Longtime Doctor Who podcaster Chip Sudderth (Two-minute Time Lord) and essayist-podcaster Alyssa Franke (WhovianFeminism on Tumblr and Twitter) join forces for Doctor Who-related interviews, reviews and all the news that marked This Week in Time Travel.


“Think You Should Only/Write in Emoji”

Emojibots! Is Doctor Who riding a trend or is the trend already played out? Chip and Rachel review “Smile” and ponder how successful Doctor Who is at making topical references, from Beatles cameos to unfortunate dance moves. ALSO: Chip and Rachel discover the hard way that some news is not in fact news with the help of Radio Free Skaro’s Warren Frey.

Chip Sudderth and Rachel Donner with Warren Frey

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“The Pilot” Takes Flight

What more is there to say than, “New Doctor Who! Bill! Mysterious vaults! Nardole?” Well, how about “Special Guest Petra Mayer” from National Public Radio? Let’s dive into the series premiere, shall we?

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Tom Attah and Petra Mayer


Hair Apparent

We’re getting more and more excited for Series 10 (Two Masters!) but we’re also looking back at two Twelfth Doctors. Chip prefers Series Eight’s; Alyssa prefers Series Nine’s. Who’s right? Also, meet pop culture bloggers and Whovians par excellence Kim Rogers and Sage Young of Head Over Feels!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Kim Rogers and Sage Young


Series 10, Rachael Stott and Paul Cornell

This Week in Time Travel launches a week late (thanks to Alyssa losing her voice) with a double-sized debut to make up for it! Chip and Alyssa welcome regular panelists Rachel Donner and Tom Attah to prognosticate and pontificate about the upcoming new series of Doctor Who. Alyssa interviews the titanic artist of the Titan Comics Twelfth Doctor, Rachael Stott. Chip speaks to Paul Cornell, who is leaving writing other peoples’ characters behind including his beloved Doctor, but also has a powerful, personal novel on the shelves now in Chalk.

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke with Rachel Donner, Tom Attah, Rachael Stott and Paul Cornell


Coming Soon…

Chip Sudderth (@2minutetimelord) and Alyssa Franke (@WhovianFeminism) announce the latest addition to The Incomparable family of podcasts—a weekly dive into the worlds of Doctor Who!

Chip Sudderth and Alyssa Franke

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