Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels say terrible things about movies they haven’t seen and ruin everything for everybody.


Phil and Lisa Ruin Ben Stiller

Phil and Lisa dive into the oeuvre of Ben Stiller and can’t sanction his buffoonery. Plus, gangster movies! Comic book movies! Evan Hansen! And an extended visit from Harvey Keitel and his… um…. accoutrement.

Movies ruined: Lansky, Dear Evan Hansen, The Eternals, Zoolander, Ran.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels

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Phil and Lisa Ruin Volcanology

Unplug your brain and enjoy the lava-stained madness of Skyfire, a big-budget Chinese action picture that throws some work Jason Isaacs’ way. Also, we look at two trailers featuring far less enjoyable mayhem and absolutely no Lucius Malfoy.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin the City of Angels

Randy Newman may love L.A., but he doesn’t love it as much as Phil and Lisa love movies about L.A. Best of all, there is no actual Randy Newman in this podcast.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin the Bonds of Holy Matrimony

With no trailers to watch, Phil and Lisa turn their attention to Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, proving there’s no joyous occasion they can’t ruin.

Movies Ruined: Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Singin’ in the Rain, The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin the Western Canon

Lisa confuses her world wars, Phil strips people of their Oscar nominations and William Shatner stops by to share his favorite 19th century works of literature. Plus, we battle pandemics with a song in our heart and fluffy musicals on our TV.

Movies Ruined: “The King’s Man”; “1917”; “Little Women” (2019); “Footlight Parade”; “Finian’s Rainbow”.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Idris Elba: Sex Panther

Phil and Lisa cope with the hysterical blindness triggered by “Cats.” But fortunately, there are many new trailers to ruin, including several from the thick-knuckled lummoxes at DC Comics.

Movies Ruined: “Cats”, “Dolittle”, “Birds of Prey”, “Wonder Woman 84”, “Layer Cake”, “Dolemite Is My Name”.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin a Star War

In this spoiler-filled episode, we give The Rise of Skywalker a thorough going-over. Plus, we discover a not-as-terrible-as-you-might-think addition to our carousel of bad holiday made-for-TV movies. And Phil has a nasty break-up with Jennifer Lawrence.

Movies Ruined: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Avengers: Endgame, The Irishman, Black Widow, Turkey Drop.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin the X-Men Draft

In this crossover with episode 480 of The Incomparable, Phil and Lisa break down the draft choices made in the X-Men draft. It not you, it Gambit.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Send in the Clowns

Send in the clowns. Those murderous clowns. Let’s put them in movies and shows. Those thrice-damned clowns.

Movies Ruined: It, Chapter 2; The Joker; Little Women; Becket; Angry Birds 2; Kung Fu Hustle; Ip Man

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin James Corden

This episode is better than Cats. You will listen to it again and again.

Movies Ruined: Cats, Baby Driver, Inglorious Basterds, Hateful Eight, Mask of Dimitrios, Scott Pilgrim, first Monday in May, Wendy Whelan: Restless Creature.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels


Phil and Lisa Ruin the Avengers Franchise

Lisa prepares a video essay on what’s wrong with the Marvel franchise while Phil sees children’s movie after children’s movie. Also, let’s get woke, in-flight movie-style!

Movies Ruined: Ralph Breaks the Internet, Dumbo (2019), Hotel Transylvania 3, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Battle of the Sexes, Ocean’s Eight.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Michaels

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