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TV Talk Machine #154 November 17, 2017
“Back”, “Ill Behavior”, “There’s… Johnny”, and broadcast TV

Package Deal

We’re back with Tim’s reviews of two new British comedy imports—“Back” and “Ill Behavior”—both of which come from noble families but only one of which passes Tim’s test to become one of the great comedies of the fall. There’s also Paul Reiser’s labor of love “There’s… Johnny,” which Hulu may have accidentally acquired in a mystery box, and a fascinating feminist western from Netflix called “Godless.” We also preview Amy Sherman-Palladino’s “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” coming to Amazon later this month.

And that’s just the reviews! We’ve also got lots of follow-up about the continued fallout of terrible behavior in Hollywood, and we dive into Tim’s (apparent?) dislike for all of broadcast TV and discover how he really feels.

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