Agents of SMOOCH #50 February 14, 2021
Let’s Make a Romance Movie!

International Waters

For our very first anniversary and our 50th episode, join us for our Valentine’s Day party! It’s part draft, part improv storytelling, part limes, and all ridiculousness. A large cast of our Agents has gathered to make the movie of our collective dreams. With no storyboards, no scripts, and no plans, we jump into the international waters of our imagination, each Agent bringing an actor of their choice. Together we find our North Star while singing sea shanties and folding towel art. Your Cruise Director is waiting! Meet us on the lido deck of the Agents of S.M.O.O.C.H. Love Boat. We’re shipping everyone!

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Show Notes

*Dream Cast featuring: *

  • Oded Fehr as Eyal
  • Gugu-Mbatha Raw as Amara
  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Emma Queen
  • Keegan-Michael Key as Doctor Aubrey
  • Lupita Nyongo as The Captain
  • And Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal returning as Sally Albright and Harry Burns
  • With Phil Collins as himself
  • Special appearances by Bill Nighy, Robert Picardo, Manny Jacinto, and more!!

One of our amazing Incomparable members, Martin Kailuweit, gifted the Agency with the perfect trailer for our made-up romance/spy movie. Watch it on YouTube.

And the credit sequence for when we inevitably “Moises” the movie into a limit HBO series. Watch it on YouTube.

International Waters Movie Poster