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Agents of SMOOCH #73 December 31, 2021
New Year’s Eve Smooch Draft

The Smoochiest of Smooches

This might be the smoochiest of Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. episodes and likely overdue. We are holding a favourite kiss draft just in time for the New Year. We have all kinds of kisses for you from movies and television, classics and new shows. They all get our Agents’ motors going and our hearts humming. So get out your chapstick and lip gloss. It’s time to SMOOCH.

See our extensive show notes for all our picks and related links if you want to watch along.

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Show Notes


Jean: A Room with a View Shelly: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Moises: Schitt’s Creek, Patrick and David’s first kiss KatyBeth: X-Files, Fox Mulder & 1939 Dana Scully Annette: Jane and Rafael, Jane the Virgin


Jean: Bridget Jones Diary: Final Kiss
Shelly: Guiding Light, Quint and Nola Moises: Casablanca first kiss Rick and Ilsa KatyBeth: Peter and Olivia Fringe S4 Annette: First Wayhaught Kiss | First Wynonna and Doc kiss | Thread of kissing


Jean: Back to the Future: George & Lorraine Shelly: Woman of the Year (1942), Spencer Tracy Katherine Hepburn Moises: Moulin Rouge, Christian & Satine KatyBeth: 2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Elizabeth and Will
Annette: Alias, Sydney and Vaughn after end of SD6


Jean: Friends, One Where Ross Finds Out: First Ross/Rachel kiss Shelly: Sound of Music, Julie Andres & Chris Plumber Moises: Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, all the Dracula kisses
KatyBeth: Veronica Mars, Logan & Veronica Annette: Bridgerton, Daphne and Simon, I burn for you


Jean: Upside Down Spiderman Kiss | Empire Strikes Back Han and Leia | Hermione and Ron Deathly Hallows Part 2

Shelly: Romeo & Juliet Franco Zefferelli | Hitchcock Notorious | When Harry Met Sally | Here to Eternity | Singing in the Rain

Moises: Grand Budapest Hotel. Zero & Agatha | Baz Luhrmann Romeo & Juliet | David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986) Jeff Goldblum & Geena Davis | Somewhere in Time, Christopher Reeve & Jane Seymour | Time after Time, Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen

KatyBeth: 10 Things I Hate About you, Paintball kiss | Meet Me in St. Louis, punch/kiss | Rise of Skywalker, Ben & Rey | The Mummy, every kiss | Clueless, Paul Rudd & Alicia Silverstein | Chuck, S2 | Grey’s Anatomy Dr. Shepherd & Dr. Kai Bartley

Annette: Nick & Jess, New Girl | Eliot and Q, Magicians | Annie & Eyal, Covert Affairs | Alina & the Darkling, Shadow & Bone | French Kiss, final scene | Becoming Jane

Bonus kiss from Agent Heather Berbaret: The first kiss between Anne Lister and Ann Walker on Gentleman Jack