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Doctor Who 2019 New Year’s Day Review: “Resolution”

The Doctor Who Flashcast returns for one episode in 2019, and this is it! A strange creature is lurking beneath Sheffield. The Doctor and her fam are on the case. Chris Chibnall puts a fun new twist on a classic monster! A microwave is also an oven! We break down “Resolution”, this year’s New Year’s Day special.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren

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Doctor Who S11E10 Review: “The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos”

The Series 11 finale is here! Annette Wierstra joins Jason to discuss the season as a whole and the final episode in particular. How does Graham’s story arc resolve? Does the plot matter? Is the villain particularly villainous? Can dimensionally transcendent beings be impressed by a TARDIS? It’s the last Doctor Who Flashcast of 2018, but the moment has been prepared for. See you on New Year’s Day!

Jason Snell with Annette Wierstra

Doctor Who S11E9 Review: “It Takes You Away”

As the season nears its end, we discuss an episode featuring a blind girl, a cabin in the woods, a mysterious mirror, and a missing father. There are also, surprisingly, a creepy Farscape-style labyrinth, flesh moths, and a nigh-omnipotent talking frog whose name is disappointingly not Calgon.

Jason Snell with James Thomson

Doctor Who S11E8 Review: “The Witchfinders”

“Doctor Who” ventures to Lancashire’s Pendle Hill this week for a story of King James, witch trials, and alien mud zombies. Jason’s guest is Lancashire’s own Antony Johnston (writer of Atomic Blonde, Wasteland, and The Fuse), who gives this episode a bit of a fact-check. But most of the time we’re just talking about how much we enjoyed Alan Cumming’s performance, the logistics of a three-companion TARDIS, and the merits of Chris Chibnall’s very different vision of the show.

Jason Snell with Antony Johnston

Doctor Who S11E7 Review: “Kerblam!”

We’re going to be honest: We really didn’t like this week’s “Doctor Who” episode, which looked like it was going to be a clever critique of Amazon and turned out to be an episode with a lot of ambition that collapsed into a confused heap. If you liked this episode, you might want to skip our podcast! But if you want to listen to two guys tear this episode apart, you’ve come to the right place.

Jason Snell with James Thomson

Doctor Who S11E6 Review: “Demons of the Punjab”

This week “Doctor Who” returns to difficult moments in 20th Century history, this time during the partition of India. There are (unnecessary?) aliens, but of course, the real monsters are the human beings. Jason welcomes Jean MacDonald to break down an emotional episode.

Jason Snell with Jean MacDonald

Doctor Who S11E5 review: “The Tsuranga Conundrum”

This week’s “Doctor Who” features an alien junkyard, a medical spaceship with gleaming white walls, a legendary general, an ode to antimatter, and an adorable alien menace. Jason discusses “The Tsurunga Conundrum” with Liz Myles of the Verity podcast!

Jason Snell with Liz Myles

Doctor Who S11E4 review: “Arachnids in the UK”

I am an arachnid
I am in Graham’s attic
Don’t know what I want
Don’t know why I’m big
I want to web the passerby
‘Cos this episode’s arachnidy

Dude! There was a new episode of “Doctor Who” with lots of great character stuff, a surprisingly funny appearance by Chris Noth, and a whole lot of spiders. Also, I call people “dude” now.

Jason Snell with Jeff Gamet

Doctor Who S11E3 Review: “Rosa”

Better late than never, we’re back to discuss a trip to the Jim Crow era with “Rosa.” Did this episode manage to thread the needle and do justice to a key moment in the Civil Rights movement? Will Costco—or is it Krasko—return, and would anyone care if he did? And how is Jodie Whittaker shaping up after three episodes? We break it all down.

Jason Snell with Aleen Simms

Doctor Who S11E2 Review: “The Ghost Monument”

Shannon Sudderth joins Jason to discuss the first planetary trip for the Doctor’s new crew, featuring shout-outs to past eras, a restatement of the Doctor’s philosophies about brains and bullets, the hint of a story arc, and a delightful reunion with a wheezing blue old friend with a new look.

Jason Snell with Shannon Sudderth

Doctor Who S11E1 Review: “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

She’s here! It’s back! “Doctor Who” returns, with a new Doctor and a new showrunner. Jodie Whittaker takes up the TARDIS and sonic screwdriver with “The Woman Who Fell to Earth.” In truest Lazy Doctor Who style, we gather around our living room coffee table to break down the Sunday-morning airing of the newest “Doctor Who” episode. Is crane operator Carl bound for greatness? Are Ryan’s YouTube optimization skills weak? What’s the verdict on the new sonic and costume? And… is this season going to be like “Murder, She Wrote”? We break it all down, live from our living room, in our pajamas.

Jason Snell with Lauren Snell, Jamie Snell and Julian Snell

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