TeeVee #627 March 18, 2020
Supergirl Season 5, Episode 14

Supergirl S5E14 Review: “The Bodyguard”

We Discuss:

  • Alex coping with not having a gun, or powers, or an army;
  • Lex being helpful, and failing to kill anyone;
  • Lex and Brainy’s plan being surprising, and overly complicated;
  • Lena making progress, and not understanding why her mind altering is considered mind control;
  • Lena testing unethically, and failing;
  • Lex and Gemma continuing to spar;
  • The baddie attempting to try to stop Obsidian Platinum’s launch;
  • and when getting into a relationship, how many dates before you tell them you have super powers?

Edited by David Schaub

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