TeeVee #629 March 21, 2020
Supergirl Season 5, Episode 15

Supergirl S5E15 Review: “Reality Bytes

We Discuss:

  • How shockingly dangerous Obsidian Platinum is (thanks Leviathan);
  • Alex fighting her magic martian weapon;
  • J’onn & Alex PIs on the case;
  • The nice parallel real and VR investigation;
  • Kelly being shocked by Obsidian Platinum sucking;
  • Kara’s failing to understand the trans community;
  • The cops being presented TOO positively;
  • Brainy being conflicted, but helpful;
  • Nia & Yvette carrying the episode, and doing it well.
  • Oh, and news about Kara and Alex’s Dad!

Edited by David Schaub

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