Dr. Drang

Guest Panelist

The Incomparable

614: Eternal Spotlight of the Sunless Mind

587: Is Dracula the Frankenstein?

584: Window and Chill

517: Intensely Interesting

510: Failure Is Not an Option

483: Light Mode Batman

468: Did the Shark Order Takeout?

444: Why People Don't Like Musicals

431: Overture and Apes

417: Ultimate Frisbee

415: Congratulations to the Flat Earthers

409: Marshmallow Traitors

382: She's a Librarian

378: A Parrot Bit Me

365: Humour With a U in It

364: The Show of Theseus

326: Likeable Jerkability

305: Mint in Box

302: Keep Watching the Skies

283: The Stars Look Very Different Today

262: District Attorney Doofus

253: Ignoring the Movie Completely

Bonus Track

302b: Group Marriage

262b: Wherever Fats

253b: The Fat Man Meets The Thin Man

Lions, Towers & Shields

34: I'm Sorry. I'll Stop Talking about Joan Blondell.

30: There are No Tigers in Mexico

29: Lee Marvin is Evil Ted Lasso

26: You Were Made to be Murdered

12: Chekhov's ID Card

10: The Nicest Gangster Ever

6: We'll Begin with a Reign of Terror

2: Ride Her Down Like a Rabbit

1: Paradise City

Football is Life

10: "It's the Hope that Kills You" Rewatch (S1E10)

5: "Tan Lines" Rewatch (S1E5)