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The Incomparable 545: Chekhov's Disappearing Pig

The Kilmas season reaches its peak with a fantasy film about a fellowship of people small and large who must journey far at the behest of a wizard, carrying something that may lead to the complete destruction of a kingdom. Except the thing isn’t a ring, it’s a baby. It’s 1988’s “Willow,” a charming movie with swords, sorcery, brownies (the bad kind), love potions, cartoonish snowballs, magic acorns, dangerous dragons, and even a magic trick or two. Merry Kilmas, one and all!

Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, John Siracusa and Annette Wierstra

The Incomparable 544: Let Go and Let Kilmer

Kilmas rolls on with Val Kilmer’s first screen role, as the Elvis-like Nick Rivers—who is sent to East Germany and falls into a plot to destroy NATO submarines. But don’t sweat it, this is “Top Secret!”, from the same people who made “Airplane!” and “The Naked Gun,” so it’s really all about the jokes. So many jokes. We rave about some, and remain extremely perplexed about others. But you know who makes the whole thing work? Yep, Val Kilmer, that’s who.

Jason Snell with Philip Michaels, Lisa Schmeiser, Steve Lutz, Kelly Guimont and David J. Loehr

The Incomparable 543: I Want to Go to Dog Heaven

Merry Kilmas! We begin our seasonal celebration of actor Val Kilmer with one of his most mysterious works, 1996’s “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” You’ll go in wanting to see Marlon Brando and David Thewlis, but you’ll exit talking about Goat Man and Dog Butler and why the last half hour of the film makes no sense at all. It’s a legendary disaster of a movie, and maybe that’s what Kilmas is all about!

Jason Snell with Annette Wierstra, Jean MacDonald, Steve Lutz, Tony Sindelar and David J. Loehr

The Incomparable 367: Batman! Aaaaaa!

So when Batman won our Summer Superhero Spectacular, we embarked on a quest to talk about all the Batman movies. Which leads us to the unfortunate spectacle of us watching both “Batman Forever” and “Batman & Robin.” This week, it’s the Val Kilmer Era, so let’s go back to 1995 and marvel at Jim Carrey’s understated performance as the Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones’s equally subtle performance as Two-Face. We are so, so sorry.

(Part one of two.)

Jason Snell with Steve Lutz, Joe Rosensteel, Mois├ęs Chiullan, David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar and Monty Ashley

Myke at the Movies 1: "Real Genius"

Myke and Jason take on 1985’s “Real Genius,” starring Val Kilmer.

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell

Defocused 31: I Like a Good Montage

This week we discuss the 80s cult classic Real Genius (1985) with Chris Knight super-fan Jason Snell.

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm with Jason Snell

The Incomparable 33: "I Drank What?"

The lesson learned? Never share anything you love with John Siracusa. Like, for example, “Real Genius.” Or any ’80s movie. Or any ’80s anything. Or from-any-other-time anything. Fear John Siracusa, for he is the destroyer of dreams.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, John Siracusa, Glenn Fleishman and Serenity Caldwell