Agents of SMOOCH #14 July 10, 2020
Virtual Summer Vacation: Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong

I Didn’t Plan to Seduce a Stranger

Our Special Agents discuss virtual vacation logistics on this Hong Kong stop for our mission about the 2015 movie, Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. It’s a movie that gives you a front seat on an almost, kind of, sort of date that wanders through Hong Kong’s nightlife. Prepare to get hungry because we talk about spicy crab and dim sum. A lot. We tease the ending repeatedly because our Agents really want you to watch the movie before we spoil the ending. So just go watch it. We’ll wait until you get back.

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Show Notes

Check out Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg’s IRL Wedding Photos. They are so darn cute.

Trailer for Emily Ting’s recent movie, Go Back to China:

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