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TeeVee 572

Supergirl S4E22 Review: "The Quest for Peace"

We discuss:

  • Strange flashbacks

  • Various gambits

  • Luthor family tea

  • The future of Harun-El

  • Big Fights

  • Lena and Kara competing to be the biggest dummy

  • Nia being too understanding

  • George being awesome

  • The entire season and our hopes and fears for next.

Edited by Deanna Chapman

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 571

Supergirl S4E21 Review: "Red Dawn"

We discuss:

  • Alex remembering

  • The DEO lying about what triangulation means

  • Super Fighting

  • Lena being risky

  • Brainy & Dreamer having stupid stupid stupid plans

  • Everything else happening off screen

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Deanna Chapman

TeeVee 567

Supergirl S4E20 Review: "Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?"

We discuss:

  • Lena & Kara learning things in Kasnia, while Kara makes incomprehensible decisions.

  • Alex & Kelley bonding while Alex is still not doing her job;

  • Lockwood losing it, and being a really sucky dad;

Wait… this is ALSO not an episode about Eve.

Sponsored by the Supergirl Supercar!

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 563

Supergirl S4E19 Review: "American Dreamer"

We discuss:

  • James and Kelly overcoming childhood trauma.

  • Nia picking up the cape but NOT dreaming.

  • Kara being awesome being Kara.

  • Lockwood family woes.

  • Lena hitting bottom.

  • Alex not doing her job, but hanging out with Kelley.

  • J’onn hiding on Mars while directing this great episode.

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with Deanna Chapman and David Schaub

TeeVee 560

Supergirl S4E18 Review: "Crime and Punishment"

This week, we discuss:

  • James making hard choices;

  • Brainy avoiding hard choices;

  • Lean burying herself in Lex’s manipulations;

  • Supergirl being a narcisist trouble-maker;

  • Alex failing to get fired;

  • Haley making the right hard choices in spite of Alex;

  • Lockwood being delayed, but now armed;

  • and, will Kara and James EVER stop forgetting that their day jobs are powerful?

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 553

Supergirl S4E17 Review: "All About Eve"

Discussed this week:

-J’onn getting manipulated by M’yrnn?

-Lena/Alex/Supergirl learn to be bygons?

-Not actually much about Eve?

-James PTSDing or powering up?

-Red Supergirl making trouble?

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with Deanna Chapman and David Schaub

TeeVee 551

Supergirl S4E16 Review: "House of L"

Discussed this week:

  • Lex’s poor risk assessment, and knowing too much to live;

  • Eve’s strange backstory;

  • The “Lena’s a dummy” problem;

  • Red’s corruption;

  • and a poorly plotted use of long range rockets.

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 548

Supergirl S4E15 Review: "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Topics this week: - James not being quite dead yet;

  • Nia and Brainy blaming themselves, and Keanu getting between them;

  • The ongoing inconsistent Lena characterization, and her working with lex;

  • Doylist VS Watsonian backstories for Eve;

  • Development of the Harun-El Curative Tonic; and

  • Manchester Black spending all his focus on finding J’onn beautiful.

Edited by Deanna Chapman

David Schaub with Deanna Chapman

TeeVee 545

Supergirl S4E14 Review: "Stand and Deliver"

Under discussion this time:

  • The elite falling like dominos and tricking the viewers?
  • Alex doing her job,
  • Brainy NOT doing his job,
  • Dreamer dialling it to 11,
  • Quentin getting the arc Ben won’t,
  • and James groking his job, briefly

Edited by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 542

Supergirl S4E13 Review: "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?"

Under discussion this week:

  • Lena working with the DEO, but invalidating the apparent reason for the breakup;
  • Nia training with brainy… the man-splaining stopped, and hopefully the boring fights will too;
  • The Elite forming and causing trouble;
  • The President sounding strangely reasonable in comparison to Supergirl;
  • J’onn questioning his pacifism for doylist reasons; and,
  • Agent Liberty getting more power and more crazed.

Edited by Seth Heasley

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 538

Supergirl S4E12 Review: "Menagerie"

Under discussion this time: - So many Valentine’s Days motifs… - DC’s take on Venom; - Kara trying to work with Alex; - Ben Lockwood putting his child in danger; - Brainy and Nia’s progress; - James and Lena’s woes; and - The President making lots of bad calls.

Edited by Deanna Chapman

David Schaub with Deanna Chapman

TeeVee 531

Supergirl S4E11 Review: "Blood Memory"

This time we have sisters discussing sisters! Also under discussion: - new Alex; - dude-bro rage; - the keeping of far too many secrets; - Nia’s powerful, and painful, origin story

Edited by Deanna Chapman

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Deanna Chapman and Sarah Elkins

TeeVee 527

Supergirl S4E10 Review: "Suspicious Minds"

Under discussion this time:

  • The towering hypocrisy of Kara opining that coverups always get found out.
  • Alternate plans to trap invisible creatures (silly string!)
  • The urgent need to have MIB-style memory flashy things.
  • New set alert! John Jones, PI
  • The possible impact of the mind wipe on Alex’s personality and identity

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 514

Supergirl S4E09 Review: "Elseworlds"

No time for a clever synopsis; too much to cover. It’s crossover time!

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 511

Review: "Elseworlds"

Worlds collide and strange things are afoot at the Circle K! The Speedy Arrowcast convenes with a daunting task, taking on the entirety of the CW’s three-part superhero crossover, Elseworlds. We discuss why it’s great to see Ollie lighten up, a long-awaited reveal about the STAR Labs pipeline, and many, many Batman references. Plus, a teaser of next year’s crossover has us wondering what is in store for DC’s multiverse cosmology. And, to round it all out, we cross over to the Marvel universe for Superhero Sweep as we dissect every frame of the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Arrow, Season 7, Episode 9

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Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz

TeeVee 509

Supergirl S4E08 Review: "Bunker Hill"

Plot points:

  • Nia Nal’s powers are revealed.
  • Manchester Black’s creepy horror movie home invasion
  • Agent Liberty’s poor choice of secret hideouts on his own property
  • The new President isn’t evil, but is a bit of a populist ass.

Discussion points:

  • What does “Cards up” mean?
  • The possibility of weaponized shouting and/or spit in the right Superhands.
  • The incredible durability of Lockwood Steel (nicely surviving a Super drop test)
  • Supergirl winning the battle but losing the PR war.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 503

Supergirl S4E07 Review: "Rather the Fallen Angel"

This week, the episode is all about plans!

  • Lena trying to give Subject-0331 powers
  • Agent Liberty trying to kill Supergirl and blow up the “Statue of Liberty for Aliens”
  • Manchester Black’s trading Supergirl’s life for a chance to kill Agent Liberty.

Do the plans all make sense? We’ll leave it to you to decide. (But the answer is no.)

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 501

Supergirl S4E06 Review: "Call to Action"

In this episode, Lena makes a discovery while failing to cure cancer, Manchester Black takes to torture, Ben Lockwood takes to TV, and Supergirl talks down a dragon. Meanwhile, Brainy is still mostly comic relief but does get to have one great operatic fight.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 495

Supergirl S4E05 Review: "Parasite Lost"

Brainy continues to be the butt of jokes! Kara is truly terrible at journalism and it mystifies our panel how the writers get this so wrong so often. There were also things our panel enjoyed.

Trish Matson with Alan Yu

TeeVee 490

Supergirl S4E04 Review: "Ahimsa"

  • Feelings!
  • Alex and J’onn give pep talks;
  • J’onn teams up with Manchester Black to find Fiona;
  • Brainy and Lena use nanites to clean the air;
  • Pies are eaten;

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 488

Supergirl S4E03 Review: "Man of Steel"

The DEO doesn’t understand what an atmosphere is. Meanwhile, we get a back story for how Agent Liberty became radicalized. Does the explanation work? We’ll leave it to you to decide, but we still applaud the effort to make the villain compelling.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 483

Supergirl S4E02 Review: "Fallout"

Our panel shares their thoughts on topics including the alien-haters’ plots, rookie reporter Nia’s bravenesses, LCorp’s continuing poor security, and Lena’s nigh-inevitable realization that her BFF Kara is that lying alien Supergirl.

Recap by David Schaub, editing by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 478

Supergirl S4E01 Review: "American Alien"

Supergirl is back for Season Four! Under discussion by our all-listener panel this week:

  • Kara’s white/human lookalike privilege
  • Possible future ramifications of J’onn’s disarming of the DEO
  • The delight at seeing Kara be, well, Kara Danvers, and discovering another of her kind in Nia
  • The literal other of her kind punching a tunnel in Kasnia for some reason
  • Lena one-upping her mother in the manipulation department
  • Brainy being kind of useless so far

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber, Alan Yu and Jess Viator

TeeVee 449

Supergirl S3E23 Review: "Battles Lost and Won"

Finale it’s the Season Finally! Wait, was that confusing? So is this episode. Things happen, few of which make logical sense, except perhaps James’s decision to come out as Iron Man/Guardian.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 446

Supergirl S3E22 Review: "Make it Reign"

While discussing the penultimate episode of season three, our hosts are flummoxed by Sam’s seeming Kryptonian as Reign but Human as Sam nature, since she totally came from Krypton as far as anyone can tell. What did the Goth Powerpuff Girls do to her?

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 442

Supergirl S3E21 Review: "Not Kansas"

The Supercast crew is very pro-Murderbot as long as they’re just interrupting potential love triangles. Our panel is also quite underwhelmed by yet another CW show attempting to solve gun violence in one episode, especially given that the DEO moving to non-lethal weapons very much depends on the definition of non-lethal for different alien species.

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Brianna Taeuber and Alan Yu

TeeVee 440

Supergirl S3E20 Review: "Dark Side of the Moon"

Back with another installment of Alex lies to Ruby, in an episode that shows Reign can actually border on interesting, and that Kara’s mom is still alive but not a hugger. And Winn and Ruby bond over having supervillain parents.

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber and David Schaub

TeeVee 436

Supergirl S3E19 Review: "The Fanatical"

Once again the questionable tactics of lying to one’s friends, or lying to protect one’s friends, is discussed, along with (gasp) an actual good reason for James to want to be Guardian. And there’s a weird cult with funky rocks that create Worldkillers. Because that makes sense.

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 431

Supergirl S3E18 Review: "Shelter from the Storm"

Much discussion this week about how deception is maybe, just maybe, the wrong policy most of the time, especially when talking to the daughter of a supervillain. And Supergirl continues to cede the moral high ground to Lena in the “No one should be allowed to have Kryptonite” debate.

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 427

Supergirl S3E17 Review: "Trinity"

It’s all Super Science and Meanwhiles this week on the podcast as an eclipse for some reason affects Supergirl more than night does. Lena is suddenly mistrusted again because she used (gasp!) Kryptonite to contain Reign. Supergirl hates exercise! James chooses Lena over Supergirl. Winn gives Alex a Supersuit with magnets!

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 423

Supergirl S3E16 Review: "Of Two Minds"

Team Supergirl is out to stop Pestilence, while Lena works to determine how to remove Reign from Sam. You know, by electrocuting her repeatedly. Meanwhile, social media evidently doesn’t exist in the future.

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Brianna Taeuber and Michael Gabriel

TeeVee 418

Supergirl S3E15 Review: "In Search of Lost Time"

M’yrnn J’onzz attempts to mend his failing mental faculties but succeeds in putting the whammy on most of the DEO. Kara learns some cape-fu from Mon El but gives vent to a lot of her problems with him, under the influence(?) of the whammy. And Lena tries to find the dividing line between Sam and Reign.

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber and Deanna Chapman

TeeVee 415

Supergirl S3E14 Review: "Schott Through the Heart"

Supergirl is finally back, and under discussion this week are evolving Worldkillers, killer toys, Pa J’onzz’s deteriorating mental faculties, and Team Supergirl’s skills at Karaoke.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 397

Supergirl S3E13 Review: "Both Sides Now"

Team Supergirl goes after Purity with all the subtlety of Johnny Weir’s hair! The show gets a villian who’s as interesting as her alter-ego for a change, Mon-El and Imra carry the CW drama for the week, and Alex seems to be prone to drastic changes in behavior from one scene to the next.

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Jess Viator

TeeVee 393

Supergirl S3E12 Review: "For Good"

Multiple assassination attempts! The reappearance of Lena’s annoying mother, who has the virtue of at least being more interesting than Edge. Oh, and what’s up with Sam/Reign’s physiology?

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber

TeeVee 386

Supergirl S3E11 Review: "Fort Rozz"

In the course of discussing this episode, our panel inaugurates a new segment called “Super Science!”, in which eye-roll inducing scientific whoppers are properly called out. In this case, gender-deterministic stellar radiation is chief offender, but there are several other contenders. All in service of a solid episode, funnily enough.

Trish Matson with Michael Gabriel and David Schaub

TeeVee 378

Supergirl S3E10 Review: "Legion of Super-Heroes"

The effectiveness of glasses and masks as disguises in the Berlantiverse is discussed, along with the general “Meh” opinion of Reign as a character. Also, maybe an explanation of Legion Rings would’ve been nice?

Dan Drusch with Kelly Guimont, Brianna Taeuber and Alan Yu

TeeVee 362

Supergirl S3E9 Review: "Reign"

Our panel discusses the Season 3 mid-season finale, covering Sam’s lack of work/super-villain balance, the possibility of finding a non-spiked beverage at Kara’s Holiday Party, and Supergirl’s failure to take her fight with Reign to somewhere other than a city full of people.

David Schaub with Brianna Taeuber and Dan Drusch

TeeVee 357

Supergirl S3E8 Review: "Crisis on Earth-X"

Our panel discusses the 4-part crossover in a slightly jumbo episode. Topics under consideration are the fact that the bad guys get the best lines, Snart is entirely awesome, and who decided on the Earth numbering scheme, anyway?

Michael Gabriel with Trish Matson, David Schaub, Brianna Taeuber and Jess Viator

TeeVee 356

Supergirl S3E7 Review: "Wake Up"

Our panel briefly discusses Martian bladder capacity, Mon-El’s evasiveness, and Sam’s disappointing “waking” to become Reign.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 354

Arrow S6E8 Review: "Crisis on Earth-X"

A time like this comes only once per year: it’s crossover season. Team Speedy Arrowcast assembles to discuss the entire four-way crossover of DC’s TV universe (Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), and fields live questions from readers. At the end, only one co-host will be left standing.

Important topics of discussions include DC’s stellar job at inclusivity and diversity, John Diggle’s superpower, why superheroes should never get married, our delight over the return of a familiar face, and our frustration over the story’s major death. Plus, we review reader suggestions for our new rating rubric.

Crisis on Earth-X

To subscribe to all our Arrow-related content, check out this feed:

Dan Moren with John Moltz and Guy English

TeeVee 349

Supergirl S3E6 Review: "Midvale"

Our panel questions why the kids at Midvale High are oddly meh about the murder (or even just death) of a student, the fact that apparently of everyone at the DEO, only J’onn J’onzz owns a car, and the vagaries of Alex and Kara coming to terms with their recent relationship trouble.

Also, Trish is clearly not over the Maggie-Alex breakup, because she just can’t stop calling Alex “Maggie.”

Trish Matson with Alan Yu, Brianna Taeuber and Scott Grizzle

TeeVee 346

Supergirl S3E5 Review: "Damage"

Our panel discusses the polysyllabic chemicals and Morgan Edge’s questionable plans to profit from causing death and destruction in his city, along with Alex and Maggie’s breakup as an example of grownups behaving like grownups, something the CW doesn’t always specialize in.

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber, Jess Viator and David Schaub

TeeVee 319

Supergirl S3E1 Review: "Girl of Steel"

Supergirl is back and so is our listener-led podcast breaking down each episode! It’s finally here… the season premiere!

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 261

Supergirl S2E22 Review: "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

The Supergirl Supercast wraps the season with coverage of the finale! Nevertheless, they persisted.

Michael Gabriel with Scott Grizzle, Mandy Self and David Schaub

TeeVee 256

Supergirl S2E21 Review: "Resist"

In discussing the penultimate episode of Season 2, “Resist,” Trish and David praise the return of Cat Grant, rename Cyborg Superman to R2D2 and question the fictional lineage of Linda Carter’s alien-shape-shifter President. Also, Trish suggests giving Alaska to the Daxomites.

Edited by Seth Heasley, who as a born and bred Alaskan objects to Trish’s plan.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

TeeVee 252

Supergirl S2E20 Review: "City of Lost Children"

Our listener panel reconvenes to discuss the episode “City of Lost Children”, which is sort of like “City on the Edge Of Forever”, except with… nope, that’s not it.

Edited by Seth Heasley.

Mandy Self with Alan Yu, Dan Drusch and David Schaub

TeeVee 248

Supergirl S2E19 Review: "Alex"

The Supergirl Supercast returns to discuss “Alex.” Tactical underwear are discussed, along with Alex’s many skillful MacGyverings.

Trish Matson with Michael Gabriel, David Schaub and Dan Drusch

TeeVee 243

Supergirl Supercast: S2E16-18 Reviews

We’re back with reviews of three recent episodes of “Supergirl!” Musical complications and annoying alien parents!

Trish Matson with Michael Gabriel and David Schaub

TeeVee 234

Supergirl S2E15 Review: "Exodus"

Immigration, deportation, and spaceships!

(Edited by Seth Heasley!)

Trish Matson with Alan Yu

TeeVee 230

Supergirl S2E13-14 Reviews: "Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk" and "Homecoming"

Kltpzyxm! Dean Cain! Two more “Supergirl” episodes are reviewed by our crack panel of listeners.

Dan Drusch with Jess Viator, Scott Grizzle and Alan Yu

TeeVee 226

Supergirl S2E11-12 Reviews: "The Martian Chronicles" and "Luthors"

White and green martians! Lucy Luthor’s family loyalty, tested! Our all-Incomparable listener panel breaks it all down.

Trish Matson with Mandy Self and Michael Gabriel

TeeVee 222

Supergirl S2E9-10 Review: "Supergirl Lives" and "We Can Be Heroes"

Our listener-staffed Supergirl Supercast returns. Kara goes through a Stargate! Alien intrigue! And Livewire returns.

Trish Matson and Dan Drusch with Scott Grizzle and Seth Heasley

TeeVee 215

Supergirl S2E7-8 Reviews: "The Darkest Place" and "Medusa"

Our listener-generated “Supergirl” reviews continue with this episode, catching up with “The Darkest Place” and “Medusa” from November.

Nils the Red with Mandy Self, Trish Matson and Dan Drusch

TeeVee 207

Supergirl S2E5-6 review: "Crossfire" and "Changing"

Turn and face the strange! Lots of ch-ch-changes going on in National City. Lisa Schmeiser and our panel of podcast listeners have a recap!

Thanks to Seth Hensley for editing.

Lisa Schmeiser with Dov Frankel, Michael Gabriel and Deanna Chapman

TeeVee 206

Supergirl S2E3-4 Review: "Welcome to Earth" and "Visitors"

The Supergirl Supercast returns for a second installment! In these episodes Lynda Carter comes to town, we explore the alien underbelly of National City, and get to know Mon-El a lot better. Plus there are surprise alien reveals aplenty, and Alex makes a new friend.

Lisa Schmeiser with Michael Gabriel, Jess Viator and Mandy Self