The War Machines 3-4

After a longish break (to mourn Dodo?), Steven and Erika are back in the classic saddle and have finished off season 3 of Doctor Who.


The War Machines 2

Erika and Steven say a sad farewell to Dodo, whose send-off is kinda appropriately pants. Poor Dodo. But hey, there’a new companion duo ready and willing to take her place, starting in the very next scene!


The War Machines 1

Steven and Erika jump right into the swingin’ 60s. Computers! Connecting! To each other! The Inferno night club! Sad sailors and sexy secretaries! This Doctor Who episode has it all.


The Savages 3-4

Erika pushes through a migraine so she and Steven can finish off Steven (Taylor)’s final story. They are So Sad to see him go. They also marvel at the crucial turning point this story presents for the Doctor as a character. “The Savages” is a hidden gem! (We hope!)


The Savages 2

Steven and Erika continue to mightily enjoy their anniversary weekend and Doctor Who from 1966. “The Savages” elicits some powerful observations, and we’re only halfway through!

Also, Erika is very sorry for burping during the podcast. :/


The Savages 1

Erika and Steven celebrate their anniversary weekend in Calgary by watching reconstructed Doctor Who from 1966 in their hotel room. As is right and proper.


The Gunfighters 4

Steven and Erika finish “The Gunfighters” from 1966…4 days ago. This is the second podcast they’ve recorded about it. But it’s the only one that still exists.


The Gunfighters 2-3

Erika and Steven continue watching 1966’s “The Gunfighters”, and finally suss out what’s going on with Dodo. Oh yeah, and there’s whiskey involved.


The Gunfighters 1

Steven and Erika haven’t podcasted together since last year! But they’re back to classic Doctor Who with the musical, comic romp that is 1966’s “The Gunfighters”.


Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

Erika and Steven complete their frolic through the 2005 series of Doctor Who. It’s a strong finish for RTD’s “first album”. So that means the foreseeable future will be all classic-Who all the time. Probably.


Doctor Who Day 2016

Steven and Erika are flying high…literally! This LDW ep is an experiment from 30,000 feet. We hope you are all having a wonderful Doctor Who Day!


The Celestial Toymaker 4

Erika and Steven wash their hands of the final episode of this Doctor Who serial from 1966. The boardgame thing is fun, but the “stupid ball” is back in play in a big way.


The Celestial Toymaker 2-3

Steven and Erika do a rare mid-week episode, having watched a couple of Doctor Who eps from 1966. No more creepy clowns, but creepy dolls and infuriating nonsense! Oh, and more racism! SIGH…


The Celestial Toymaker 1

Erika and Steven move right along to Doctor Who’s next story from 1966. It’s…less(?) racist than some others. Yay? It’s also full of fun and games…and creepy clowns. Yay?


The Ark 3-4

Steven and Erika finish off the second half of this story (which is really two stories in one) from 1966. Steven is surprised at Erika’s reaction to the next story!


The Ark 1-2

Erika and Steven had so much fun talking about “The Massacre”, they decide to toddle along to the first couple eps of the next Doctor Who story from 1966.

Between these stories, we’ve developed quite the headcanon revolving around Steven and Dodo. Is Steven Dodo’s great-grandfather? Is Dodo high as a kite on LSD? Listen and see if we can convince you!


The Massacre 2-4

It’s been a super-rough week in the real world, so Steven and Erika decide to escape into a little 1966 Doctor Who. Erika continues to enjoy this story quite a bit! (Though she does descend into fearful worry at one point. Steven gamely keeps her on track with the delights of the Doctor and Co.)


Boom Town

Steven and Erika are back at long last! The month-of-sports (October) is over, and that means there’s more time for Doctor Who. They jump back in with another episode from 2005. Series 1 is almost over!


The Massacre 1

Erika and Steven try to build some momentum by diving into the next Doctor Who story from 1966. They’re both surprised by Erika’s strong reaction! Talking in rooms! It’s the best!


The Daleks’ Master Plan 11-12

Steven and Erika finally finish off this epic Doctor Who story, and are utterly depressed when it’s all over. Happily, the talk turns to animated stories, conventions, and juice boxes before the end, so it’s not all doom and gloom from 1966.


The Daleks’ Master Plan 10

Erika and Steven enjoy another moving-pictures episode of this long serial from 1966. Not a lot happens, but we can see it happening! So that’s neat and stuff.


The Daleks’ Master Plan 8-9

Steven and Erika celebrate New Year’s Eve, 1966 in style! With cricket and a volcano and ancient Egypt! Oh, and a dash of a Meddling Monk and a side of time-travelling Daleks. Never a dull moment in Doctor Who!


The Daleks’ Master Plan 7

Erika and Steven wish a happy Christmas to all of you at home!


The Daleks’ Master Plan 5-6

Steven and Erika watch a couple more Doctor Who episodes from 1965. Then Erika waxes poetic about a Labyrinth-Doctor Who connection that blew her mind. And there may even be some more Lazy Doctor Who coming this evening, as it’s the start of a holiday weekend!

This story is really great, you guys.


The Daleks’ Master Plan 4

Erika and Steven continue making their way through this serial from 1965. This time, Erika has had wine. Which, it turns out, is not a recommended accompaniment to reconstructed Doctor Who.


The Daleks’ Master Plan 2-3

Steven and Erika are back to watching classic Doctor Who from 1965. Erika is high as a kite on codeine, Steven is full of info about missing episodes, and they’re both excited to see moving pictures!


The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Erika and Steven time-travel to 2005 once again to talk about the genesis of Captain Jack and oh-so-much dancing. It’s Steven Moffat’s debut with Who!


The Daleks’ Master Plan 1

Erika and Steven had Quite A Day. And what better way to celebrate A Day than to watch some reconstructed classic Doctor Who from 1965? We certainly can’t think of one?

Why was it Such A Day, you ask? Well, Uncanny Magazine, for which Steven and Erika produce a monthly podcast (and Erika helps proof the magazine itself), won a Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine!

Erika is Rather Overwhelmed.


The Myth Makers 4

Steven and Erika bid a fond farewell to Vicki, aka Cressida in this final (reconstructed) episode of Doctor Who’s “The Myth Makers” from 1965. They’re exhausted and full of food after attending Edmonton’s Heritage Festival, but they manage to muddle through a podcast recording anyway.


Father’s Day

Steven and Erika interrupt your regularly unscheduled classic Doctor Who with another dash of series 1 new-Who. This time it’s Paul Cornell’s Father’s Day. So Many Feels!

We also plug one of our other efforts: Uncanny Magazine, which is running its Year Three Kickstarter!


The Myth Makers 2-3

Erika and Steven continue watching the reconstruction of Doctor Who’s “The Myth Makers” from 1965. Erika is disappointed to learn it’s only a 4-parter, and there’s only one episode left.


The Myth Makers 1

Is it time for Steven and Erika to go out and enjoy the Edmonton sunshine on a beautiful Saturday? Well, yes, by now it is, but 25 minutes ago, no! It was time to watch a reconstruction of a Doctor Who episode from 1965.

The much-vaunted, eagerly-awaited “The Myth Makers” is finally here! Will it live up to the hype? Maybe!


Mission to the Unknown

Ok, NOW our Canada Day mini-marathon concludes! Erika and Steven complete the last episode in the Verity Lambert era, the unique-in-many-ways “Mission to the Unknown”.

We watched an animated version of this “Dalek Cutaway” (no, it’s not really called that), which was really fab. Erika felt as much tension watching the animated characters as she has with many live actors. It cooked along and I could tell what was happening!

More observations and some serious reminiscences await in the podcast!


Galaxy 4 4

Our Canada Day mini-marathon concludes(?) as Steven and Erika complete Doctor Who’s 1965 serial, “Galaxy 4”. We’re back to a reconstruction, but it’s a good’un.


Galaxy 4 2-3

Our Canada Day mini-marathon continues as Erika and Steven press on with more Doctor Who from 1965. And one episode is actually made up of moving pictures!


Galaxy 4 1

Happy Canada Day everyone! Steven and Erika get back to 1965 Doctor Who with the first (mostly non-existent) episode of “Galaxy Four”. A Canada Day mini-marathon has apparently become a tradition. We’re good with that.


The Long Game

Erika and Steven jump forward once again to series 1 of “new” Who with “The Long Game”. This story that has a surprising number of parallels with “The Time Meddler”, which they just finished. And both realize they like it more than the remembered!


The Time Meddler 3-4

Steven and Erika complete 1965’s “The Time Meddler”, and thus, season 2 of Doctor Who! It’s time for more monkerey!


The Time Meddler 2

Erika and Steven move on to episode 2 of 1965’s “The Time Meddler”. And they do one of the most classic North American-Doctor Who-fan things they’ve ever done: a pledge break!


The Time Meddler 1

Steven and Erika do another on-location episode, this time from the very heart of The Incomparable Podcast Network—Jason Snell’s garage. It’s a perfect opportunity to create some content, in this case, episode 1 of 1965’s “The Time Meddler”.



Erika and Steven are popping back to 2005 for some new-Who again. From the comedy Daleks of “The Chase” to something entirely different here. Quite the media whiplash!


The Chase 5-6

Erika and Steven are still in their Calgary hotel room and finished off 1965’s “The Chase”. Erika has feels. Many of them. Perhaps even all of them.

And if you’re wondering what that background noise is at the very end as we say goodbye it’s the ice maker in the fridge of the fancy hotel room.


The Chase 4

Steven and Erika record another ep in a hotel room bed after attending Calgary Expo and then watching ep 4 of 1965’s “The Chase”. Erika has words for this episode. Strong, strong words.


Aliens of London & World War Three

Steven and Erika dip into new-Who once again, continuing series 1 from 2005. Farting aliens, anyone? Yeah. Didn’t think so.


The Chase 2-3

Erika and Steven cap off their anniversary celebration with two episodes of 1965’s “The Chase”. This story elicits a split decision thus far.


The Chase 1

Steven and Erika continue rolling along with their anniversary celebration. They start watching 1965’s “The Chase”. With wine!

And before they dig into that, they chat about the “Defending the Museum” extra on the DVD of “The Space Museum”. Rob Shearman is both very right and very wrong.


The Space Museum 3-4

Erika and Steven continue their anniversary celebration by completing “The Space Museum” from 1965. The classic Doctor Who marathon will continue soon…with wine!


The Space Museum 2

Steven and Erika celebrate their anniversary by getting back to classic Doctor Who, continuing “The Space Museum” from 1965.


The Unquiet Dead

Erika and Steven watch another new-Who ep from series 1 in 2005. This one feels a bit more like classic Who, which is rather comforting.


The End of the World

Steven and Erika take another brief hiatus from classic Doctor Who to continue with the second episode from 2005’s series 1. Erika is pretty sure this is only the second time she’s seen this story. Steven thinks she had issues.


The Space Museum 1

Erika and Steven dive into the next Doctor Who serial from 1965. Erika declares it NONSENSE! Steven drops some technical knowledge. It’s a real party. Or a real podcast from a couch. You decide.


The Crusade 2-4

Steven and Erika finish off “The Crusade” from 1965. Erika has a strong reaction to this story! And sings the praises of her new accountant!


The Crusade 1

Erika and Steven continue on to the first episode of “The Crusade” from 1965. (Mostly because Steven wants to watch something that’s directed better than “The Web Planet”.)


The Web Planet 5-6

Steven and Erika finish off the fifth serial of Doctor Who’s second season, “The Web Planet” from 1965. And Erika begs for a return to Vortis in series 10. No, really.


The Web Planet 2-4

Erika and Steven close out their Superbowl Sunday Doctor Who marathon by continuing (but not quite finishing) “The Web Planet”. If only humans didn’t need sleep, there’d be more coming, but alas, sleep isn’t just for tortoises.


The Web Planet 1

Steven and Erika haven’t had enough Doctor Who yet on this Superbowl Sunday. They move on from a historical to something altogether more out-there. You may find the reaction to it surprising.


The Romans 4

Erika and Steven finish off 1965’s “The Romans”. Happily, Erika finds that the last ep is much less objectionable, which is good because she loves loving Doctor Who.


The Romans 2-3

Steven and Erika continue their Superbowl Sunday 1965-Doctor Who viewing party. And Erika discovers “The Romans” isn’t as easy or pleasant to watch as she’d hoped.


The Romans 1

Erika and Steven spend Superbowl Sunday watching Doctor Who from 1965. First up is “The Slave Traders”, episode 1 of “The Romans”, where the TARDIS crew decides to relax!


The Rescue 1-2

Steven and Erika take their Doctor Who viewing into 1965 with Vicki’s first story. A two-parter means getting through a whole story in one night, which is always fun!


The Dalek Invasion of Earth 2-6

Erika and Steven continue (and complete!) Doctor Who’s second Dalek serial, from 1964.


The Dalek Invasion of Earth 1

Steven and Erika get back to classic Doctor Who right away and watch the second Dalek serial, from 1964.

See? We didn’t give up on classic Who! You can relax now.



Yes, really! Erika and Steven watch and discuss the first episode of “new-Who”, “Rose” from 2005.

Why on Earth would we jump ahead 41 years? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out! We like to keep you guessing here at LDW HQ.

But never fear, there’ll be more classic Doctor Who coming at you soon. Or not-soon, depending on how lazy we are. But we’re not giving up on the good old days!


Planet of Giants 1-3

Steven and Erika start season two of classic Doctor Who by watching an entire 3-episode story, “Planet of Giants” from 1964. And yes, Erika is a bit sleepy again.

If you’ve been following along with the serial codes as we’ve listed them on the website, you’ll note the letter I was skipped. That’s because “I” looks too much like the number 1 and could have been confusing. Production code neepery FTW!


The Reign of Terror 6

Erika and Steven finish off their podcastey New Year’s Eve celebration by watching the final episode of the final story of Doctor Who’s first season (“The Reign of Terror” from 1964). This is the final of the three podcasts for this evening. One podcast ep for each DW ep!

They also ask each other some questions from Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit!


The Reign of Terror 5

Steven and Erika continue to celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching the final story of Doctor Who’s first season, “The Reign of Terror” from 1964. This is the second of three podcasts for this evening. One podcast ep for each DW ep!

They also read some listener tweets!


The Reign of Terror 4

Erika and Steven celebrate New Year’s Eve by watching the final story of Doctor Who’s first season, “The Reign of Terror” from 1964. This is the first of three podcasts for this evening. One podcast ep for each DW ep!

They also read some listener letters!


The Reign of Terror 2-3

Steven and Erika continue the final story of Doctor Who’s first season, “The Reign of Terror” from 1964. It’s another extra-lazy from-the-couch night!


The Reign of Terror 1

Erika and Steven start the final story of Doctor Who’s first season, “The Reign of Terror” from 1964. Erika is exceedingly sleepy and a wee bit grumpy, so it’s only one episode tonight!


The Sensorites 5-6

Steven and Erika are so excited to talk about “The Sensorites” from 1964, they decide to watch the last two episodes and record a second podcast in the same night!

If you didn’t get the ep with parts 1-4, check your podcatcher app and make sure it’s set to download more than just the one most recent episode from our feed. You never know, this could happen again!


The Sensorites 1-4

Erika and Steven move on to the next Doctor Who serial from 1964, “The Sensorites”. It’s much more to Erika’s taste than “The Aztecs” was, and they both spend quite a bit of time exclaiming over all the bits they enjoy. There are many!


The Aztecs 3-4

Steven and Erika finish off the sixth serial of Doctor Who, parts 3 and 4 of “The Aztecs” from 1964.


The Aztecs 2

Erika and Steven are back home in Edmonton and back to watching Doctor Who. Picking up where they left off in London, it’s episode 2 of “The Aztecs” from 1964.


The Aztecs 1

Steven and Erika are in LONDON! So of course, they watch some Doctor Who from 1964. This is an extra-lazy from-the-hotel-bed recording so Erika didn’t have to hold up her head while recording. Again. Hey, walking around London (and Cardiff) is tiring!


The Keys of Marinus 4-6

Erika is very sleepy because Steven wanted to watch all of the final three episodes of “The Keys of Marinus”, from 1964. This is an extra-lazy from-the-couch recording so Erika didn’t have to hold up her head while recording. Now that’s lazy!


The Keys of Marinus 2-3

Steven and Erika are finally healthy enough to get back to podcasting about “The Keys of Marinus”, from 1964. They’re both still hoarse due to a bout of whooping cough, but they soldier on through talking about two episodes.


The Keys of Marinus 1

Erika and Steven finally get around to starting the next Doctor Who serial, “The Keys of Marinus”, from 1964. Steven has a terrible cough, and Erika is high on Tylenol 3 after some painful dental work. It’s rambly fun!


Marco Polo 4-7

Steven and Erika decide to, in one fell swoop, finish off the reconstruction of Doctor Who’s fourth serial, “Marco Polo”, from 1964. How did Erika fare in consuming so much recon in one sitting? Listen and see!


Marco Polo 2-3

Erika and Steven finally get back to watching the reconstruction of Doctor Who’s fourth serial, “Marco Polo”, from 1964. Warning: there’s more singing in this episode.


Marco Polo 1

Steven and Erika celebrate Canada Day in style—by watching Erika’s (almost) first proper recon! It’s “The Roof of the World”, the first episode of Doctor Who’s fourth serial, “Marco Polo”, from 1964. They also explain a bit about why Doctor Who has missing episodes and what a “reconstruction” is. Learning is fun!


The Edge of Destruction 1-2

Erika and Steven continue Erika’s birthday weekend celebration by watching Doctor Who with Erika’s parents (who do not appear on the podcast, sadly). The story in question is the show’s third serial, “The Edge of Destruction”, from 1964.


The Daleks 7

Steven and Erika talk about the seventh (and final) episode of “The Daleks”, Doctor Who’s second serial, from 1964.


The Daleks 5-6

Steven and Erika record another podcast on the couch. They talk about the fifth and sixth episodes of “The Daleks”, Doctor Who’s second serial, from 1964.


The Daleks 4

Erika and Steven record a podcast on location! Well, if the couch counts as a “location”. They talk about the fourth episode of “The Daleks”, Doctor Who’s second serial, from 1964.


The Daleks 3

Erika and Steven discuss the third episode of “The Daleks”, Doctor Who’s second serial, from 1964.

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The Daleks 1-2

Steven and Erika record a podcast on location! They talk about the first two episodes of “The Daleks”, Doctor Who’s second serial, from 1964.


An Unearthly Child 2-4

Erika and Steven discuss the final three episodes of the debut Doctor Who story, “An Unearthly Child”, from 1963.


An Unearthly Child 1

Erika and Steven explain the premise of Lazy Doctor Who and why this is a podcast. Then they discuss the very first episode of Doctor Who, “An Unearthly Child”, from November 1963.