About TV Talk Machine

The TV Talk Machine Podcast has had many lives.

Tim Goodman (former TV critic at the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle and chief TV critic of The Hollywood Reporter) started the podcast at the Chronicle and continued it sporadically at THR.

Then podcaster and writer (and original TVTM podcast fan) Jason Snell retooled the machine, and Tim and Jason spent several years talking about TV and poisonous Australian animals weekly until Tim quit THR to take a development deal.

Now Tim is writing again on Substack and the podcast will be back sporadically, too! Hit the subscribe links at the top of the page.

See the TVTM home page for recent episodes.

If you’d like to listen to the “OG” TV Talk Machine as a podcast, you can! Subscribe to this feed by adding the following URL to your podcast player of choice (look for an “add feed URL” button):


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