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Batman: The Animated Series

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TeeVee 270

Batman University: "Wild Cards" and "Epilogue" with Lisa Schmeiser

Lisa Schmeiser joins Tony to discuss three “Justice” League episode (“Wild Cards” parts 1 and 2 and “Epilogue”), the Justice League in general, and our favorite versions of Batman.

Tony Sindelar with Lisa Schmeiser

TeeVee 193

Batman University: "Mad Love" with James Thomson

Tony and James discuss the episode “Mad Love.”

Tony Sindelar with James Thomson

TeeVee 189

Batman University: "Perchance to Dream" with Shannon Sudderth

Tony and Shannon discuss the episode “Perchance to Dream.”

Tony Sindelar with Shannon Sudderth

TeeVee 186

Batman University: "Love is a Croc" with Guy English

Tony and Guy discuss the episode “Love is a Croc.”

Tony Sindelar with Guy English

TeeVee 185

Batman University: "Shadow of the Bat" with Aleen Simms

Tony and Aleen discuss the episode “Shadow of the Bat.”

Tony Sindelar with Aleen Simms

TeeVee 184

Batman University: "Feat of Clay" with Joe Rosensteel

Tony and Joe discuss the episode “Feat of Clay.”

Tony Sindelar with Joe Rosensteel

TeeVee 182

Batman University: "P.O.V." with Sam Einhorn

Tony and Sam discuss the episode “P.O.V.” with a lengthy discussion of The Question and Renee Montoya.

Tony Sindelar with Sam Einhorn

TeeVee 179

Batman University: "Showdown" with Jeremy Goldstein

Tony and Jeremy talk about “Showdown” featuring Jonah Hex!

Tony Sindelar with Jeremy Goldstein

TeeVee 178

Batman University: "Zatanna" with Lisa Schmeiser

In the inaugural episode of TeeVee’s coverage of “Batman: The Animated Series,” Tony and Lisa discuss “Zatanna” and other Batman related topics.

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Tony Sindelar with Lisa Schmeiser


The Official Batman

You asked for it, and we delivered! Batman University is in session, as we dive into “Batman: The Animated Series.” Lifelong Batman fan Tony Sindelar has provided us with a 10-episode watch list, which served as a refresher for our panel and an introduction for our host. What makes many people call this version of Batman the definitive one? How does a show that’s for kids end up being so strikingly adult? How is the character of this Batman not like recent movie depictions? We’ve got the answers.

Jason Snell with Tony Sindelar, Shannon Sudderth, Dan Moren, David J. Loehr and Nathan Alderman