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The Good Place

TeeVee 404

Team Cockroach: Season 2 Wrap-up

Team Cockroach wraps “The Good Place” season 2 up like an eternal burrito. We talk about our favorite and not-so-favorite moments and where things are going for Season 3.

Andrew Pontious with Javier Matusevich, Rachel Addleman and Sarah Gardner


The Ol' Reverse Lucifer

“The Good Place” just finished its second season, and we still couldn’t love this show more. We discuss the moral growth of all the show’s characters in season two, break down the meaning of the final episode, and float a bunch of theories about where the show might be headed next.

Jason Snell with Aleen Simms, Glenn Fleishman, Kathy Campbell, Chip Sudderth and Brian Hamilton

TeeVee 389

The Good Place S2E12 review: "Somewhere Else"

Michael and Janet arrive to save the day! More than one person says “hot diggity dog!” 3/4 of Team Cockroach return to discuss the season 2 finale’s twists and turns, and what may be on tap for season 3.

Andrew Pontious with Sarah Gardner and Rachel Addleman

TeeVee 379

The Good Place S2E11 review: "The Burrito"

Who will the judge be? Turns out it’s not a burrito, it’s Maya Rudoph, and she’s here to tell you how cute your british accent is! Aluminium, testing, and hilarity ensue in this episode of Team Cockroach.

Sarah Gardner with Andrew Pontious, Rachel Addleman and Javier Matusevich

Robot or Not? 123

Janet from "The Good Place"

Never believe what a robot tells you.

John Siracusa and Jason Snell

TeeVee 374

The Good Place S2E10 Review: "Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent"

We’re finally here at the Bad Place Headquarters, and our friends are having trouble looking the part. Will they reach the portal or will they get caught by Shawn?

Rachel Addleman with Andrew Pontious, Sarah Gardner and Javier Matusevich

TeeVee 371

The Good Place S2E9 review: "Best Self"

Hot air balloons, confessed secrets, and a dance party. Team Cockroach discusses the latest “Good Place” episode, where our friends reminisce about their past and wonder about their future, before going to a place the show (literally) has never gone before. All aboard!

Javier Matusevich with Rachel Addleman, Andrew Pontious and Sarah Gardner

TeeVee 369

The Good Place S2E8 Review: "Leap to Faith"

Team Cockroach, a podcast from Incomparable listeners about NBC’s “The Good Place”, is back after the winter break! Shawn shows up to reward Michael for his good work. Should the team trust that Michael is helping them secretly, or are they heading to the Bad Place for real this time?

Sarah Gardner with Andrew Pontious, Rachel Addleman and Javier Matusevich

TeeVee 340

The Good Place S2E7 Review: "Derek"

Team Cockroach, a podcast from Incomparable listeners about NBC’s “The Good Place”, returns! In this episode, Tahani and Jason take a big step, Eleanor comes clean with Chidi, and Michael tries to keep Janet and her new boyfriend Derek from blowing the team’s cover with Vicky and Shawn.

Sarah Gardner with Rachel Addleman, Andrew Pontious and Javier Matusevich

TeeVee 330

The Good Place S2E6 Review: "Janet and Michael"

It’s time for Team Cockroach, a podcast generated by Incomparable listeners about NBC’s “The Good Place”! This week, Michael investigates Janet’s glitches and comes to an unexpected discovery.

Andrew Pontious with Rachel Addleman, Sarah Gardner and Javier Matusevich


Humour With a U in It

We return to our first wave of inductees into The Incomparable’s Television Hall of Fame, as we enshrine 10 more series that our panelists consider among the greatest of all time. This second batch spans seven decades and includes sketch comedy, animation, sitcoms, dramas, and even a show that premiered less than a year ago.

[Part two of two.]

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley, Dan Moren, Dr. Drang, John Siracusa, Erika Ensign, Andy Ihnatko, Mois├ęs Chiullan, David J. Loehr and Glenn Fleishman


Evil Giggle

Rarely do we devote an episode to a television comedy, but “The Good Place” earned our love and your attention. It’s a single story told over 13 half-hour episodes, with twists and turns and a lot of laughs. Why has Eleanor been sent to heaven by mistake? Why did a 70s dude high on mushrooms figure out the secret to eternal life? Why do we keep being gently reminded of Douglas Adams? Why is there a lava man in the conference room? Why does purgatory feature warm beer and Eagles live albums? We break it all down, and leave space after the Spoiler Horn to discuss the many surprising plot developments as the season went along.

Jason Snell with Kelly Guimont, David J. Loehr and Glenn Fleishman