From the archives of Relay FM, this podcast contains just Myke Hurley’s discussions of films with his podcast co-hosts Jason Snell and Casey Liss. For much more of Myke and his co-hosts, listen to Upgrade and Analog(ue).

(Episodes will appear here 30 days after they appear within their respective Relay FM show.)


“Avengers: Infinity War”

Myke and Jason break down the shocking and surprising events of “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell

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Myke and Jason continue their walk through 80s movie classics with the prototypical 80s sci-fi/action film, James Cameron’s “Aliens.”

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell


Myke at the Matinee: “Hamilton”

It’s not a movie, it’s a theatre phenomenon—and now that Myke has seen “Hamilton” in London and Jason has seen it in “San Francisco”, it’s time to talk about it.

(This conversation originally appeared in Upgrade 177 on Relay FM, but features six minutes of additional material.)

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell


“A Few Good Men”

Myke and Dan Provost watch 1992’s “A Few Good Men”

Myke Hurley with Dan Provost



The Myke Watches “Firefly” Project comes to an end.

Myke Hurley with Casey Liss


“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

We said we’d be back.

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell


Firefly: “Objects in Space”

Myke and Casey reach the end of the Firefly television journey with the story of a bounty hunter.

Myke Hurley with Casey Liss


Firefly: “Heart of Gold”

Space brothels. Of course there would be space brothels.

Myke Hurley with Casey Liss


“Empire Records”

Myke and Tiffany Arment discuss “Empire Records”.

Myke Hurley with Tiffany Arment


Firefly: “The Message”

The task of returning a dead soldier home turns into something quite different.

Myke Hurley with Casey Liss


Firefly: “Trash”

Episode 11 of Firefly, in which Saffron returns.

Myke Hurley with Casey Liss

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