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    The Incomparable MothershipApril 29, 2022"The Batman" (2022)
    612 YABM: Yet Another Batman Movie

    Our panel of caped crusaders assemble to dissect 2022’s “The Batman.” The last thing we may have needed was another Batman movie, especially the grimmest, darkest, and longest one ever… but what if we actually liked it? We take apart the new approaches to classic batman stories, Robert Pattinson’s performance, souped-up batmobiles, and Gotham’s weather patterns.

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    Biff!January 14, 2021Everyone's coming back!
    73 Giant-Size Superhero Sweep #5

    We’re back after a brief hiatus, and we’re wrapping up all the superhero news we missed: the official cancellation of Green Arrow and the Canaries; Michael Keaton’s possible return to the Batman franchise; Deadpool’s entry in to the MCU; and Chris Evans possibly picking up the shield again. Plus, we’re really looking forward to WandaVision.

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    DefocusedSeptember 12, 2020Batman & Robin
    299 Rubber Butts and McDonald's Toys

    His power is an unlimited basket of fries.

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    DefocusedAugust 26, 2020Batman Returns
    297 He's Not Your Daddy's Penguin

    Bruce Wayne watches the news.

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    DefocusedAugust 18, 2020Batman
    296 An A to Bat to C Story

    I liked Bruce Wayne better when he was underground.

    Batman (1989)

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    Biff!March 25, 2020Worst of the worst
    38 Comfort Food

    With Legends of Tomorrow on a coronavirus-prompted break, we take this week to dive into some explorations of the worst superhero movies that we’ve consumed, how Marvel might finally address the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom, and what our comfort food watches are. But not without our usual digressions in to Star Trek and Star Wars. Plus, a few letters have reached us in our self-imposed isolation.

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    Biff!March 4, 2020Batmobiles and butts
    35 The Teachers Never Do the Homework

    Hop in, we’re going to talk about the Batmobile! Recently released photos of The Batman’s take on Batman’s iconic ride prompt a discussion about the various models we’ve seen over the years. Then, by popular (?) demand, we discuss what is apparently the most iconic butt in comics.

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    Biff!February 26, 2020Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, Episode 5
    34 Legends of Tomorrow S5E5: "Mortal Khanbat"

    An ode to all things Hong Kong action movie this week as the crew of the Waverider makes its way to the year 1997 to face off against a resurrected Genghis Khan. We discuss the impact of John Woo on modern action cinema, a touching moment from a jerk sorcerer, and great cameo deployment. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we take a peek at Batman’s suit from the upcoming film and expostulate on where we feel Hollywood has wronged the Caped Crusader in recent history. Finally, in our Letters Page, we answer a query about…podcasts!

    Lian Yu will live forever in our hearts, so why not get a commemorative t-shirt?

    Legends of Tomorrow, Season 5, Episode 5

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    The Incomparable MothershipOctober 20, 2019"Batman" (1966)
    483 Light Mode Batman

    Holy Nostalgia! Our tour of live-action Batman features comes to an end with 1966’s “Batman”, in which a rogues gallery of villains from the Batman TV series—Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman—take on Batman and Robin. We praise the… acting stile of Adam West and why…. he… was perfect for this part. We ponder how influential the 1960s Batman was on public perception of superheroes and comic books for decades thereafter. And we finally answer the question you’ve all been asking: What weighs five ounces and is very dangerous? To the batcave!

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    The Incomparable MothershipJune 23, 2019"The Dark Knight Rises"
    466 Bane on a Plane

    Our survey of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Batman films concludes with “The Dark Knight Rises.” It’s clear why fans of the gritty darkness of “The Dark Knight” might have been disappointed with this film, because it’s strange in many surprisingly comic-booky ways… and we kind of love it? We discuss the choice to have the film’s primary villain have his mouth covered and speak in surround sound, the competence of Selina Kyle, the steadfastness of Michael Caine’s Alfred, the heir apparent earnestness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the proximity of certain middle-eastern rendition sites to Gotham. If you miss this episode, look for us in a café in Florence and give us a nod.

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    The Incomparable MothershipJune 15, 2019"The Dark Knight"
    465 Camus With a Smiley Face

    Our cinematic survey of Batman rolls on with Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” Nolan’s film was a huge hit and remains well loved, but how does it hold up on rewatching? Our panel found a film overflowing with ideas, sometimes to its credit and sometime to its detriment. Is this really two movies jammed together into one? Why was Rachel Dawes re-cast? Why does Batman hate dogs? Turn on your sonar vision and find out!

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    The Incomparable MothershipJanuary 26, 2019"Batman Begins"
    443 Right Off the Bat

    It’s time to dive in to the first film in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, 2005’s “Batman Begins.” We discuss how it changes the tone after the embarrassing Joel Schumacher films, its remarkable roster of acting talent, the more grounded tone and technology, and a whole lot more. Plus, one panelist’s deep love of Michael Caine is revealed at last.

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    Batman UniversityAugust 4, 2018"The Lego Batman Movie"
    18 "The Lego Batman Movie"

    Batman University is back for a panel discussion of the Lego Batman Movie. We pull apart why this movie is such a great (and important!) depiction of Batman and do an impromptu draft of a our favorite Lego Batman moments.

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    Batman UniversitySeptember 12, 2017"Mask of the Phantasm"
    17 "Mask of the Phantasm"

    It’s final exam week here at Batman University, which means it’s time to expand our podcast to an entire panel for a discussion of the animated movie “Mask of the Phantasm.” Tony is joined by Chip Sudderth, Dan Moren, David Loehr, and Philip Mozolak.

    We attempt to remember back to what life was like in 1993, someone compares Tony to Harvey Bullock, and we determine how this movies stacks up against the other Batman animated movies.

    Many classic “Batman: The Animated Series” episodes are referenced. Links in the show notes.

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    The Incomparable MothershipAugust 26, 2017"Batman & Robin"
    368 This Movie Ends, Right?

    Time for 1997’s “Batman & Robin”, featuring George Clooney as Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, and Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. At least we can laugh about it now… to keep from crying.

    (Part two of two.)

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    The Incomparable MothershipAugust 19, 2017"Batman Forever"
    367 Batman! Aaaaaa!

    So when Batman won our Summer Superhero Spectacular, we embarked on a quest to talk about all the Batman movies. Which leads us to the unfortunate spectacle of us watching both “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin.” This week, it’s the Val Kilmer Era, so let’s go back to 1995 and marvel at Jim Carrey’s understated performance as the Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones’s equally subtle performance as Two-Face. We are so, so sorry.

    (Part one of two.)

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    Unjustly MalignedJanuary 9, 2017"Batman Returns"
    69 "Batman Returns" with Michael Molcher

    After making Batman palatable to the mainstream again with the first movie, Tim Burton’s sequel “Batman Returns” went all-in with his signature fairytale gothic style. Michael Molcher joins Antony to explain why it totally works, and disses the Nolan Batverse along the way. Happy new year!

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    The Incomparable MothershipJanuary 7, 2017Tim Burton Batman movies
    334 Three Pillars of Batman

    We begin an ongoing series of looks at the Batman film series with the first two modern entrants, Tim Burton’s “Batman” and “Batman Returns.” Tony educates us on the most important traits of Batman. We recall the marketing campaign that put the bat logo on everything. We spend a lot of time breaking down the first film, and…. yeah… “Batman Returns” is also a movie that exists.

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    DefocusedApril 3, 2016Batman: The Movie
    91 Ballpoint Bananas

    We force fed this to our eyeballs.

  • Phil and Lisa Ruin the Movies cover art
    Phil and Lisa Ruin the MoviesMarch 22, 2015Batman movies.
    8 Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb

    Phil and Lisa ruin Batman movies, Batman TV shows, plus other superhero things.