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Agents of SMOOCH #08 May 22, 2020
Twilight Movie

50 Shades of Blue

It’s our first Heart Surgery mission where we pick apart a movie that is much maligned and decide what our hearts really feel. The surgery candidate: Twilight the movie, the book, the TV show that we expect will inevitably appear. Is this movie your “Great Shame” or do you love it unabashedly? Is Edward smelling a skunk or is he swoon-worthy? Do you like all the baseball or is it too much baseball? Do you think it is too blue or exactly the right amount of blue? Regardless of your opinion, we have an Agent to defend your opinion. Except for the blue. No one’s defending that. Well, maybe one.

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Show Notes

If you didn’t get enough of our Twilight discussions, check out our tipsy commentary. And if that still isn’t enough, become an Incomparable Member. We had so much fun, we can’t stop making tipsy Twilight series commentaries for our members.

Almost immediately after we recorded, Stephanie Meyers announced that she is completing Midnight Sun:

Creep on all the Twilight filming locations:

Taylor Lautner monologue about New Moon:

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