Agents of SMOOCH #23 September 4, 2020
Virtual Vacation: Eurvision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

No Guilt. All Pleasure.

In our Penultimate Virtual Vacation stop, we squeeze in a mission to Iceland and Edinburgh to watch 2020’s Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Our Agents discuss how comedy with heart is the best comedy and develop our spin-off movies and shows about Sigrid, Lars, Alexander, and Mita. Our resident Eurovision expert from Sweden, Julia, gives us the low down on how well this movie represents the Eurovision Song Contest and lots of Icelandic Elf lore. Warm-up your vocals, because there will be a song-a-long.

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Show Notes

The Perfect Eurovision Performace, Love, Love, Peace, Peace:

All the Winners of Eurovision:

This is a Danish Viking from 2018. Does he seem familiar?

Icelandic 2020 contender and pre-COVID favourite to win:

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