Longtime Doctor Who podcaster Chip Sudderth (Two-minute Time Lord) and essayist-podcaster Alyssa Franke (WhovianFeminism on Tumblr and Twitter) join forces for Doctor Who-related interviews, reviews and all the news that marked This Week in Time Travel.


A (Canon) Blast from the Past

Your two fried cohosts take a quick tour through the news of the week and bring you an in-depth conversation about what “canon” in Doctor Who really means with rabid fan and New Testament scholar Mark Goodacre, in an archive recording from Chip’s Two-minute Time Lord Podcast, episode 316.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Mark Goodacre

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Fanvid Happy Hour

For every character, for every dramatic plotline, for every ship: there’s a fanvid. Kim and Sage of Head Over Feels return to This Week in Time Travel to talk about their expertly curated collections of fan-edited videos guaranteed to make you swoon or swear. Plus: Erika and Liz from Verity! stop by with a report from Twitch’s first week of streaming classic Doctor Who episodes, and Chip and Alyssa have strong feelings about Radio Free Skaro’s scoop that some missing episodes may be in the hands of private collectors.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Kim Rogers, Sage Young, Erika Ensign and Liz Myles


We’ll Do It LIVE

It’s a short, live-and-in-person walk through the news of the week including a new venue for classic Doctor Who, a new book series about Doctor Who book series, your chance to welcome Jodie Whittaker, and another fan convention setting the wrong example.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke


The Pen is Mightier Than the Spoon

Some fans are content to consume stories. Others want to expand on them, or even transform them. Part two of our Fandom Perspectives series is about fanfiction, a creative outlet that may even have contributed to the return of Doctor Who. Paul Cornell joins us to talk about fanfic’s role in the wilderness years, and Shannon Sudderth and Alyssa compare notes on fanfic in the RTD years and today.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Paul Cornell and Shannon Sudderth


Timeless Apparel Rendered Dexterously In Style

At its best, fandom culture is all about participation! We begin our Fandom Perspective series by looking at cosplay with friend and East Coast costumer Amanda-Rae Prescott.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Amanda-Rae Prescott


News Rounds, Rapid

It’s a snack-size edition of This Week in Time Travel looking at Free Comic Book Day, the new Time Team, and the eternal question: can the Eric Roberts Master drezzzz for the occasion in audio?

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke


Really, REALLY Great Hair

Our Doctor retrospective series concludes with, of course, the Twelfth Doctor. It’s a giant-size, Series 10-hair-size, celebration of everything he brought to the role courtesy of the Hugo-finalist Verity! podcast’s moderator, Deb Stanish!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Deborah Stanish


Reconstructed Krab

Alyssa promised that she would make Chip watch his very first reconstruction of a missing classic Doctor Who episode, as chosen by a random #WhoAgainstGuns donor. Thanks to David H. Adler, it’s time for “The Macra Terror” in living color…well, not color, but in living motion…well, not motion.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke


Return of the Drunken Giraffe

Let’s go back to 2010 and welcome the worldwide goodwill ambassador from the BBC, the Eleventh Doctor, who ushered Doctor Who into even greater global popularity. Radio Free Skaro and Lazy Doctor Who’s Steven Schapansky joins us!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Steven Schapansky


Justifiably Smug

He launched the show to new heights and became one of the most beloved Doctors of all of time and space—but he had his share of detractors! Shannon Sudderth helps us discuss David Tennant’s Doctor.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Shannon Sudderth


I Feel Fantastic

Ninth Doctor, we hardly knew you! Rachel Donner rejoins the This Week in Time Travel team for a jam-packed episode celebrating Christopher Eccleston and his pivotal year in the role.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Rachel Donner

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