Nature is Healing

Tim and Jason return to close the book on Volume 4 of the TV Talk Machine chronicles. (You can find the previous three volumes at theincomparable.com/tvtm/about.) We’ll be back in this feed, probably soon, with something that’s more of us talking about stuff, but a lot less about things that are TV related.

But before we go, Tim describes the experience of having an opinion about a TV show and not sharing it. Jason goads him into some mild opinions. Jason mildly regrets an error, and recounts a bunch of shows he’s been watching on streaming. Then it’s time to check in on the Streaming Wars, including the impending launch of HBO Max, the mysteries of Peacock, and the question about what service is the mostly like to fail. We also read a few of your letters and about a million of your pandemic viewing suggestions, none of which appear in these show notes. On brand till the end.

Finally, if you’d like to make suggestions for topics for us to talk about in the future, or just want to share your thoughts with a podcast, you can still tweet at us at @tvtm or email podcast at tvtalkmachine dot com. Bye everybody!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We Don’t Rehearse This

This week Tim has a new refrigerator and is watching comfort food like “Peaky Blinders.” Comcast stealth-launches Peacock. Bad things happen at Tim’s former employer. Jason watched “Home Before Dark” and “Devs.” And “What We Do In The Shadows” is back!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Skunks Are Terrible Beings

Tim just got home after several weeks away for complicated reasons. We’re back to fill your ears with talk about TV, music, life, and more. We hope it helps.

We’ll read your letters and play your audio files if you send them in. Tweet at @tvtm or email podcast at tvtalkmachine dot com.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Pandemic Bonus: Tim TV

We’re in lockdown. Tim’s not even at home right now. We hope to be back sometime. In the interim, here’s our member special from 2017 in which Tim programmed his own streaming service.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Love Being Confused

This week your teacher has given you a break—we’re giving you another week to watch “What We Do In The Shadows.” Instead, we keep it tight and bright as Tim joins the rest of us in these Times of Confusion by not even realizing what TV shows are debuting. After some brief Death Cab For Cutie banter, we shift it into gear and discuss Actual TV News, including the return of “Better Things”, the premiere of “Devs” and an explanation of the whole “FX on Hulu” strategy, and the Hilary Duff problem at Disney+. Plus, your letters!

[Want to have a letter read on the show? Email podcast at tvtalkmachine.com, or tweet @tvtm.]

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Genius Grant

This podcast is like your friend who left a longtime job, got some new tattoos, and is showing a renewed interest in yoga. It’s a new life. Tim launched his new Resounding blog, which leads us to discuss why we love women singers. Speaking of learning and growing and pop music, Jason’s seen “High Fidelity” and does a real-estate check on “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” Then we put Netflix’s “Sex Education” in the spotlight (did you do the homework?)—and why it works on so many levels.

Next episode’s assignment: “What We Do in the Shadows” on Hulu.

Send us your letters/comments! Tweet at us at @tvtm or email us at podcast at tvtalkmachine.com!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Yoga Five Times a Week

We’re back! Tim is retired, rested, and ready. And he’s got two new music-based projects to announce—neither of which is his secret job, sorry. Jason has some TV news and reports back on finishing a couple of series. We also read some of your letters and start a brand-new segment where Tim gives both Jason and the listeners a TV viewing assignment!

Your assignment:Sex Education” season 1, episodes 1-4.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Did an Inception on Me

One last time before the end of the year, we’re back! Jason uses computer technology to construct a best-of-the-decade list for Tim. We’re probably forgetting something. We also discuss “Watchmen” a little bit, so if you want to not be spoiled at all about it, you can skip ahead to minute 20 and you’ll miss the whole thing.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best TV Shows of 2019, More or Less

Tim’s done with being a TV critic and is trying to be all positive, but he put in nearly 11 months of work and Jason’s demanding a list! So Tim and Jason both present their lists of their favorite shows of 2019. Plus we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


“Hello, I’m Hobo Eric.”

Happy Thanksgiving! The Machine’s gas tank is now full of gravy. This week we’re reading your letters, Jason mentions a couple of shows he’s watching, and Tim encourages you not to overspend on streaming services if you’re cord cutting. Listeners have theories about Tim’s undisclosed employer! And Jason tries several techniques to convince Tim to make a final best-of-the-year list.

We still want your letters. Tweet us at @tvtm or email us at podcast at tvtalkmachine dot com.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Don’t Work There Anymore

Having been safely “offboarded” from The Hollywood Reporter, Tim discusses his final review, which is a negative review of “Dublin Murders.” Jason watches a bunch of TV shows, while Tim has spent a couple of weeks going to sleep early and not watching television. It’s a new era for the TV Talk Machine, as we roll into parts unknown.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I’m Not Into Vengeance

Did anything happen this week? Oh, yes, Tim announced that he’s leaving The Hollywood Reporter and “retiring” as a TV critic! We discuss Tim’s feelings about moving on from the TV critic racket and try to figure out what form the TV Talk Machine will take in the future. (Hint: There are a bunch of year- and decade-end lists coming up, and Tim doesn’t have anywhere to post them unless he breaks his Blogspot site out of mothballs.)

Although we aren’t sure of our destination quite yet, the Machine drives on…

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They Did This Without Our Blessing

Tim reviews Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”, Apple’s “For All Mankind”, Showtime’s “Back to Life”, and is in the midst of watching Netflix’s surprising second season of “The End of the Fxxxing World.” Plus Apple TV+ launches, HBO Max clarifies, we talk Bay Area blackouts, and we read your letters and tweets! It’s a podcast about television, remember?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Cash From the Same Wallet

This week we’ve got Tim’s reviews of Australian drama in “The Cry”, two Paul Rudds are better than one in “Living With Yourself”, a not-so-Bourne “Treadstone”, and the final season of HBO’s “Silicon Valley.” Plus, Jason watches “Watchmen” and “Letterkenny,” the Netflix bot gets sassy, and political debates are super boring.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


TV Critics Watch the ‘Watchmen’

Tim’s seen most of HBO’s “Watchmen” but never read the comics. Jason owns multiple copies of the comics. Who will have the harder time parsing Damon Lindelof’s unlikely new series, which follows the world of the comics into the present day? We discuss the difficulties of laying down new story ground while also making inside references for the fans. In other news, Jason watched two network TV dramas (they still exist!) and we answer your letters and tweets.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


On the Plus Side

We’re back from our excursions to the Pacific Northwest and ready for action. Tim reviews “Modern Love”, “Raising Dion”, and “Godfather of Harlem,” and then Tim and Jason break down the high stakes for the final season of “Mr. Robot.” Speaking of robots, we take an interesting phone call… after which we answer your letters and tweets.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Love to Your Daughters

It’s fall TV premiere season, but unlike the days of the old TV Guide Fall TV Preview, we’re not feeling it. Still, we’ve got some Emmys reaction, Tim’s reviews of “Stumptown”, “Cake”, and “Bless the Harts”, a pitch for a reconsideration of “This Way Up”, and Jason keeps mentioning a CBS show that will inevitably disappoint him.

Tim’s off to VIFF next week and Jason will be curled up like a ball, so we’ll see you in two weeks! As always, email us at podcast@tvtalkmachine.com or tweet at @tvtm with your thoughts, questions, and audio messages.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Imagine the Savings

This week Tim reviews the second season of “Succession” and Netflix’s new one-room-four-countries series “Criminal.” Plus NBC embraces its inner peacock, the rebooting of every show ever made continues, and we make a gongoozler in the +44 reconsider everything he knows about reality.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Kenny Baseball Is Back

Tight and bright? Forget it. This episode is as big and deadly as an Australian rooster. Apple names its price and launch date! Tim wraps up his big cord-cutting series! Tim reviews “Mr Inbetween” season 2, “Mrs. Fletcher”, “The Victim”, and Ken Burns’s new music documentary! Listeners ask if Tim is loved enough! Plus: Gongoozling!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Robots Are Wavering

Tight and bright this week! Tim details his cord-cutting experience, we answer questions from around the globe, and the Netflix algorithm shifts to weekly (with a big asterisk).

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


David Fincher’s Cousin

Australia’s favourite weekend podcast is back, as we discuss Apple’s forthcoming event, drop bears, endings, procedurals, the Slow Binge(TM), Disney’s inevitable dominance, Apple’s content standards, and the strange robot that runs Netflix and doesn’t understand humans.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Ok, India, You Do You

This is a jam-packed, shockingly professional episode of the TVTM, as we knuckle down on a Friday afternoon to give you what you want: a television-themed podcast. We discuss the endings of “Catastrophe” and “Patriot”, Tim’s sometimes-contentious relationship with TV executives and the nature of criticism, Tim’s adventures in cord cutting, Bill Walton’s appearance on a baseball broadcast, and Netflix’s experiment with human curation. Also, Tim reviews Amazon’s “Carnival Row”, we get an audio message from Switzerland, and when are “The Riches” coming back after all?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


What the Hell Is TBS?

As summer slowly fades out, Tim ponders the new shows of the season. Also, is Netflix in need of a strategy shift? Should it be signing the “Game of Thrones” creators to a big development deal? Why did CBS and Viacom come back together, and why did they split apart in the first place?! We answers your letters, including a question about when “Terriers” is coming back. It wouldn’t surprise us!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


That Made Me Question Everything

Tim’s in Big Sur on vacation this week, but Jason has captured his astral form and forces him to talk about bad TV shows like “Another Life” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral” as punishment. But it’s not all bad: Tim tries to convince his friends to watch “Years and Years”, and they all seem to have resisted the call, so now it’s time for him to convince his listeners! We also gather important cord-cutting knowledge from letter writers. Simultaneous, worldwide, and transparent—the TV Talk Machine is a podcast jellyfish.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Premium Female

Tim’s back from the Death March With Cocktails! We discuss the soon-to-be-famous “lost episode” of the TVTM, Jason re-reads some of your letters, and Tim does a download on Amazon, Netflix, Starz, and other cable and streaming services after seeing them in L.A. Also, we have bad news: “Sad Spies” is dead.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Tedious’s Monster’s Tedious Monster

No matter what day it is, Emmy nominations came out this week, as well as calamitous Netflix subscription numbers. We tackle that and some other streaming news, and then Tim reviews “Pennyworth” and “Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein.” Tim’s about to run off to summer press tour, but don’t worry, we still saved time for your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Garbage Fire in Their Own Backyard

This week Tim reviews “Shangri-La”, Showtime’s music docuseries about Rick Rubin, which he loved. Then we branch off of a check-the-box letter from Listener Joe to discuss Warner Media’s big move in streaming, HBO Max. And we save some time for your calls and letters, including a Columbo Vote, a new app, the majesty of a foreign accent, and Jason completely spoiling “Game of Thrones” for a listener.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Jump on a Slow Tractor

This week we reveal the winner of last week’s draft, as voted on by TVTM listeners. And then we break down Tim’s many choices for TV shows you should watch now that we’re in the summer slowdown. Jason also gets some good news from HBO, we realize we forgot to name the streaming services we drafted, and Tim contemplates becoming a cord cutter.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Don’t Like Playing This Game With You

This week we’re both on vacation, so we’ve pre-recorded this episode in which we perform the first-ever TV Talk Machine fantasy draft! Tim and Jason are going to pick five new shows from the past year that they’ll use to populate their brand-new scrappy underdog streaming services. Which one would you subscribe to? Let us know!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Feel-Good Hit of the Summer

This week Tim reviews “Legion” season 3 on FX and the BBC/HBO coproduction “Years and Years”, Tim goes over some of his biggest Emmy pleas, we discuss the positive word of mouth around “Chernobyl”, and we answer a whole bunch of your letters and tweets!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Hard Out There

Tim reviews “City on a Hill” and “Das Boot”, and then we discuss his story about just how brutally hard it is to find (and keep) an audience today. Plus we send love to your fathers, including our favorite parental TV moments.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


…Then Maybe It’s Brilliant

In this very unusual Friday edition of TVTM, Tim reviews HBO’s “Euphoria” and the latest batch of “Black Mirror” episodes on Netflix. We also read your tweets and letters, including an audio question about the importance of opening title sequences.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Apocalypse Edition

It’s the end of the world! And Amazon’s “Good Omens” really delivers. Tim reviews Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s miniseries epic, along with “Perpetual Grace LTD” from the original Sad Spy himself, Steven Conrad. Then we answer your emails, including the job of a critic to ignore the social-media zeitgeist.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Another Egg for Our Basket

We spend the first 27 minutes of this week’s episode talking about the “Game of Thrones” finale, why we liked it, and why the knives were out for it all over the internet. Twenty-seven minutes. We warned you. Warm up your fast-forward fingers if you don’t care. Then we move on to reviews of “Name of the Rose” and “What/If”, and answer a few of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Fresher TVTM

You’ve got that right, this is Thursday and we’re energetic and refreshed! Tim reviews “Fleabag” season 2, “Line of Duty” season 5, and we discuss the ending of “Veep” and the impending end of “Game of Thrones.” Plus Disney buys out Comcast and takes full control of Hulu, and Tim goes down his 14 top TV comedies right now.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Hit the Cord With the Scissors

This week Tim watches “Fosse/Verdon” and George Clooney’s new Hulu miniseries adaptation of “Catch-22.” Then we dive into talk about cord cutting, because the time has come for everyone with decent Internet access to plan their departure from traditional TV and embrace the stream.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

The impossible task “Game of Thrones” faces in trying to please its entire audience, “Barry” finds a balance, “Chernobyl” dodges the Boris and Natasha accents, HBO at the center of Warner Media’s streaming plans, and favorite TV catchphrases.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Want to See That Nipple

This week we discuss the return of “Game of Thrones”, how the clock is ticking for WarnerMedia’s entry into the streaming wars, and answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Mallets and Anvils

Disney announced the release date (November) and price ($6.99) for its new streaming service this week, and it’s set the bar awfully high (or low) for competing services. What does this mean for Netflix and Amazon? What about Apple? Why is ABC not even mentioned among Disney’s brands? Also Tim has some praise for goofy absurdism on TV and we get a phone call from an Australian doing an American accent.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Reight Champion

This week Tim has praise for “Killing Eve” season 2, condemnation for “The Twilight Zone”, and lots of love for “Game of Thrones” as an all-time classic drama and “Veep” as a classic comedy. Plus, lots of letters from the +44, guv’nor!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Nobody Gets a Ribbon

This week Tim says hello to the final season of “Veep”, Jason laments the existence of live studio audiences, and we ponder the streaming service that Apple announced in Cupertino this week. Also, a listener takes a victory lap and Netflix cancels a show we’ve never heard of.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Not All of the Clarity

Apple’s video service announcement looms next week, and Tim and Jason turn the topic over one final time in the absence of any real evidence. Also, do British shows like “Sex Education” handle teen sex better than American shows? And we read a few of your letters, as is our tradition.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Premise Has Landed

It’s a double-sized mid-week episode of the TVTM! Jason turns the tables on Tim by writing about Apple’s forthcoming TV service and the necessity of non-Netflix services to create distinctive brands. Tim reviews a whole bunch of new shows, including the return of “Catastrophe”, the new UK drama “Manhunt”, the unfortunate comedy “Turn Up Charlie”, and the delightfully weird “What We Do In The Shadows.” Plus we empty the mailbag and read all your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You’re This Little Speck

HBO’s chief executive exits, leading us to speculate about the fate of HBO and Warner Media’s future streaming efforts; congressional testimony returns with more unadaptable drama; Pamela Adlon’s “Better Things” returns as strong as ever; and we play two audio messages and answer a few of your letters, too.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


That’s Not How Television Works

This week Tim and Jason lament the passing of “Counterpart”, Tim lashes out at “Umbrella Academy”, we blow through a bunch of Tim’s articles from the past two weeks, and save time for your letters and two (two!) voice messages. Most importantly, the TV Talk Machine theme makes a surprise appearance in a TV promo.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Adaptive Brain

This week Tim’s focused on the plight of the mid-level premium network/streamer, most notably Epix and Starz. Starz is hoarding its content, but that can prevent a show like “Counterpart’ from becoming a broad hit. Meanwhile, Epix chose to sell “Get Shorty” to Netflix. What’s the fate of brands like this? Plus, we answer an awful lot of your letters, and ignore any news that has happened in the past week (because we pre-recorded this episode)…

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Pronounced “Pen Fifteen”

This week Tim reviews Hulu’s “Pen15” and TBS’s “Miracle Workers”, and we take a walk through a grab bag of other TV topics — live TV, “Lost”, “Atlanta”, “Bandersnatch”, “Legion”, “Travelers”, “Counterpart” angst, and ABC and John Mayer being BFF’s.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Swagger of Netflix

This week Tim and Jason discuss Netflix’s careful use of its own internal stats to sow fear and disbelief in the television industry. When a lightly-promoted series like “Sex Education” can get 40 million viewers, what’s the hope for anyone else? We also answer your letters and hear the voice of Hobo Eric for the very first time!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Quantum Indeterminancy Edition

Until you listen to this episode you won’t know if we’re alive in this cardboard box or not. This week Tim reviews the excellent Netflix miniseries “Black Earth Rising,” and we discuss the big streaming-service price changes from Netflix and Hulu. And of course we answer your letters about cord cutting and more!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Dinosaur Ship is Sinking

NBCUniversal has announced its own take on the streaming service, and Tim has many questions. Also there are reviews of “Brexit” and “Dynasties” and Tim implores you to check out “Wilfred” on Hulu. Plus, Tim’s five greatest TV dramas of all time and listener Brandon sends in our first audio letter!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Retro Podcast Edition

This week Tim and Jason deal with Golden Globes fallout, Tim reviews “Informer” (Amazon), “Black Monday” (Showtime), and “Valley of the Boom” (shout out to Stephanie from NatGeo!). Then Jason reveals the madness that made him re-publish the entire original TV Talk Machine catalog, complete with Tim’s show notes from 2009. “Enjoy.”

(Get in your emails, tweets, and MP3 about your wet newspaper early for next week’s episode. We’ll be recording Wednesday or Thursday. podcast@tvtalkmachine.com as usual.)

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


New Year, New Me

It’s our 200th Episode Spectacular, in which we discuss articles Tim has written and then read your letters! So… pretty much like the other 199 episodes. This week Tim’s got some positive(!) thoughts about the Golden Globes, negative thoughts about turning TV episodes into video games, and some suggestions for TV viewers trying to find a strategy that makes sense for watching shows in 2019. And at the very end, we celebrate our 200th episode with an OG appearance from some very special guests.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I’m Over These Lists

We exit 2018 and the 100s episodes with Tim’s final lists of the year, of bad shows and great performances and good episodes. Plus we read some hall-of-fame letters! See you in two weeks for the 200th episode spectacular. Merry Christmas to everyone’s mothers.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best TV Shows of 2018

It’s here at last! We walk through Tim’s ultimate Power Rankings, namely his list of the best TV series of 2018. Plus we leave a little bit of time for an International letters session.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Do Not Be That

This week Tim uses the example of the Golden Globes to shame the Emmys into being better; we discuss the return of “Counterpart” and what made us like its first season so much; and Jason supplies a Slow Binge update while Tim calibrates his year-end best-of lists.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’re Already Drowning

This week we make lists, and more lists, as Tim discusses the evolving world of the TV critic. YouTube and Facebook go back to basics. And we heap just a little more praise on “Patriot,” because why not.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Time is Precious

This week Tim reviews “Escape at Dannemora” and then we break down the success of Fox News and wonder why nobody has successfully created an equivalent on the left. Along the way we insult TV news in general and CNN in particular. Plus, Jason tries a TV tracking app and we read your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



The sad spies of Amazon’s amazing and excellent “Patriot” have returned, and you can watch the whole series on Prime Video, so you’ll know what Tim and Jason are raving about this week. We also discuss HBO’s “Sally4Ever”, Tim’s desire for David Simon (or someone!) to create a groundbreaking TV series based on a recent New York Times article, and we read several of your tweets and letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Clocks Into the Grinder

This week Tim and Jason are overwhelmed with the volume of television that continues to fall out of the skies and into our laps. But from out of deep memory come some shows worth revisiting, whether it’s the existential “Les Revenants” on Netflix, the return of “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon, or even the Netflix arrival of “Get Shorty.” Plus we answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Last Hour Is 75 Minutes

The world of TV is changing rapidly, and we’re here to break it down for you. This week Tim reviews British import “Bodyguard”, ABC ’70s comedy “The Kids Are All Right”, and then we dive into Tim’s rankings of streaming services new and old and begin to ponder what the streaming landscape will look like in 2019.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Beachcombers

Tim has praise for “Wanderlust,” which premieres next Friday on Netflix, and we spend some time discussing the advantages of TV as a writer’s medium in an era where visual flourishes are competing more with traditional storytelling. Also, last week we opened a can of worms as large as the Tasman Sea, and New Zealand has had enough!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Bears and No Tent

Tim returns from Vancouver with stories about Mike Schur and other showrunners, we've got a review of HBO's "Camping", and Apple risks losing out on key creators by getting a reputation as "expensive NBC."

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Heroin Made of Nostalgia

We missed a week and the shows and letters piled up! So this week we cover Tim’s reviews of season 3 of “The Good Place”, and new shows “The Cool Kids”, “Single Parents”, “Mr Inbetween”, and “The Good Cop”. Good news, Australia, Tim likes one of your shows! Also, Jason watched “The First” and—for some reason—“Murphy Brown” and “Magnum P.I.” And we answer a lot of letters from the +44. Blimey.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Still Young, Still a Legend

Les Moonves is out at CBS, Tim’s headed to Canada to interview Mike Schur, and there’s still so… much… TV. Did you know that “Norm MacDonald Has a Show”? It’s on Netflix and it’s a train wreck. Also, “Forever” arrives at Amazon with a bunch of spoiler warnings (relax, we don’t spoil anything), and it’s worth watching. Tim also offers an advance look at Netflix’s “Maniac”, due next week. Jason reaches into The Power Rankings to pluck out “The Looming Tower” and a rewatch of “Detectorists.” And we’ve still got time to read a few letters about new shows airing in the +44 that the bloody Americans still know nothing about.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Slow Binge, Quick Binge

Things are heating up! This week we touch base again on Jim Carrey in “Kidding” before moving on to the film-festival premiere of Amazon’s “Homecoming”, directed by Sam Esmail and starring Julia Roberts. It doesn’t premiere until November, but you’ll want to mark your calendars, because Tim says it’s something special. Also, Tim and Jason review Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”, there’s a new edition of the Power Rankings, Jason gets offered screeners, and we answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Appreciates You

This week Tim reviews “One Dollar” from CBS All Access, which is less than you’ll pay to watch it—if you should bother. He also covers Showtime’s “Kidding”, starring Jim Carrey. Jason watches another show from last year! There are also two more Letters Kenny and a whole bunch of questions for Tim from listeners like you, generating all sorts of story ideas Tim may or may not ever write.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Great Unwatched

Though sleepy from travel, the TV Talk Machine moves forward anyway. This week Jason reports on a show from 2017 he finally watched, we muse about what’s going on with Hulu, Amazon, and Apple, and we answer an awful lot of your tweets and emails. Finally, at the end, Tim tries to Kojak us with a new social-media account to follow.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Clowns Are Running the Show

Tim reviews Netflix’s controversial “Insatiable” which turns out to be less interesting than it might have originally appeared. Plus, “Get Shorty” returns if you can find it. And while we keep joking about the Amazon Prime streaming graveyard, Tim is convinced that it’s a sleeping giant that has just awakened. Plus, Jason finishes “Cloak and Dagger” and we pick surprising casting in recent and forthcoming TV series.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Maybe You Won’t Hate Me

Tim’s back from a very short Death March with Cocktails with news about what’s up with streaming and cable companies. Plus “Better Call Saul” returns, “Lodge 49” finally premieres, Facebook Watch fools no one, and Amazon Prime Video’s new leadership says hello to Tim.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Just You

Before Tim heads off to the Death March With Cocktails (Summer Press Tour) for a week, he checks in with Jason to discuss “Lodge 49” (set your DVR’s next week when you can!), “Fauda”, and more on the dramatic week for HBO and Netflix. And of course we answer some of your tweets and letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’re Not Voting With Their Conscience

Jason’s back from his vacation and there’s a lot to talk about, as Tim reviews new series from Canada (via Hulu) and India (via Netflix). Also, the phone company comes calling for HBO, and Tim reacts—with some anger and also a little bit of appreciation—to the release of the Emmy nominees.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


That’s Tip Money

Two big streaming shows worth your time debut today. On Netflix, it’s the second season of “GLOW”, and on Amazon, the remarkable miniseries “A Very English Scandal.” Tim’s got reviews of both, and then our attention turns to how Apple is spending a lot of money to become a major player in television—but hasn’t actually announced anything yet.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Helicopter Is a Character

This week Tim reviews Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone”, and then we dive into a last-minute plea regarding what shows and which performers should be nominated for Emmy Awards. And we leave a little room to answer letters about two sophomore series: the lauded “Legion” and the ignored “Goliath”.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Titan of Industry

Tim’s back from the ATX Festival in Austin and just before the Emmy season gets heated up, it’s time to talk about another hidden gem—“Moone Boy”. Plus, one of our listeners gets namechecked for helping to save “The Expanse”, Jason gets happily pedanted, and Tim gets a bunch of viewing tips from a data scientist.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


So Smart in Its Dumbness

We’re back with a spoiler-free look at the finale of “The Americans,” which is now safe for you completists to watch. We also walk through Tim’s latest Power Rankings! for comedies, and an OG TVTM listener pays us a visit via letter.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



We veer deeply into the sabermetrics of television as Tim discusses the 10 best-written series on TV. Plus we spend a lot of time on the return of “Arrested Development”, from Netflix’s catastrophic PR campaign to Tim’s review of the new season. And as always, we leave a little bit of room for your tweets and emails, in which we learn yet another terrifying fact about Australia and discover which streaming service is a graveyard from which shows never return.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Joyful Salve

Cancellation is in the news and we discuss the new rules of TV show cancellation and survival! Plus, vintage TV series that are ready to be reimagined, a guide to hidden gems in an age of peak TV, and we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Sophomore Year

The art of a successful sophomore season, the little details that make a great TV performance, hidden gems, and crossover contenders. This episode has a low floor but a high ceiling.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Reviled for Its Flaws

Sometimes the flaws are what make something interesting. That’s the case, Tim argues this week, with HBO’s “Barry” and BBC America’s “Killing Eve.” Plus, Tim and his colleague Dan disagree on the second-season directions of “Westworld” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

And this film we once saw was reviled for its flaws
But its flaws were what made us have fun

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Let’s Unleash Them

Tim reveals big changes in his Power Rankings! with a bunch of new series entering the hallowed list of 21 top shows to watch right now. And after a whole lot of anticipation, here comes season 2 of “Westworld.” Tim’s seen the first five episodes and has an early review.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


What Is Even Happening Here?

We say goodbye to legendary TV producer Stephen Bochco, and then Tim reviews “Dangerous Book for Boys”, “Howards End”, “Killing Eve”, and “Legion” season two. Jason praises the just-completed seasons of “The Magicians” and “Counterpart”. And Listener Dean forces us to explain why we didn’t talk about “Roseanne.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


That Was for an Experiment

In a tight and bright episode, Tim reviews the new season of “The Americans”, we go over some draft rules, and answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Did I Just Columbo You?

This week Tim reviews “The Mechanism”, from the director of “Narcos”, and Danny Boyle’s story of the Getty Family, “Trust”. Plus we muse about TV streaming fantasy drafts and readers have thoughts about what to do while folding laundry.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You’re Not a TV Fish

This week Tim has some advice for the Obamas about their potential deal with Netflix, plus reviews of “Krypton” and yes, the CBS drama “Instinct.” Plus listeners have feelings about the ways that Netflix has wronged them.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Picture of Pete

It’s hard to make a TV show even in an era of peak TV, but what’s even harder is finding an audience willing (and aware enough) to return for a second season. As “Atlanta”, “Jessica Jones”, “Sneaky Pete” and “Legion” return, why is it so hard to break through and reach viewers for a second season? Also, Tim reviews HBO’s “Barry” and the return of “Sneaky Pete”, and we still have time to fit in two classic reader letters about the past and future of foreign-language dubbing.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Through the Warmhole

This week Tim brings back the Power Rankings and reviews the new show from the creator of “Luther”, plus we have a whole lot of follow-up about Netflix season summaries, dubbing, and the Olympics. Finally, we may have reached Peak Cop/Not-a-Cop.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Whole-Face Burn-Off

The show is not cancelled! After a week off, we’re back to discuss Tim’s latest reviews—of “Everything Sucks”, “Final Space”, “McMafia”, and season two of “Atlanta.” Also, who’s winning the streaming wars? And we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Old-School Grandma Network

Are we living in a golden age for televised science fiction and fantasy? Tim thinks it might be possible. We discuss “Altered Carbon” and wonder if it’s just the latest in a string of prestige, high-profile series that have elevated the genre to new heights.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’re Like Floppy Disks

So many reviews, so little time! In this tight-and-bright edition of the TVTM, we’ve got Tim’s reviews of three new series: HBO’s supernatural family drama “Here and Now”, Netflix’s spectacular sci-fi noir “Altered Carbon”, and Amazon’s Bulgarian FBI drama “Absentia”. Plus, a quick run through some letters about bad titles, “Detectorists”, cold hard cash, and the merits of remaining indoors.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Don’t Bring a BB Gun

This week we talk about all the topics in Tim’s grab-bag column, including the roles of various premium cable channels in the TV landscape, the size of Apple’s TV budget, and the fate of Hulu. We also read your letters, including more praise of “Sad Spies” (“Patriot”), an Ohio geography update, and an Important Cricket Correction.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Intelligent Fish

This week Tim takes you under the sea for “Blue Planet 2”, tries to understand the origins of Steven Soderbergh’s “Mosaic”, and praises (one last time?) “Detectorists.” Then it’s time to muse about the role of a TV critic in the era of peak TV and if it’s better to bypass shows that you know aren’t worth anyone’s time. We close with a surprising range of listener letters from all over the world, and Ohio too!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The End of the Foxing World

This week David Letterman returns to TV with a new Netflix interview show, Jason gets excited about Starz’s “Counterpart”, Tim dives in to Amazon’s new sci-fi anthology series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”, and we ponder what is to become of the Fox network after it’s severed from its parent studio. Plus, Jason’s love letter to “Detectorists”, Tim jumps aboard the “End of the Fxxxing World” bandwagon, and a letter writer might have gaslighted us—or is it gaslit?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Not Even a Show

It’s 2018 and we’ve got a fresh start! This week Tim ignores all the Golden Globes predictions, pans a network comedy, and is forced to pick some of his least favorite things of 2017. Plus, Jason takes possession of “screeners” and watches some sad spies.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Got Me More Television!

This week Tim reviews “Gunpowder”, a perfectly nice HBO historical miniseries he didn’t ask for, and then talks about his contributions to lists of the best TV episodes and performances of the year. Then we turn to dive into Disney’s purchase of Fox, which has huge ramifications for the future of TV. Finally, we turn to Tim’s carefully curated playlists of Christmas music!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best TV Shows of 2017

This is the big one—in a year with 500-plus scripted TV series, Tim walks us through his 46 top TV shows of 2017. There are some surprise additions, some old standards who have fallen down a little bit on the list, and even a few broadcast network TV series!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Everything Smells Like an Onion

Like Santa, Tim’s making his list (of the best TV shows) and checking it twice before posting. In the meantime, though, he’s seen all of the new “Black Mirror” season! We also reflect on scaling back on social media, the role of the critic, and answer your emails.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Parts Unnain

This week we check in on terrible people in Hollywood and marvel at the Hugh Laurie TV series that nobody seems to have heard of. Jason endorses “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Runaways”, and “Mosaic.” Tim gives the Golden Globes some advice. And if you’re worried about catching up with the zeitgeist before the holidays, have we got a list for you.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Package Deal

We’re back with Tim’s reviews of two new British comedy imports—“Back” and “Ill Behavior”—both of which come from noble families but only one of which passes Tim’s test to become one of the great comedies of the fall. There’s also Paul Reiser’s labor of love “There’s… Johnny,” which Hulu may have accidentally acquired in a mystery box, and a fascinating feminist western from Netflix called “Godless.” We also preview Amy Sherman-Palladino’s “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” coming to Amazon later this month.

And that’s just the reviews! We’ve also got lots of follow-up about the continued fallout of terrible behavior in Hollywood, and we dive into Tim’s (apparent?) dislike for all of broadcast TV and discover how he really feels.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Gradations of Bad

Apple buys another high-profile series, “The A Word” makes its triumphant return, and then we have to talk about all the terrible news about terrible men in the entertainment industry doing terrible things. What happens next? Can we engage with art created by people who we know are terrible? Ugh.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We’ve Columboed Ourselves

Tim and Jason are back to discuss Tim’s latest Power Rankings, the new comedy “SMILF”, and Fall TV’s surprises and mega-fails. Plus, a new nerdy TV tangent and your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It Has Its Own Taint

This week Tim’s notebook is full, as we discuss the fate of Amazon Studios after the ignominious departure of its leader, and the threat to the TV industry (or not) posed by Facebook Watch and YouTube Red. Tim also has reviews of “S.W.A.T.” and “Loudermilk”, and we answer your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Back Up the Truck

This week Tim and Jason are back from Canada! Jason quizzes Tim on his panels in Vancouver, we discuss the new season of “Mr. Robot” (Tim’s a fan!), and then dive into a discussion of the challenges Netflix and Apple face as they prepare to face off in the world of streaming video. Plus, we introduce the new Double-Columbo format for TVTM, which is sure to confuse all listeners.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Live From the Vancouver International Film Festival

Tim and Jason got together in Canada and did a podcast in front of a live studio audience, all thanks to the awesome people at VIFF, the Vancouver International Film Festival. We drank some wine and talked Canadian TV, Apple’s challenge in starting a video service, the return of Larry David to TV, the artistic challenges for filmmakers in a world of peak TV, and more—including some (quiet) questions from the audience.


Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Are There More Letters?

It’s a reviews lightning round, as Tim covers five network TV series in rapid succession. Then we talk about Tim’s Power Rankings! for top nonfiction programming. We also answer an awful lot of your emails and tweets.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Kicking Their App

The box is checked early this week as Tim discusses why the entire TV industry has completely lost its mind. Directives from billionaires! Threats from CFOs! Face scanning technology from Apple! We keep it tight and bright this week but still spend a lot of time talking about a disaster of a show, “Riviera,” and almost no time on one of the best returning shows on the air, “Better Things.” Isn’t it just like us to accentuate the negative?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Like Cilantro

This week Tim breaks some news about “Veep”, breaks down some popular Power Rankings! ensembles, and answers your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Weird Is Not Enough

This week, we’ve got the hottest podcast in the world! No, seriously—Tim and Jason are trapped inside on the hottest day of the year. But this episode is packed with conversation, from Tim’s new Power Rankings! list of escapist TV to Tim and Jason’s reactions to Amazon’s “The Tick.” We also announce a forthcoming live TVTM episode in Vancouver, British Columbia! And finally, Tim breaks his promise to watch all of “Twin Peaks: The Return” and swears off the series entirely, because life is too short to put up with whatever David Lynch thinks he’s doing on Showtime.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Summer Wedge

We’re back! Tim weaponizes his ignorance to write about shows he hasn’t seen! We discuss “The Defenders”, which Tim and Jason have both watched. There’s anticipation for “The Tick” and the season finale of “Game of Thrones”, and of course, we answer some of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Shot in the Face With Money

Tim’s back from the Death March With Cocktails! But before we close the books on his 18 days “in residence,” it’s time to recap the highlights of the last week of the summer press tour, including plenty of Netflix news and an address from the “mayor of television,” FX’s John Landgraf. Plus Tim reviews “Get Shorty” and “Atypical” and unveils a new edition of The Power Rankings!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’ve Turned the Dinosaur Ship

Tim’s still in residence at the Death March With Cocktails. This week it’s all about the health of the broadcast TV networks. Tim’s pity for the difficult lot of the network executive is turned on its head when he has drinks with the president of The CW and it turns out… things are looking up! NBC’s president seconds the notion. So what does this mean for the failure analysis of network television, and the future of its programming? Also, in an absolute shocker: The Power Rankings! return.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Don’t Want to Hug It Out

Tim’s in residence at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where he’s moved rooms, struggled with Netflix streaming screeners, and fought his mini bar. Still, he managed to find time to talk with Jason about the latest word from HBO, Starz, Hulu, and more, plus reviews of “The Last Tycoon” and the return of “People of Earth.” Check the box and see how much Wi-Fi is in the tank, we’re doing this!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We’ve Heard This Rant Before

Tim reviews HBO’s “Insecure”, which is back for an excellent second season. Then we discuss HBO’s peculiar way of announcing a new series from the “Game of Thrones” producers that led to a whole lot of controversy—and ponder whether that series will ever get off the ground.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Let’s Circle Around to the Negativity

Tim reacts to the Emmy nominations, reviews “I’m Sorry”, and lets out a cry for help about why he had to review “Salvation.” Plus, some follow-up about “Twin Peaks: The Return.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


If I Wasn’t Paid to Do It, I Wouldn’t

Tim reviews HBO’s Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre documentary, we talk some more about the weird world of modern TV writing, and then something bizarre and inexplicable happens: Tim has finally seen the first four episodes of “Twin Peaks: The Return.” So we talk about it. Sometimes podcasting can be therapy, too.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Art and Commerce

Netflix brings back Sense8 (temporarily), PBS brings back Jane Tennison (temporarily), why the business of television is confusing to viewers, and the conundrum of writing about TV in the modern era.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Fightin’ Through Some Shows

Tim reviews FX’s new drama “Snowfall” and we discuss the potential Emmy nominees, including Tim’s secret wishes for surprise nominations. We keep it tight and bright, but make a point of reading your letters and tweets before Jason makes a break for the airport.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Kevin Durant of TV

This week, the TV news is about Apple entering the TV game in a big way by hiring away the co-presidents of Sony Pictures Television. After shaking off a classic case of Banff Brain, Tim’s got a bunch of questions for Jason about how Apple might roll out a new premium video service. Peak TV? Not hardly. Another giant has entered the fray.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Damon Lindelof Didn’t Lie

This week we’re all about endings—the season finale of “The Americans” and the series finale of “The Leftovers.” What’s the legacy of “The Leftovers” and where does it fit in Tim’s personal pantheon? Where has “The Americans” gone—and where is it going in its final season? Plus, we try to answer more of your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


An Expensive Mess

Are there cracks in Netflix’s facade, or was this just a bad week? We discuss the cancellation of “Sense8” and “The Get Down”, two expensive series from the service that famously doesn’t cancel shows. What does it all mean? We also pour one out for “Sense8” and answer a few of your letters, but once again, we’re tight and bright this week. Tim’s got places to be. Busy busy!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Killed It With Wine

Tim’s back and so are “Master of None” and “Twin Peaks.” Tim loves the second season of Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series. Jason’s seen the first four hours of David Lynch’s weird revival and has an eyewitness report. We also talk quickly about Jon Stewart’s aborted HBO deal and where he might best fit and Tim’s visit with Ricky Gervais. Tight and bright this week!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Sad Balloon

With A&E and WGN America abandoning scripted programming, is this the beginning of the end of Peak TV? The bubble may have not burst, but the air may be finally leaking out. Tim and Jason analyze the possible futures of the television world. Plus we read a few of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Sound Like a Madman

A strike is averted, “Sense8” and “Catastrophe” return, Jason watches “American Gods”, and we answer some letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Don’t Make This!

Tim reviews the return of Amazon’s “Catastrophe”, Jason talks about “The Handmaid’s Tale”, we delve briefly into the controversy surrounding Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why”, and then express trepidation about a potential writer’s strike. Then it’s time for your letters, including a story about the wisdom of Jason Bateman.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They All Read the Book

While preparing for “Silicon Valley” and “Catastrophe” to return, Tim reviews “American Gods.” Is it perhaps a bit too faithful to the source material, or does it highlight failings in the original novel? We also revisit the definition of our TV “white whales”—and share listeners’ choices for great shows that aren’t available on streaming and/or disc.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The French Will Buy It

It’s the time of year when favorite old series return! We talk about “Better Call Saul”, “Fargo”, and “Veep” coming back, plus Jason self-Columbos, we talk subtitled dramas, and pine for some classic TV White Whales.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Checking the Fien Print

It’s the first week of baseball, and Jason & Tim are off. There’s no correlation there, but there could be. In any case, David’s back with special guest Dan Fienberg to talk about TV and machines, marsupials, roaming monkeys, terrifying mascot versions of nonexistent TV show characters, cookies, shows that just wrapped up seasons, even more streaming services, and the fine points of podcasting contracts.

Things we like this week:

David J. Loehr with Dan Fienberg


Gentle Columbo

Tim and Jason discuss the new Hulu series “Harlots”, break down (with very few spoilers) this season of “Legion” and why it appeals, and answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Like a Mime in a Box

This week Tim and Jason spend some time discussing the future of cord-cutting and TV bundles and what consumers should pay for in the platinum age of television. Then we listen to your comments about “Legion” and “Twin Peaks”.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Guys in Hats

For St. Patrick’s Day, Tim reviews an Irish series that has arrived in America. Also, we break down Tim’s lengthy article comparing the modern king of the weird “Legion” to the 1990s weirdness of “Twin Peaks,” and what it means for the revival of “Twin Peaks” on Showtime later this year. (Hint: Showtime is not very happy with Tim right now.)

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Pinprick of Nostalgia

We dip into the past to talk about the 20th anniversary of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the 15th anniversary of “The Shield.” Plus we answer a whole lot of your letters, including conversations about TV romantic comedies and TV comfort food.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Ups and Lows

“Making History”, “The Americans”, “National Treasure”, Tim reveals his long hug con, and we answer your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


…Unless You Try to Overachieve

Tim reviews the surprisingly good (and questionably titled) “Patriot”, and finds it to be one of the best new shows on TV. Also we revisit “Legion,” so Jason can concur with Tim’s rave review. And from the UK comes “National Treasure,” a show that does not involve Nicolas Cage even a little bit.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Best in Show

With Jason traveling across time and space, David joins Tim to talk about humans (or not), robot animals (or not), the shows they’re each thinking about watching (or not), some live events (or not), and what TV shows Apple should produce (or not).

Tim Goodman and David J. Loehr


Crack for Every Executive

This week Tim tells his THR origin story, reviews HBO’s “Big Little Lies”, gripes about Fox’s “APB”, ponders the rebuilding of TV’s Death Star, and answers your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Couple of Episodes In

Tim prepares for a “Not a Thing” laden Fox crime series, Jason returns to outer space, spy animals are revealed, and The Riches finally comes back.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Like a Book… So I’m Told

Tim makes a vow to finish more series! We say a fond farewell to Mary Tyler Moore. The visuals in FX’s “Legion” are trippy, but it’s more a drama about mental illness than a shiny X-Men vehicle. All this and your letters, this week on the TV Talk Machine…

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Go Beneath the Memes

This week Tim covers his reviews of “Teachers” season 2 and “Victoria”, takes time to point out how people quick to jump on HBO’s “The Young Pope” may be missing the mark, and praises the Acorn streaming service. Plus, Jason reviews “Sherlock” and we answer a bunch of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Vacuum of Incompetence

Jason’s back to talk with Tim about the Golden Globes, returning series (“Colony”, “Teachers”, “Homeland”), the stability of the CW, a time-travel show Jason likes (“Travelers”), and a bunch of new series, including “Victoria,” “Sneaky Pete,” “The Young Pope,” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


One Topic at a Time

This is it. With Jason in the five-oh, we’ve rebooted for the New Year as David and Tim talk about the reimagined “Emerald City,” the reconceived “One Day at a Time,” the reconstituted Golden Globes, the reputable “Taboo,” and more.

Tim Goodman and David J. Loehr


I’m Gonna Watch Those Snakes

This week we wrap 2016 with Tim’s lists of best performances and episodes of the year, as well as a dip into the dark side for the worst shows of the past 12 months. Happy new year, everybody!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Host At Your Own Party

This week we recap the startlingly successful TVTM meet-up in San Francisco, and Tim goes over his top network TV shows of the year.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Let’s Casey Kasem This

This week Tim walks us through his 38 best TV shows of the year, one by one. Plus: We announce the details of our meet-up! Come see us Monday, December 19 at 6 p.m. at 21st Amendment on 2nd Street in San Francisco.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Making Lists is Hard

Tim readies his end-of-year best lists, Jason presents his own top 10 shows list, and we discuss how “Westworld” is the hit HBO needed.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Guys Were So Civil Before

Network execs flee from press tour, Jason brings in lots of news headlines, and Tim reviews “Incorporated.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Have to Go Beyond That

Tim’s solution for a post-election TV news ratings boost; a whole lot more praise for “Soundbreaking”; and your letters. (Politics-averse people can jump ahead to 14:25 if they don’t want to hear anything more about the election.)

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Nothing Was Working

Jason and Tim return from relaxing trips (to Ireland and wine country, respectively) and end up right in the gaping maw of Election Night TV coverage. Plus, a new show arrives this weekend that’s right in Tim’s wheelhouse.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Don’t Get Weird

Like the Cubs in game seven, we’ve gone to the bullpen—David’s sitting in for Jason this week, and he and Tim talk about good girls, alien support groups, better things, lesser shows, oral histories, and shows that sneak up on you. Also, stay calm, you’re about to hit a deer.

Tim Goodman and David J. Loehr


No Urgency or Agency

Tim watches BBC America’s “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, “The Walking Dead” returns but Tim feels no need to review it, Mad Men’s creator gets an Amazon anthology, and the NFL ratings drop.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Ball of Confusion

Hugh Laurie’s “Chance”, the return of “Walking Dead” and “Rectify”, and that guy you remember from that other sitcom now has a sitcom on CBS.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Guy Who Did

“Falling Water”, “American Housewife”, the return of “Black Mirror”, and your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



More on “Westworld”. Tim reviews “No Tomorrow”, “Divorce”, is excited about “Insecure”, and is trepidatious about “American Housewife.” And Jason travels back in time with “Timeless”.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Maybe Next Year, ‘Gattaca’

Happy 100! Before jetting off to Vancouver, Tim stops by to review “Crisis in Six Scenes”, “Westworld”, “Conviction”, “Timeless”, “No Tomorrow”, and “Frequency”, Jason renews his time-travel-watching pact, and you tell us about how “Designated Survivor” is Not a Thing.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Hello, Publicists!

Reviews of “Lethal Weapon”, “Designated Survivor”, “Speechless”, “The Good Place”, and “Westworld”. Plus the Emmys aftermath, more new premieres, and the surprising reoccurrence of “Agent X” Watch and Not a Thing.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


He Sent Me a Tie

Jet-setting Tim interviews Jimmy Kimmel, plus reviews of “Black Mirror”, “Son of Zorn”, “Fleabag”, and more.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Monkey in a Room Switching Channels

“You’re the Worst” and “Narcos” return, Tim and Jason finally watched “Stranger Things”, and Tim answers many more of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Sheet Management

Tim’s back home from press tour! And he reviews Donald Glover’s “Atlanta”, the Italian crime series “Gomorrah”, and answers a whole lot of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They Deserve What They Got

Tim’s still in residence at the TV Critics Association summer Death March With Cocktails, and we’ve got his report on what’s up with broadcast, cable, and streaming. No, really, what’s up with streaming? Netflix’s binge problem. Amazon’s branding problem. CBS All Access’s attitude problem. And much more!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We Saw the End Coming

Live “in residence” at the Beverly Hilton, here’s Tim’s first report from the 2016 edition of the Death March With Cocktails. Tim discusses the difficulty in networks breaking through to TV critics and audiences in these times of confusion, drops a mind-blowing tidbit he got from Mitch Hurwitz about “Arrested Development”, and defines the roles of network and cable TV in the modern television era. Plus, a short review of Netflix’s new “The Get Down.” And Jason gets to place a phone call. Next week, telegrams!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Hologram Edition

We’re not here! Jason’s on vacation and Tim’s at the Death March With Cocktails. Fortunately for you, we recorded this episode full of your letters last week so that you don’t miss us, not one bit.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



A big week for satire shows and Stephen Colbert during the Republican National Convention; Jason brings Nerd News from Comic-Con; we discuss the Game of Thrones announcement that Winter is Coming… for seven episodes… next summer; and Tim just loves the Olympics!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Obligatory Victory Lap

Tim breaks down the 2016 Emmy Awards nominations, which left him in a very strange emotional state. Who is this sunny, happy person, and what have you done with Tim Goodman?! Just when all seems lost, though, Tim musters up some bile for a few Emmy snubs.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Unreliable Narrator

Next week “Mr. Robot” returns for a second season and Tim’s seen the first two hours. (Also, the Emmy nominations might come out next week, but Tim’s not sure.) Tim celebrates the avalanche of good stuff on TV and his inability to watch it all. And we answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Fact-Checking the FCC

Tim laments the lack of the first great rock-and-roll drama while appreciating the humor that is “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.” Plus, we go over the 10 (cough 11 cough) most bingeable shows this summer. Then we dive deep into the mailbag, where Jason admits to a colossal error while uncovering a failure deep in the heart of the U.S. government.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Brexit Edition

Tim and Jason are back together and we’ve got Tim’s reviews of “Thirteen” and “American Gothic”, plus we dissect the failures of “Roadies” and “Vinyl”, worry about how the Brexit vote will affect fictional characters as well as our listeners in the +44, and answer many of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Lost in Austin

Tim is back in his natural habitat, and Permanent Guest Host David J. Loehr is back, as they reminisce about their trip to the fifth season of the ATX Festival in Austin, TX, last week. They talk about hanging out with showrunners, each other, BBQ, sitting in on panels, BBQ, seeing cast & crew reunions, hearing unfilmed pilots, BBQ, and did they mention the BBQ? (They blame/thank Moisés Chiullan for the trip to Micklethwait’s. Blame only because they’re hooked now.) Then on to other topics, like Roadies, a new series from Cameron Crowe, and how it compares to other music-related shows like HBO’s Vinyl and FX’s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. Also, BBQ. (They really liked the BBQ. Thanks, Moisés!)

David J. Loehr and Tim Goodman


It Never Ends

In this special Quantum Superposition Edition, Tim is simultaneously in Austin for the ATX television festival and here in podcast land answering your questions. How does he do it? (Answer: By pre-recording this week’s episode last week.) In any event, this episode is full of letters from listeners all around the world, huddled around their podcast players waiting for the TVTM’s simultaneous, worldwide release. Wait no longer.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Out of Wine and Xanax

This week Tim praises “The Dresser”, dislikes AMC’s David Schwimmer vehicle, and answers a pointed question about the future and pacing of “Game of Thrones.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Blimp Hoister

This week Tim lets a little love for “Game of Thrones” escape his heart, and brings some questionable balloon metaphors to the second season of “Bloodline.” Plus we answer a hastily assembled collection of your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Trailers Cannot be Trusted

This week the networks had their big “upfronts” in New York, a dog-and-pony show for advertisers that the TV critics and viewers of the world watch with amusement and consternation. Tim explains why the week fascinates him, and explores what the networks are doing in a time of falling ratings and too much television.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Swap Meet News

It’s the week that the broadcast network announce cancellations and renewals, and so we take time to survey the dead and the living, at least a little bit. Plus, Tim beseeches the Emmys on behalf of “The Americans”, and Louis C.K. figures out life after “Louie.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


So Much Weird Stuff Is Happening Right Now

This week we talk about (cue dramatic music) a Netflix series from France, a Fox series we don’t understand, “The Americans”, and Tim rekindles his fears about Australian wildlife.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Come To Us, We Love You

Back after a birthday weekend away from the podcast, Tim’s got the details on HBO’s huge debut weekend—and some serious trepidation about where the network goes next.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Hobo Eric Rule

This week Tim reviews the new seasons of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, “Orphan Black”, and “Fear the Walking Dead”, and reviews the new international series “Last Panthers.” Plus, we follow the latest self-inflicted wounds on “Sleepy Hollow” and read listener letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Too Much Actual Fact

Tim survived “The Walking Dead” finale and returns to talk about it, along with happier news, like the arrivals of new seasons of “Catastrophe” on Amazon and “Outlander” on Starz. Jason shows a suspicious knowledge of music reality shows. And we issue a mea culpa about listening to “facts” from listeners.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Mediocre is Generally Popular

This week Tim reviews “The Girlfriend Experience” and “Lopez.” Then—based on the breaking two-season renewal of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”—we discuss various aspects of long-running TV series. Why do some of them last well beyond their expiration date, and will streaming services learn when it’s the right time to say goodbye?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Slow Binge

We say goodbye to TV legends Ken Howard and Garry Shandling, Tim discusses his reviews of “Happy Valley” (watch it in the daytime?) and “Catch” (Shondaland becomes Shamblesland), we discuss when to throw in the towel when reviewing TV shows, and we answer many of your letters, including a discussion of the controversial death on “The 100.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Struggling to Find out the Logic

This week we take a look at the future of television. The convenience of streaming may trump all, but how do we get from today to a shiny streaming future? What can networks do? Does dropping an entire season for binge-watching beat teasing out weekly episodes? Join us as we scratch our chins and imagine future times.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Demon at Denny’s

This week the CW announced it was renewing its entire lineup, so we dive into the strange success story of that network, including why a 12th season of “Supernatural” might make sense, and Les Moonves’ answer to Tim about why the lights stayed on. Plus Tim’s review of “Of Kings and Prophets,” the San Francisco Chronicle’s Little Man, Aaron Paul’s return to TV in Hulu’s “The Path”, and more bad news for Will Arnett.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Do Want Outrage

Tim surveys the late-night talk scene and demands more outrage with his comedy! Plus, a bad review of “The Family”, a look at the new Viceland TV shows, some geek TV updates from Jason, and your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Columbo Edition

We’re back with discussion of some new series, a look forward to March premieres (though there’s not a lot to look forward to), and a whole bunch of your letters. Plus, one more thing Tim finally remembered.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Keep Oiling the Machine

Huge industry and failure-analysis news this week, as ABC’s Paul Lee era ends and Channing Dungey takes on the now-horrible job of being a broadcast network TV president. Plus Tim reviews “Togetherness,” we talk about “Girls” returning, Jason reports in on “The X-Files” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” and we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquistion

“Better Call Saul” is back for season two, and Tim’s got his full review—along with our discussion of the challenges of doing a prequel series. Plus, the 14-year-old boy inside of Tim is thrilled with Hulu’s new election special starring Triumph, the insult comic dog. We cover a mixed bag of TV news, including the new “Star Trek” showrunner and the renewal of “Master of None,” and answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The 13-Year-Old Edition

This week Tim provides an important lesson about comedy callbacks, the TVTM break room is explored for the first time ever, we discuss HBO programming and the Super Bowl, and of course there’s plenty of time for your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Punch-Drunk Edition

This week Tim and Jason talk about a slew of new series, including fantasy-themed “You, Me and the Apocalypse,” “11.22.63,” and “The Magicians.” Plus, we discuss the new trend toward TV revivals, Tim previews his review of “Vinyl,” and we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Dinosaur Ship

Tim returns from Pasadena to talk about the plight of broadcast network executives, NBC’s strange choice of press tour topics, and reviews of a bunch of new shows.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Year of TV Muscles

Tim is “in residence” in Pasadena for the Television Critics Association winter press tour. He takes time away from the grind to let Jason know about new stuff coming from ABC, The CW, TNT, TBS, HBO, WGN America, Sundance, Starz, BBC America, AMC, and A&E, among others.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best Network TV of 2015

In our last episode of 2015, Tim recaps his top network TV series of 2015 and Jason reads some of your letters. We’re off next week. See you in 2016!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best TV of 2015

Tim walks Jason though his list of the very best shows of 2015.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Blindly Shooting Fish in a Barrel

The Golden Globe nominees are out, and they’re peculiar, to say the least. But Tim is going to look on the bright side, seeing it as an opportunity for the Emmy Awards to get things right and for everyone else to enjoy some fine Champagne. We also talk “The Leftovers” getting a third (and final) season, revisit “The Expanse” and “Childhood’s End” on SyFy, and answer many of your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Forgot a Show

This week Tim plots his year-end lists, celebrates the return of “Transparent,” and we hear a whole lot of listener mail about Cop/Not a Cop, “Agent X”, things that aren’t a thing, and more.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Stuffed and Bloated Edition

The tryptophan is kicking in, but we’re back for a post-Thanksgiving edition of the TVTM nonetheless. Tim explains how he approaches his end-of-year best lists (and why they’re important), we talk TV turkeys, holiday stuff we like, and we have important updates from the “Agent X” and “Not a Thing” files. Must… stay… awake…

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Sleepy Endeavor

This week we talk about TV deaths, ponder how streaming has changed the TV game in just five years, grouse about Dick Wolf, praise AMC’s kung-fu adventure series “Into the Badlands,” and answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Amazon Season

An avalanche of Amazon pilots, the arrival of “Man in the High Castle” and “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” on streaming, Jason watches “Agent X” and “Supergirl,” and we answer a whole lot of your emails, tweets, and Facebook posts!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’re Good Sports

We’re going deep this week, with a discussion of Tim’s THR piece about the age of denial in broadcast TV. We also talk about our brush with the people who make “Agent X”, re-promote “Master of None”, and answer a whole bunch of listener mail.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


This Is an Elite Program

Tim dishes on a forthcoming so-bad-it’s-funny series called “Agent X”, Jason and Tim break down the premiere of “Supergirl”, plus we quickly talk “Wicked City,” “Master of None”, the rules of character death on “The Walking Dead,” remind you about “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and “The Returned” coming back, and answer a bunch of your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


I Hope This Series Dies

This week we spend a lot of time on listener mail, plus talk high expectations for “Supergirl,” low expectations for “Wicked City,” and ponder TV comfort food.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Tim Lincecum Episode

The shows just keep on coming! This week Tim talks about season two of “The Knick”, season 6 of “The Walking Dead”, and the inauspicious premiere of “Truth Be Told.” Plus some Dodgers schadenfreude, mysterious series pick-ups, and trying to figure out when to give up on old favorites.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Don’t Be Late

Tim’s back from Vancouver and we’ve got a whole lot of premieres to cover. “Fargo”, “The Knick”, “Casual”, “Red Oaks”, “The Last Kingdom”, “Manhattan”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Flash”, and more! Plus: why “Halt and Catch Fire” got renewed, Jason’s reports on “The Flash”, “Blindspot”, and The “Limitless”, and we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Cheated on Its Viewers

“The Affair” plays fast and loose with memory, “Game of Thones” positions itself for Emmy domination, and we answer your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Sneak Force

The wave of fall TV premieres continues, as we go back over “Minority Report,” “Blindspot/Doodle Booty,” and “The Muppets” before moving on to preview “The Grinder,” “Grandfathered,” “Blood and Oil,” “Quantico,” “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” “Code Black,” “Dr. Ken,” and more. Plus, it’s our first birthday!

“I am an awful person and a TV critic.”—Tim Goodman, chief TV critic, The Hollywood Reporter

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Welcome to THR, Dan

Tim returns from Big Sur and Jason returns from Portland just in time to watch the Emmys and gape at the massive number of fall TV premieres coming in the next week. Tim reveals why his new Hollywood Reporter TV critic colleague, Dan Fienberg, is getting stuck with all the lousy shows! We talk “Casual,” “Blindspot,” “Bastard Executioner,” “You’re the Worst,” “Minority Report” (based on that old movie), “The Player” (not based on that old movie), “Limitless” (based on that recent movie), and answer your letters. Plus, Jason gets three TV viewing assignments he’ll regret.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Jason Missed This?

Tim is joined by David Loehr on the sands of Waikiki—or somewhere—to talk about the first week of Colbert, the last week in Apple TV, the next week in upcoming shows, and the best new fall title that isn’t actually a show’s title.

David J. Loehr and Tim Goodman


Otters for the Win

“Mr. Robot” takes a final bow as the show of the summer, Apple is rumored to be pondering its own Netflix-like TV service, PBS and the BBC take a chance on Monterey Bay, and Stephen Colbert prepares for his CBS premiere. Plus, Jason reads your letters and Tim answers them!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


What Happens Next? (Plus Bonus Content)

In this episode we get a little deep, as Tim and whatever-his-name-is discuss the future of scripted television. How will these Times of Confusion end? Are we at “Peak TV” yet? Will Millennials watch anything but YouTube? How can shows reach the audiences they need to stay on the air? Are we doomed to a future with scripted material that’s broader and less appealing than today’s series?

Then we make up our missed week by tacking on special bonus content, featuring your letters and a special hint of consideration of a possible future announcement from Tim.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Binge It Like Cocaine

Tim’s back from press tour! After a brief chat about the personnel problems at “The Good Wife,” we talk Netflix’s “Narcos” and then answer a whole lot of listener feedback.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Couple of Pops

Two weeks later, Tim checks in again from the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour! We’ve got information about ABC, Amazon, AMC, CBS, DirecTV, Fox, FX, Hulu, PBS, Showtime, Starz, Syfy, and even NBC! Plus, Tim and Jason talk about Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” finale.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Fun to Make Shows

Tim reports in live from L.A. at the Television Critics Association summer press tour to recount his first week, including sessions from Netflix, Comedy Central, HBO, Nat Geo, and BBC America. Plus we cover the rapid growth of Netflix and the systemic changes that make it harder for Trevor Noah to succeed Jon Stewart, and Peter Capaldi explains what a lollipop man is.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Willie McCovey Episode

Tim and Jason are back with an all-feedback episode! The Emmy Awards, comedy in TV movies, “Penny Dreadful,” family TV shows, why Australians love the TVTM, and more recipes plus haiku from Amy in the 415!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Particularly Egregious

The 2015 Emmy Awards nominations are here, and in this special episode Tim breaks them all down—the obvious choices, the pleasantly surprising decisions… and, yeah, the outrageous omissions. Accept no substitutes for the TVTM’s instant Emmy analysis!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


18 Crazy Nights

Tim and Jason aren’t at Comic-Con, though Jason’s just back from San Diego and Tim’s getting ready for the Death March With Cocktails later this month. In the meantime, both of them talk about Keith Olbermann, Hannibel Burress, “Rectify”, “Masters of Sex”, “Ray Donovan”, “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”, and Jason reports in on “Zoo”, “Mr. Robot”, and “Humans.” Plus, we answer your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Only in Monroe

David & Tim talk about Jason’s vacation, Olbermann’s vocation, James Patterson’s predation, Velcoro’s damnation, Pixar’s elation, and for the Colbert Nation, the Monroe, MI local cable access channel’s newest sensation.

Tim Goodman and David J. Loehr


Forget It, It’s NBC

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for an attack of nerdy shows! Tim’s watched AMC’s “Humans” and USA’s “Mr. Robot.” Jason’s seen “Dark Matter” and “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.” Tim’s talked to the creator of “Extant.” Plus we answer your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Refurbished Hugs

Tim and Jason talk about the Game of Thrones finale and whether the show has failed our high expectations. Plus Jason reports back on two geeky shows, and we answer your questions. (Consult your doctor before binge listening.)

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Awake at Good Times

Tim's back from his trips to Austin and Banff with reports on his favorite panels and a very special meetup. Plus we talk about the return of "True Detective" and "Orange is the New Black," detail some Emmy news, and Jason reports on his ongoing challenge of watching geeky shows Tim just won't review.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Could Be a Thing

This week Tim’s in Austin, but Tim’s poor time-shifted clone can’t partake of tacos and beer until he does a podcast. First Tim unloads a bunch of shows he’s not going to watch or review (“Sense8,” “Dark Matter,” “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”) onto Jason, who strangely agrees to watch many of them. Then we read your theories about TV animals, praise a TVTM binge listener, and read the greatest letter ever received by the TVTM.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Loser Channel

This week Tim touches the third rails of podcasting, as we talk about sports (the Warriors reaching the NBA Finals) and politics (the hypocrisy of the Duggar family and the cynicism of their network, TLC) before moving on to our final coverage of “Mad Men” with your feedback on the finale.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Updike It

This week it’s a three-man booth as David Loehr joins Jason and Tim to talk about the “Man Men” finale, as well as David Letterman’s swan song.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Theories in My Mailbox

The end approaches for Don Draper, and so in this episode Tim discusses his expectations for the “Mad Men” finale. Plus we answer your “Mad Men” finale questions and address some brief TV news. Harry Shearer, please call James L. Brooks if you’re reading this.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Pilot Does Nothing

The network upfronts are in full swing, so this week Tim and Jason talk about what’s been cancelled and what’s been renewed. But not about new show orders, because in accordance with TV Talk Machine policy, Tim officially doesn’t care until he sees the show. Also: a “Mad Men” check-in, the intriguing new drama “Wayward Pines,” and your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Green Brains & Ham

Tim is joined by David again to talk shows that made them happy (and not happyish), shows that stream & the services that love them, they wonder what some of these people were thinking, and hey, does anyone want a Barbarella series? We’ll do it!

David J. Loehr and Tim Goodman


Bonus Criticism

This week Tim and Jason break down the return of “Orphan Black,” Tim rants about how the beloved “The Americans” failed to stick the landing in its season finale, and Showtime’s “Happyish” has some serious problems. Plus more discussion of how “Mad Men” is spending its final few hours, and Tim has a cure for Jason’s cold.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Bullets Hurt

This week we send “Justified” into retirement, get excited about the return of BBC America’s “Orphan Black,” re-open the debate about “Daredevil,” get diverted by debating good and bad series finales, and answer more of your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


He’s Not Gonna Be Happy

So much returning TV! Jason re-joins Tim to talk about the returns of “Louie”, “Game of Thrones”, “Silicon Valley”, “Veep” and “Mad Men.” Plus, what the heck happened to “The Last Man on Earth”? And, as always, we answer some listener questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


People Made This?

Tim doesn’t miss a week as he’s joined by designated guest co-host David J. Loehr to talk about the Daily Show, the nightly shows, undead shows, zombie shows, limited run shows, long running shows, comfort food shows…they talk about a lot of shows…

David J. Loehr and Tim Goodman


Werewolf Don Draper

Tim’s seen the first episode of the final run of “Mad Men!” But he’s been given a long list of details he’s not allowed to talk about. So we speak obliquely about what to expect from “Mad Men” in this final run of seven episodes. Plus we ponder the CBS demographic and try to save a marriage by suggesting a solid collection of limited-run series.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Hang In There

Tim and Jason discuss the stunning finale of “The Jinx,” preview the arrival of James Corden’s “Late Late Show” and why Corden took the job, and answer some of your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Cubism Remake

Tim’s about to flee televised civilization for the comforts of a vacation, but before he goes he’s got some time to rant about how not to remake a European TV series. In this case, the Gracepointed show in question is “The Returned.” We also cover some upcoming shows and read listener comments and questions, most of which seem to do with tormenting Jason with more bad television.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Not a Thing

Jason reports back on his TV Torture Machine assignment, “CSI: Cyber,” much to Tim’s evil glee. Plus “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Last Man on Earth,” “Billy & Billie,” and “Battle Creek.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Alphabet of Awfulness

After some brief reflections about Leonard Nimoy, Jason and Tim turn to “The Last Man on Earth,” “American Crime,” and “Secrets and Lies.” Tim challenges Jason to watch “CSI: Cyber.” We anticipate “Broadchurch” and “Dig” and Tim puts off watching “Battle Creek.” Plus: More CW strategy and we answer your questions about hated shows and dark and bleak TV.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


There’s No Science in Television

The Emmys finally change their rules—but is it really an improvement? Plus, Tim’s reaction to the new “House of Cards” season and the “Odd Couple” premiere, “Two and a Half Men” and “Parks and Recreation” come to an end, the Oscars loom, and Tim and Jason answer some listener questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Hoisted on His Own Petard

Anchors, away! Tim and Jason discuss Jon Stewart’s departure from “The Daily Show” and Brian Williams’s apparent end on “NBC Nightly News.” Plus, more praise for HBO’s “The Jinx” (which is not suitable for Date Nights), a look at Amazon’s new drama “Bosch,” and we try to answer some more listener feedback.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


That’s a No

A look at the new drama series “Allegiance,” “Better Call Saul,” and “The Slap,” plus the HBO documentary series “The Jinx.” Plus the return of “Walking Dead” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” and Tim reminds us why the ladies love LL Cool J. Then there’s the big question: Is the Television Critics Association press tour just a series of Junior High-type mixers? Don’t ask Tim—all he remembers is the shrimp and booze.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Dots and Stars and Little Men

The Power Rankings may be on hiatus, but Tim is here to praise the show that would be at number one if they existed: FX’s “The Americans.” Plus, advance praise for ABC’s new sitcom “Fresh off the Boat.” Plus: Avoiding the Super Bowl, our bad ideas for a new TV spy series, and we answer your emails.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Slow Burn Everybody

Tim’s back from winter press tour with news of Fox and FX and reviews of “Backstrom” and “Better Call Saul.” Plus Tim and Jason discuss the massive number of scripted shows out there—with an actual number, thanks to the FX research department. Also we ponder why anyone would tune out PBS when it offers cancer, mortality, and math; Jason gets confused and thinks “Wolf Hall” is a “Game of Thrones” spin-off; and we read a bunch of listener questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Times of Confusion!

We’re bringers, bringing our brand halo to a hungry audience that’s overwhelmed by choice.

Okay, it’s week two of the Death March With Cocktails and Tim may have gone a little loopy. But we’ve still got loads of information from winter press tour, including baiting Donald Trump, ABC’s alien whispers and questionable series promotional techniques, new stuff from AMC, Comedy Central, Amazon, Netflix, NBC, and the CW.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Death March With Flask

After five days “in residence,” Tim reports in live from the TV Critics Association press tour in Pasadena. Among the topics: Why critics don’t clap, chance encounters with Scottish showrunners, and why Netflix’s numbers don’t matter. Tim gets name-checked in a tchotchke and an HBO ad. Plus, we look ahead to the next week and a half (!) of the press tour.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Best TV of 2014

Positivity abounds! In this episode, Tim and Jason go over Tim’s lists of the best TV shows of 2014. Nothing but sunshine and great television here! Let it never be said that Tim is not someone who loves (good) TV!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


No Love Lost

Tim and Jason talk about the turnover in late-night, with Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson departing and James Corden and Larry Willmore on the horizon. Plus, Jason annoys his wife with “Ascension” jokes and Tim answers letters from old-school fans of the podcast. Happy holidays, everyone!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Midseason Math

Tim and Jason discuss the Golden Globe TV nominees, the phenomenon of midseason finales, and answer listener questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



Tim and Jason talk “Peter Pan Live,” and then dive into reader questions, including a brutal review Tim didn’t remember writing, the appeal of “Jane the Virgin,” mid-season replacement shows, and holiday TV episodes.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we list some TV we’re thankful for. Also, inevitably, things get a bit dark when we talk about some of the fall season’s true turkeys. Also, we answer more listener questions, including other TV critics, top fantasy shows, TV reboots, and a guide to when to stop watching a show.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



In this episode Tim and Jason talk about something that can delight even the most toughened critic: a pleasant surprise. Tim revisits “Homeland” and discovers that the show may be turning it around, and finds an unexpectedly solid scripted drama on Bravo. Also, we answer listener questions about antiheroes, remakes, and co-productions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Bong-Fueled Genius

Where have all the miniseries gone? They’re actually all around us, but they’re called anthologies or limited series or TV events. Tim and Jason talk about the merits of shows opting for finite lifetimes. Plus some thoughts about the minds behind Adult Swim, TV guilty pleasures, the perils of series featuring anti-heroes, this season of “Doctor Who,” Katherine Heigl’s star turn as Charleston in “State of Affairs”, “The Missing” and the difficulty of watching kids in peril, and the strengths and weaknesses of Aaron Sorkin.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Ride Out the Garbage Fire

In this episode, Tim hears from the producers of “Sleepy Hollow” about his criticisms last week, a tossed-off sidebar becomes a viral web hit and makes fans of classic spy TV series angry worldwide, a whole bunch of shows get cancelled, and we answer listener questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Surfer Boy

Has “Sleepy Hollow,” one of our favorites from last season, gone off the rails? Tim and Jason discuss the sophomore series’s self-inflicted creative crisis. Plus, more answers to your questions, including shows worth catching up on via streaming, and we talk a little about sports on TV in the wake of the Giants winning another even-year World Series.

(Note to THR readers: Our “Sleepy Hollow” discussion starts 42 minutes in.)

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Bonus Content on the Sub-Web

This week Tim and Jason answer some listener questions, rave a bit more about “Jane the Virgin,” discuss overlooked drama series, and ponder digital extras and extended episodes of series on streaming media.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


My Positivity Keeps Me Afloat

This week Tim and Jason keep it positive! Tim goes through the week, day by day, and recommends the shows (both new and old) that are worth your time! Then we talk about Tim’s famous Power Ratings of the top shows on TV, where they came from, and where they might be going.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Miscalculation of Epic Proportions

From the comic book pages to your TV screen, we counted at least five network TV series involving superheroes. But who can tell “The Flash” from “Constantine?” Jason’s read the comics, but most people—including Tim—haven’t. And isn’t that all for the best? Also, Jason gives Disney/ABC/Marvel a million-dollar idea for free, and Tim previews “Jane the Virgin,” “Star Wars Rebels,” and “Marry Me.”

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Kind of Like a Cronut

Braaaaains! As we enter October, our thoughts turn to spooky things like vampires and zombies. “The Walking Dead” is coming back, and it’s started an avalanche of other zombie-themed TV… none of which quite matches up to the original. Also, Tim and Jason talk about the TV premieres happening in the next week, and Tim just keeps thinking outside the box.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


A Bad Idea From Famous People

Against all odds, we’re back for a second episode! In this episode, Tim and Jason run through some of the new premieres, including “Forever,” “Black-ish,” “Gotham,” “Scorpion,” and “Red Band Society.” Also, Tim looks at the ratings to see what shows are looking good and which ones have a good chance of being the first to be cancelled. Then we take a look at the next week’s new shows, briefly praise some returning shows, coin the term overspadered, and liken the current Fox schedule to a garbage fire.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We Take the Bullet

It’s a podcast about television! Every week Hollywood Reporter Chief TV Critic Tim Goodman joins Jason Snell to talk about what’s worth watching. In this first episode of the fourth incarnation of the TV Talk machine, Tim highlights four network shows he likes, a second tier of shows on his maybe list, and reveals that the fall’s best new series isn’t available on either cable or broadcast TV.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell