Agents of SMOOCH #88 October 28, 2022
The Addams Family (1991)

It Starts with the Eyes

Join our Incomprehensible Agents of SMOOCH for a special Halloween movie commentary. Cue up the 1991 version of The Addams Family and get ready for some serious romantic gazes with the Addams Family. This movie is a family classic but under the surface has a lot of simmering heat that makes it perfect for a romantic Halloween mission.

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Show Notes

This commentary is not safe for work or children due to expletives and drinking.

Drinking Rules Take a drink whenever: - Someone Snaps twice in the movie or IRL - Morticia and Gomez are the perfect couple - There is something scary

Drinks -Kathy: Morticia Punch (Cranberry, Prosecco, Curacao, Grenadine) - Jean: Sweet Tarts Mocktail (Gin alternative, Dhos, SUM drinking vinegar Oregon berry flavour, Lime juice, Supa Sawa) - Moises: French Wine from the drugstore - Annette: Whiskey Sour and Twilight Rose wine harvested at night

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