“Loom” with Antony Johnston

Ask him about it! Yes, it’s time to turn the tables again, and for his birthday this year, Antony hands the reins to Tony Sindelar. Together they weave an appreciation for the videogame so good, it made Antony want to write them for a living — the classic 1990 Lucasarts adventure “Loom”.

Tony Sindelar with Antony Johnston


“Ringo Starr” with Andy Ihnatko

Is Ringo the best drummer in the world? Ho ho, he’s not even the best drummer in… no, let’s not go there (Lennon never actually said it anyway). Instead, Andy Ihnatko joins Antony to bang a drum for Ringo Starr’s innovation, charisma, and — yes — talent on the skins.

Antony Johnston with Andy Ihnatko


“Sherlock Holmes (2009 movie)” with Eddy Webb

Was making Sherlock Holmes cool really a good idea? Is Robert Downey Jr simply playing himself? And shouldn’t Watson be a bumbling lapdog? Devoted Sherlockian Eddy Webb joins Antony to discuss all this and more in Guy Ritchie’s 2009 “Sherlock Holmes” movie.

Antony Johnston with Eddy Webb


“The Fast & The Furious (Franchise)” with Jessica Sliwinski

Fast cars, impossibly skilled drivers, champagne groupies, loud explosions, and a complete disregard for the laws of physics. Sounds like hell? Jessica Sliwinski once thought so, but now she joins Antony to shift her appreciation for the “Fast & Furious” movies up a gear.

Antony Johnston with Jessica Sliwinski


“Pluto” with Marcos Huerta

When is a planet not a planet? When it gets downgraded after 75 years, apparently. But was Pluto’s fate a mistake by the IAU, or an example of science in action? Marcos Huerta joins Antony to talk Kuiper belt objects, the New Horizons probe, and arbitrary astronomical definitions.

Antony Johnston with Marcos Huerta


“Predator 2” with Ed Brisson

After the success of its gung-ho predecessor, “Predator 2” — which expanded the mythology of the alien hunters, like “Aliens” did for its predecessor — felt like a sure thing, not the flop it turned out to be. Ed Brisson joins Antony to explain why second chances are his specialty.

Antony Johnston with Ed Brisson


“Tapeheads” with Kelly Guimont

Was it a “Blues Brothers” for the MTV generation, or just a nonsensical movie strung together with songs and bizarre cameos? Or… both?! Kelly Guimont joins Antony to lay down some tape talking about cult movie “Tapeheads”.

Antony Johnston with Kelly Guimont


“No Man’s Sky” with Matt Johnston

It promised the Earth — and an almost-infinite universe to play in — but the videogame “No Man’s Sky” launched to scathing criticism and disappointment. Matt Johnston joins Antony to explain why expectations were misguided, why players who quit early are missing out, and why being a space hobo is so relaxing.

Antony Johnston with Matt Johnston


“Star Trek: Enterprise” with Pete Mele

The spirit of Star Trek has seen the franchise reinvented, revisited, and even rebooted, for more than 50 years — but of all its incarnations, perhaps none is so maligned as “Enterprise”. Pete Mele joins Antony to defend Captain Archer from threats on all sides.

Antony Johnston with Pete Mele


“Eyes Wide Shut” with Richard Rouse III

Sold as an erotic thriller, Stanley Kubrick’s least popular film “Eyes Wide Shut” is neither erotic, nor much of a thriller. But Richard Rouse III joins Antony to argue that it wasn’t just mis-sold, it was misunderstood — and has only gotten better with age.

Antony Johnston with Richard Rouse III


Eurovision Song Contest 2017 pre-show glitterball special!

Dust off your sequins, because once again the Eurovision Song Contest is almost upon us! Rachel Donner, David Loehr, and Liz Myles join Antony to marvel at this year’s contenders and catastrophes, and wonder if a post-Brexit UK will be left with nul points…

Antony Johnston with Rachel Donner, David J. Loehr and Lizbeth Myles


“Krull” with Carrie Patel

Every kid who came out of the theater from “Krull” wanted a glaive… even if they were in no rush to see the movie itself again. Carrie Patel joins Antony to explain why that’s a shame, as they reminisce about this charming, naive fantasy/sci-fi mashup — plot holes and all.

Antony Johnston with Carrie Patel


“Killer Robots” with Kent Massey

We all know it’s only a matter of time before the military builds Terminator-style robots, and from there a small leap to Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords… or is it? Robotics engineer Kent Massey joins Antony to ask, what’s the difference between a plant and a rock?

Antony Johnston with Kent Massey


“The Matrix Reloaded” with Filip Selldén

“The Matrix Reloaded” wasn’t the sequel people were expecting, but was swapping bullets for brains really such a bad idea? Filip Selldén joins Antony to explain why making a modern Superman movie was the Wachowski’s best option.

Antony Johnston with Filip Selldén


“V For Vendetta” (the film) with Amal El-Mohtar

Podcasts should not be afraid of their listeners; listeners should be… wait, that makes no sense. Much like the “V for Vendetta” movie! Or so some fanboys would have you believe. Not Amal El-Mohtar, who joins Antony to ensure England Prevails in the face of such authoritarian opinions.

Antony Johnston with Amal El-Mohtar


“Babe: Pig in the City” with Warren Frey

Is “Babe: Pig in the City” really a tour de force of magical realism? Or “A New Yorker cartoon on mescaline”? Warren Frey joins Antony to explain why this kids’ movie from George “Mad Max” Miller deserves your renewed attention.

Antony Johnston with Warren Frey


“GURPS” with Monty Ashley

In what must surely be our thinnest premise yet, Monty Ashley joins Antony to ostensibly defend GURPS from its detractors. But it’s basically two old RPG nerds chatting and reminiscing about games for an hour. Roll 3D6 to listen!

Antony Johnston with Monty Ashley


“Masters of the Universe” with Liz Myles

They said it would be bigger than Star Wars. Instead it bankrupted a studio and sank without trace. Yes, in another instalment of our Dolph Lundgren love here on UMP, Liz Myles joins Antony to reassess “Masters of the Universe”, the well-known, uh, Christmas movie. Wait, what?

Antony Johnston with Lizbeth Myles


“Batman Returns” with Michael Molcher

After making Batman palatable to the mainstream again with the first movie, Tim Burton’s sequel “Batman Returns” went all-in with his signature fairytale gothic style. Michael Molcher joins Antony to explain why it totally works, and disses the Nolan Batverse along the way. Happy new year!

Antony Johnston with Michael Molcher


“Micronauts” with Jason Snell

Regular Incomparable Network listeners will know of Jason Snell’s oft-thwarted desire to talk about his lifelong love of “Micronauts”; a series of comics, starring characters based on American toys, which were based on Japanese toys. At last, this is our gift to him… and to you. Happy holidays!

Antony Johnston with Jason Snell


“Clue” with John Cecil

Was it John Cecil, in the loft, with the microphone? Actually, yes — and that’s more straightforward than anything in the puzzling murder-mystery-comedy-movie-of-the-board-game “Clue”, which John’s here to defend. Would anyone care for fruit, or dessert?

Antony Johnston with John Cecil


“General Hospital” with Rachael Noel Fox

Mah stories are on! And when they include aliens, vampires, weather machines, movement suits, and more, how can you resist? Rachael Noel Fox can’t, and says those of us who appreciate wild creative imaginations should be watching that soapiest of soaps, “General Hospital.”

Antony Johnston with Rachael Noel Fox


“Alien 3” with Moisés Chiullan

Forget corny spooks and campy monsters; for this Halloween edition, Moisés Chiullan joins Antony to delve into the murky horror of “Alien 3”, and explain why this most maligned entry in the movie franchise deserves a chance at parole.

Antony Johnston with Moisés Chiullan


“Pretty Woman” with Regie Rigby

Let’s be honest; it’s not every day you hear a middle-aged cis/het man tell you “Pretty Woman” is his favourite movie ever. Meet Regie Rigby, who’s here to explain why he thinks Garry Marshall’s quintessential ’80s rom-com deserves another look.

Antony Johnston with Regie Rigby


“Armageddon” with Alison Baker

Drills! In! Spaaaaaace! Alison Baker throws scientific accuracy to the (solar) wind, jumps a canyon in low-g, and revels in NASA’s afterburn as she rockets through the joys of Michael Bay’s “Armageddon”.

Antony Johnston with Alison Baker


“BioShock 2” with Shaline Lopez

“BioShock” is widely regarded as one of the best video games of all time. “BioShock 2”, though… not so much. Podcaster Shaline Lopez joins Antony to discuss Big and Little Sisters, story twists, feminist gaming, and more.

Antony Johnston with Shaline Lopez


“Dark City” with Antony Johnston

It’s Antony’s birthday again, and this time he’s gatecrashing his own podcast to enthuse about “Dark City”, Alex Proyas’ cult noir sci-fi movie filled with twists, turns, and Richard O’Brien.

Moisés Chiullan with Antony Johnston


“The Punisher (1989)” with Clayton McCormack

He punishes the guilty… when he’s not meditating naked in the sewers, that is. Clay McCormack joins Antony to defend the first movie of Frank castle, starring Dolph Lundgren. Is it the best version? Maybe. Is it the most batcrap insane? Oh, definitely.

Antony Johnston with Clayton McCormack


“Hard listening” with Glenn Fleishman

Reich. Stockhausen. Zorn. Anderson. Glass. Weill. Henze. Stravinsky! Johnston, Fleishman, digressions. Aural : oral : visual : performance. Art?

Antony Johnston with Glenn Fleishman


“Cars” with Brian Ashe

It’s not as bad as “Cars 2”, but Pixar’s original “Cars” gets a bad rap from fans for being too childish, too simple, too boring. Educator Brian Ashe joins Antony to signal his objections, and drive home its virtues.

Antony Johnston with Brian Ashe


“Superman III” with Jonathan Penn

It’s the Fourth of July! And what could be more American than Big Blue himself? Jonathan Penn joins Antony to defend “Superman III”, famously derided as a slapstick comedy, and argue that beneath the surface it’s full of heart, humanity, and hope. Up, up, and away!

Antony Johnston with Jonathan Penn


“The Avengers (1998)” with Cecilee Linke

Mrs Peel, we’re needed — to defend what some critics called “the worst movie ever” from… a spot of bad weather? Hey, it makes about as much sense as the film. Writer and musician Cecilee Linke joins Antony to judo chop her way through the 1998 flop “The Avengers”.

Antony Johnston with Cecilee Linke


“Great White Sharks” with Chris Mitchell

Great white sharks are feared the world over, with shark attacks on humans still guaranteed to make the news. As “Finding Dory“‘s release approaches, writer and scuba diver Chris Mitchell joins Antony to dive into the churning waters around this widely misunderstood predator.

Antony Johnston with Chris Mitchell


“The Village” with Georgia Dow

Roger Ebert gave it one star, and called it one of his ‘most hated’ movies. But was he just expecting the wrong kind of story? Georgia Dow joins Antony to stay within the boundaries of M Night Shyamalan’s “The Village”.

Antony Johnston with Georgia Dow


“The Eurovision Song Contest” with Rachel Donner

Every year, millions of Americans are baffled by an outburst of snarky comments about cheesy European pop music on Twitter. Eurovision Song Contest uberfan Rachel Donner joins Antony to explain what on earth is going on, and why they should tune in.

Antony Johnston with Rachel Donner


“Reed Richards” with Andy Ihnatko

He can stretch and change his body in “Fantastic” ways, but to many comic readers, he’s anything but a role model. Journalist Andy Ihnatko joins Antony to defend the honor of the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards.

Antony Johnston with Andy Ihnatko


“Cricket” with Paul Cornell

As St George’s Day approaches, gentlemen in England’s green and pleasant land take to the field for a game that can last five days, yet still somehow end in a draw…! Author Paul Cornell goes to bat to spread the good word of cricket.

Antony Johnston with Paul Cornell


“Pretty Little Liars” with Katy Rex

What happens when a show with a ridiculous premise, created by management, and aimed firmly at young girls… actually takes its female characters seriously? Katy Rex joins Antony to divulge all the secrets of “Pretty Little Liars”.

Antony Johnston with Katy Rex


“Big Trouble in Little China” with Michael Palmer

It should have been the biggest action movie of 1986… instead, it was the flop that drove John Carpenter out of Hollywood. Michael Palmer joins Antony to explain how it’s all in the reflexes.

Antony Johnston with Michael Palmer


“R.E.M., early” with Merlin Mann

On a day that shouldn’t exist comes a podcast equally paradoxical. Merlin Mann joins Antony to sit still, garden at night, and talk about the passion of rock band R.E.M.’s early work.

Antony Johnston with Merlin Mann


“True Detective Season 2” with Erik Aho

Everybody loved “True Detective” Season 1… but not so much Season 2. Musician and LA native Erik Aho joins Antony to stand up for the show, and elaborate on its appeal to noir lovers everywhere.

Antony Johnston with Erik Aho


“Lady in the Water” with Dan Moren

Few directors divide opinion so much as M Night Shyamalan, but writer Dan Moren dives in headfirst to attempt a rescue of his fairy-tale movie “Lady in the Water”.

Antony Johnston with Dan Moren


David Bowie’s “Tin Machine” with Chris Mitchell

To celebrate the late David Bowie’s extraordinary life and body of work, writer Chris Mitchell joins Antony to defend the artist’s short-lived and drastically misunderstood “Tin Machine” project.

Antony Johnston with Chris Mitchell


“Andromeda” with Lisa Schmeiser

Happy new year! And to begin 2016, writer and SF lover Lisa Schmeiser joins Antony to discuss the all-but-forgotten “Andromeda”, and wonder just how much of it actually came from Gene Roddenberry’s pen…

Antony Johnston with Lisa Schmeiser


“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” with David Loehr

Ho Ho Seven! For Brits, Christmas means a traditional dose of 007 on the TV. So in this festive episode, playwright David J Loehr joins Antony to talk about the most misunderstood Bond movie of all, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Antony Johnston with David J. Loehr


“Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” with Brianna Wu

Just ahead of “The Force Awakens” release, game designer and podcaster Brianna Wu joins Antony to round off our very own “prequel trilogy” with a defense of “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”!

Antony Johnston with Brianna Wu


“Robotech” with Chip Sudderth

Sci-fi podcaster Chip Sudderth joins Antony to defend (though not three times)”Robotech”, the 1980s anime series maligned by purists everywhere.

Antony Johnston with Chip Sudderth


“Napoleon” with Nick Friederich

Veteran and Napoleon buff Nick Friederich joins Antony to explain why the Emperor is unjustly maligned, why his military genius is overlooked, and how this complex figure birthed modern Europe.

Antony Johnston with Nick Friederich


“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” with Clara Fernandez-Vara

NYU game professor Clara Fernández-Vara joins Antony to confess her love of all things Indiana Jones, even including the infamous fridge contained within the Crystal Skulls.

Antony Johnston with Clara Fernandez-Vara


“Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again” with Moisés Chiullan

Podcaster and comic aficionado Moisés Chiullan joins Antony on the eve of “Dark Knight 3“‘s release to stand up for the iconoclastic Frank Miller’s Batman sequel, “The Dark Knight Strikes Again”.

Antony Johnston with Moisés Chiullan


“Dune” with Meredith Yayanos

Musician and writer Meredith Yayanos joins Antony to walk (without rhythm) through her love of David Lynch’s “Dune”, from weirding modules to suggestive navigators to heart plugs, and so much more.

Antony Johnston with Meredith Yayanos


“Sunshine” with Matthew Weise

Game designer and writer Matthew Weise joins Antony to explain how Danny Boyle’s “Sunshine” is unjustly maligned, and why in fact it belongs in the same conversation as “2001”.

Antony Johnston with Matthew Weise


Elvis Costello’s “Mighty Like A Rose” with Danielle Henderson

Author and cultural critic Danielle Henderson joins Antony to expound on her love of England’s pop troubadour, and his evolution as a Serious Artiste with 1991’s “Mighty Like A Rose”.

Antony Johnston with Danielle Henderson


“Repo! The Genetic Opera” with Brian Hamilton

Podcaster and film lover Brian Hamilton joins Antony on a journey into the ultra-gothic future world of organ repossession, weird musicals, and, um, Paris Hilton…?!

Antony Johnston with Brian Hamilton


“Cutthroat Island” with Juliette Capra

Swashbuckling comic-slinger Juliette Capra joins Antony to convince him “Cutthroat Island” isn’t the disaster popular consensus would have you believe. Strap on your boots and hoist the mainsail!

Antony Johnston with Juliette Capra


“Big Brother” with Philip Mozolak

Videographer and podcaster Philip Mozolak joins Antony to explain his love of reality TV shows, and Big Brother in particular. What do they say about society, celebrity, and human nature?

Antony Johnston with Philip Mozolak


“X-Men: The Last Stand” with Josh Centers

Tech writer and old school mutant lover Josh Centers joins Antony to explain why “X-Men: The Last Stand” is not only unjustly maligned, but probably the movie most faithful to the comics…!

Antony Johnston with Josh Centers


“Star Cops” with Steven Schapansky

Podcaster and mega-nerd Steven Schapansky joins Antony to discuss an old, obscure British sci-fi TV show he loves. How unusual! Can he convince everyone it’s unjustly maligned? It won’t be easy.

Antony Johnston with Steven Schapansky


“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with Shannon Sudderth

Podcaster Shannon Sudderth knows a thing or two about high school, and joins Antony to put a stake through the immortal fools who malign Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the movie. Oh, yes.

Antony Johnston with Shannon Sudderth


“Garfield” with Scott Kurtz

Bestselling cartoonist Scott Kurtz joins Antony to explain why the cat everyone loves to hate is unjustly maligned, how Jim Davis inspired his own career, and why topical gags are overrated.

Antony Johnston with Scott Kurtz


“Constantine” with Helene Wecker

Nebula and World Fantasy Award-nominated author Helene Wecker joins Antony to talk Constantine’s unjustly maligned visual feast, the angelic Tilda Swinton, and the size of Keanu’s hands.

Antony Johnston with Helene Wecker


“Genesis” with… Antony Johnston?!

For one week only, the tables are turned as guest host Jason Snell welcomes Antony to rant about the genius of Genesis (!) Look, we tried to stop him, but it’s his birthday.

Jason Snell with Antony Johnston


“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones” with Mike Klimo

Film critic and controversial prequel fan Mike Klimo joins Antony to explain his unorthodox Ring Theory, and how he believes it proves “Episode II: Attack of the Clones” is unjustly maligned. It’s kind of intense.

Antony Johnston with Mike Klimo


“Monopoly” with Cory Casoni

Marketing guru and board game nerd Cory Casoni joins Antony to roll the dice and move his mice, while explaining that everyone who unjustly maligns “Monopoly” is simply playing it wrong.

Antony Johnston with Cory Casoni


“Romance Novels” with Maya Rodale

Bestselling romance author Maya Rodale joins Antony to convince him her chosen field is unjustly maligned, explain how romance is a feminist genre, and ask just what is up with all the dukes, anyway?

Antony Johnston with Maya Rodale


“Face/Off” with Neven Mrgan

Programmer and game designer Neven Mrgan joins Antony to defend John Woo’s “Face/Off”, lament the march of realism in action movies, and wonder why anyone would own a double-sided mirror.

Antony Johnston with Neven Mrgan


“Gremlins 2” with Rich Dansky

Game writer and novelist Rich Dansky joins Antony in a fun, but in no sense civilized, tribute to the late Sir Christopher Lee as they get wet, stare at bright lights, and feast after midnight on the unjustly maligned “Gremlins 2”.

Antony Johnston with Rich Dansky


“Jupiter Ascending” with Serenity Caldwell

Journalist and podcaster Serenity Caldwell joins Antony to revel in one of the most unjustly maligned movies of 2015, “Jupiter Ascending”. We love dogs!

Antony Johnston with Serenity Caldwell


“Dragon Age II” with Liz Myles

Writer and podcaster Liz Myles joins Antony to complain that “Dragon Age II” is unjustly maligned, how saving the world yet again simply isn’t that exciting, and why you just can’t trust a wizard.

Antony Johnston with Lizbeth Myles


“Dave Matthews Band” with Casey Liss

Whoever the hell Casey Liss is, he joins Antony to persuade him the Dave Matthews Band is unjustly maligned, that you can’t beat a good drummer, and just what is a jam band, anyway?

Antony Johnston with Casey Liss


“Buckaroo Banzai” (the novelization) with David Loehr

Playwright and theatre producer David Loehr joins Antony to convince him the novelisation of “Buckaroo Banzai” is unjustly maligned, mainly due to its association with a terrible movie, and how they threw away all the best bits.

Antony Johnston with David J. Loehr


“Star Trek: Voyager” with Brianna Wu

Game designer Brianna Wu joins Antony to convince him “Star Trek: Voyager” is unjustly maligned, explain why the world just wasn’t ready for feminist Trek, and why Seven of Nine is actually the best character in the whole franchise.

Antony Johnston with Brianna Wu


“Watchmen” with Merlin Mann

Writer and podcaster Merlin Mann joins Antony to stand up (mostly) for the “Watchmen” movie, discuss the difficulty of separating source material from its adaptation… and then there’s that ending.

Antony Johnston with Merlin Mann


“Dragonriders of Pern” with Lisa Schmeiser

Writer and bookworm Lisa Schmeiser joins Antony to defend the “Dragonriders of Pern” novels from being unjustly maligned, discuss her changing views of them over the years, and muse their suitability for young girls today.

Antony Johnston with Lisa Schmeiser


“Popeye” with Monty Ashley

TV critic and podcaster Monty Ashley joins Antony to explain why the “Popeye” movie is unjustly maligned, that the story of its making is more unlikely than the movie itself, and just how many times you should watch a movie to recognise its genius.

Antony Johnston with Monty Ashley


“Murder, She Wrote” with Scott McNulty

Writer and podcaster Scott McNulty joins Antony to explain why “Murder, She Wrote” is unjustly maligned, how it changed the TV landscape, and why it’s basically a proto-“Castle”.

Antony Johnston with Scott McNulty


“Hudson Hawk” with Dan Moren

Tech journalist and podcaster Dan Moren joins Antony in a celebration of what may be the ultimate Unjustly Maligned movie, “Hudson Hawk”. It’s so much better than you realize, and they’re going to tell you why.

Antony Johnston with Dan Moren


“Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” with Erika Ensign

Podcaster and handwavium aficionado Erika Ensign joins Antony to explain why “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” is unjustly maligned, that audiences should judge a movie in what it’s trying to be rather than what it’s trying to live up to, and how George Lucas never grew up.

Antony Johnston with Erika Ensign


Megadeth’s “Risk” with Brian LeTendre

Writer and metalhead Brian LeTendre joins Antony to persuade him that Megadeth’s 1999 album “Risk” is unjustly maligned, why nerdy is state of the art, and why Metallica owes it all to Mustaine.

Antony Johnston with Brian LeTendre


“Kim Possible” with Glenn Fleishman

Writer and podcaster Glenn Fleishman joins Antony to convince him that kids’ cartoons like “Kim Possible” aren’t just for children, explain why good stories don’t need recaps, but everyone in the ’90s did need all those pockets.

Antony Johnston with Glenn Fleishman


“Doctor Who: The Movie” with Al Kennedy

Geek critic and podcaster Al Kennedy joins Antony to bemoan the unjust maligning of the 1996 “Doctor Who” movie, explain how Paul McGann was a great Doctor, and why he always drezzzzzes for the occasion.

Antony Johnston with Al Kennedy


“Italian cartoon theme tunes” with Emma Vieceli

Comic writer and artist Emma Vieceli joins Antony to convince him her favourite cheesy Italian theme tunes to 1980s anime are unjustly maligned, how theme songs learnt as children can unite people across borders, and why Oscar isn’t a real Lady.

Antony Johnston with Emma Vieceli


“Last Action Hero” with Alison Baker

Comics podcaster and Charles Dance fangirl Alison Baker joins Antony to convince him the existential 1993 Schwarzenegger movie “Last Action Hero” is unjustly maligned, how the movie was sadly ahead of its time, and why Dance should thank Alan Rickman’s agent.

Antony Johnston with Alison Baker


“Tron” with Wil Wheaton

Actor and supergeek Wil Wheaton joins Antony to protest that the original “Tron” movie from 1982 is unjustly maligned, to explain how its very existence created a rift among animators, and why he’d happily go on the game grid.

Antony Johnston with Wil Wheaton


“The Wizard” with Moisés Chiullan

Arthouse cowboy and podcasting wunderkind Moisés Chiullan joins Antony to convince him the 1989 videogame movie “The Wizard” is unjustly maligned, how the movie has a surprising personal connection to him, and why he loves the power glove — it’s so bad.

Antony Johnston with Moisés Chiullan


“Twilight” with Leigh Alexander

Games journalist and feminist critic Leigh Alexander joins Antony to stand up for the “Twilight” books, explain how it’s OK to indulge in fantasy, and why separating fiction from reality is not a gender-specific trait.

Antony Johnston with Leigh Alexander


“Stargate SG-1” with Jason Snell

Tech writer and geek podcaster Jason Snell joins Antony to explain why “Stargate SG-1” is unjustly maligned, how this long-running TV show seems to have been erased from the cultural conversation, and why fun is underrated.

Antony Johnston with Jason Snell