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The Incomparable Mothership is the flagship of the Incomparable podcast network. It’s all about geeky media we love, including movies, books, TV, and more, featuring a rotating panel of guests and hosted by Jason Snell and friends.

Latest Episode: July 19, 2024 — “War for the Planet of the Apes”

725 Most Valuable Ape

Our Summer of the Planet of the Apes reaches its exciting conclusion with “War for the Planet of the Apes,” which starts out as a war movie but continues mutating into different genres as it goes. We really enjoyed our walk through this underrated trilogy of 2010s action movies, and we hope you did too!

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    July 12, 2024 “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”
    724 Treacherous Bonobo

    The Summer of the Planet of the Apes continues with 2014’s “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” It’s a sequel that’s superior in almost every way, but somehow seems a little less fun, since we can no longer root for the apes. Now there are bad guys on both sides, as Gary Oldman and a chimpanzee named Caesar act out a tragedy of Shakespearean levels.

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    July 5, 2024 “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”
    723 We Bought an Ape Prison

    You did it, you blew it all up! And now it’s… the Summer of the Planet of the Apes! Our own troop of hairless apes tackles the well-regarded modern “Apes” trilogy this month, beginning with 2011’s “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” James Franco is a scientist? Brian Cox runs a sketchy ape facility? Tom Felton thinks his dates want to see caged primates? Just when you think this movie has it all backward, that’s when you realize: we’re actually all rooting for the apes.

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    June 28, 2024 Doctor Who Season 1 Wrap
    722 There Isn’t a Twist at the End

    Boot up the Time Window and prepare your memory palace! A full season of the new, Disneyfied version of “Doctor Who” has gone by, and we’ve convened a panel of time experts to discuss the highs and lows, and where the series goes next.

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    June 21, 2024 “Star Trek: Discovery” season 5/series wrap
    721 It’s a Triangle!

    “Star Trek: Discovery” opened a new era in Star Trek TV, but now the series has reached its end. How did the new, slimmed-down season 5 storyline work? Were we happy with the series-ending payoff? How were the show’s many interesting characters served in their final go-round? We break it all down.

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    June 14, 2024 “Mad Max: Fury Road”
    720 Law of Conservation of Boots

    With “Furiosa: A Mad Max Story” in theaters, we thought we would dip back to the original (aka, the fourth) Mad Max movie, “Mad Max: Fury Road” from 2015. It’s a big car chase followed by a race, it’s two hours long, and it’s considered one of the greatest films of all time. Witness us!

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    June 7, 2024 2024 Awards Shortlist, part 2
    719 Three Novellas in a Trench Coat

    Our 2024 book club shortlist read continues with “Shigidi and the Brass Head of Obalufon”, “The Terraformers,” and “Some Desperate Glory.” We enjoyed them all, to varying degrees! Plus: What else are we reading?

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    May 31, 2024 “The Last Starfighter” (1984)
    718 Starfighters in Their Office Chairs

    It’s been 40 years since the release of 1984’s “The Last Starfighter,” so we finally give this visually groundbreaking film its due. Did we find the early CGI effects as charming as the plot of a small town kid becoming a galactic hero in the distant reaches of space?

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    May 24, 2024 “Deadpool 2”
    717 Swept up in the Deadpool of It All

    You just can’t kill us, unless we’re wearing something on our necks that means you can. We’re back to cover 2018’s “Deadpool 2,” which bring you… more Deadpool. Not necessarily a bad thing, but should it have tried to elevate its game? Does its ending completely invalidate the story? And what’s the serious plot element at the center of the ridiculous meta superhero action?

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    May 17, 2024 “Deadpool” (2016)
    716 The Real Villain is Trauma

    With a third movie on the way, it’s time for us to tackle an R-rated “X-Men” spinoff, everyone’s favorite glutton for punishment, 2016’s “Deadpool.” Did it pass the test of skeptical first-time viewers? Does its balance of humor and ultraviolence work? And why did we find this deeply unserious movie strangely affecting?

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    May 10, 2024 2024 Awards Book Club part 1
    715 Don’t Let Books Make You Cry

    We begin our walk through the 2024 nominees for Best Novel from the Hugo and Nebula Awards. First up: “Starter Villain” by John Scalzi, “Translation State” by Ann Leckie, and “Witch King” by Martha Wells.

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