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TV Talk Machine #250 May 22, 2020

Nature is Healing

Tim and Jason return to close the book on Volume 4 of the TV Talk Machine chronicles. (You can find the previous three volumes at We’ll be back in this feed, probably soon, with something that’s more of us talking about stuff, but a lot less about things that are TV related.

But before we go, Tim describes the experience of having an opinion about a TV show and not sharing it. Jason goads him into some mild opinions. Jason mildly regrets an error, and recounts a bunch of shows he’s been watching on streaming. Then it’s time to check in on the Streaming Wars, including the impending launch of HBO Max, the mysteries of Peacock, and the question about what service is the mostly like to fail. We also read a few of your letters and about a million of your pandemic viewing suggestions, none of which appear in these show notes. On brand till the end.

Finally, if you’d like to make suggestions for topics for us to talk about in the future, or just want to share your thoughts with a podcast, you can still tweet at us at @tvtm or email podcast at tvtalkmachine dot com. Bye everybody!

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