Longtime Doctor Who podcaster Chip Sudderth (Two-minute Time Lord) and essayist-podcaster Alyssa Franke (WhovianFeminism on Tumblr and Twitter) join forces for Doctor Who-related interviews, reviews and all the news that marked This Week in Time Travel.


Conniving Clown

The master of the Hat Trick, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor, falls under the watchful eye of returning guest Kathleen Schowalter. There’s a bumper crop of news, too, including the outcome of the main #WhoAgainstGuns campaign push, Series 11 casting, and more!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Rachel Donner and Kathleen Schowalter

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Rainbow Connection

Our fearless leader Jason Snell joins us to discuss the brightest and brashest of the Doctors: Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor. Plus, we have an update on #WhoAgainstGuns, some details and controversy over Series 11, and a look ahead to our live show at Regeneration Who!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Jason Snell


The Storytellers

It’s an interview spectacular! Writers Rona Munro and Jenny Colgan, costume designer Hayley Nebauer, and stop-motion puppeteer Alisa Stern (“Doctor Puppet”) all talked with us at Gallifrey One. PLUS: Alyssa and Chip review the new Doctor Who branding with considerable glee, and discuss the shocking surprise news of Target-style novelizations of new-series episodes. We never saw that coming.

#whoagainstguns campaign art

Support #whoagainstguns and get access to an epic commentary podcast featuring many of your favorite Doctor Who podcasters and special guests. Find out more at realitybombpodcast.com/whoagainstguns.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Jenny Colgan, Hayley Nebauer, Alisa Stern and Rona Munro


“Gallifrey Waits No More”

Women of the 'Gallifrey Waits No More' panel at the 2018 Gallifrey One Convention

Women’s voices rang powerfully and true at the end of the 29th Gallifrey One convention. Alyssa looks back on a profound #MeToo moment as Doctor Who actors, writers and other creators talked about their struggles within the entertainment industry. We take some time to honor their testimony while also celebrating the other highlights of a very successful con weekend. There was also a lot of news from the comics, visual effects, and Riverdale (???) fronts!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke


What’s the Celery For?

Graeme Burk rejoins us to rhapsodize about the beige-est of Doctors, the Fifth! Plus, loads of news and “news” as Chip and Alyssa prepare for convention season.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Graeme Burk


Jelly Baby?

None more iconic: Tom Baker strode across Doctor Who as a giant for seven years, and we have comedian Riley Silverman here to celebrate him.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Riley Silverman


Draconian Women’s Lib

It’s time to reverse the polarity and introduce the Brig to the concept of Women’s Liberation. Bring back the opera capes and the short short skirts! It’s time to talk about the Third Doctor.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke


A Professor of a Far Wider Academy

We’re joined by author, editor and zombie mathematician Robert Smith? as we discuss the Second Doctor’s place in the canon. Plus: Peter Capaldi’s surprise post-tenure appearance at an upcoming East Coast con, (Re)Generation Who 4!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Robert Smith?


The Original, You Might Say

Doctor Who: The Writers’ Room co-host Erik Stadnik was the perfect guest this week. Not only does he adore the First Doctor, making him a great pick to kick off our weekly survey of the Doctors, but he was also on hand to review the career of Fourth Doctor scripter David Fisher who passed away this month.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Erik Stadnik


“Jodie Whittaker IS the Doctor!”

New year, new Doctor, new themes for the year ahead for This Week in Time Travel! This week’s Doctor Who Magazine sets the tone with its official “Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor” cover. We squee about that, dissect the ratings of Twice Upon a Time, and go over our 2018 Masterplan as we head toward Whittaker’s fall debut.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke



It’s almost the beginning of the Jodie Whittaker era, and the moment has been prepared for. Alyssa and Chip talk about how the Capaldi Finale also sets the stage for Whittaker and Chris Chibnall to relaunch Doctor Who. It’s a splendid final performance for Capaldi, but how did the rest of it hold together…?

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke

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