangers in Paradise, Umbral, Velvet, KaijuMax, Black Hole, 47 Ronin, The Wake, The Diaspora of 2000 AD

Lisa - Scalped, God Hates Astronauts, Infinity Gauntlet, Runaways, Leaving Megalopolis, Secret Six

Jason - Hawkeye, Venom, Dreadstar, Locke and Key, Ms. Marvel or Blue Beetle, Silver Surfer, Swamp Thing, Nimona