Free the Squee #5 December 24, 2023
Episode 5-A Special Holiday Double Edition

“Your Zayde Is a Level 20 Archdruid?!?”

Happy Holidays, fellow nerds! Join Heather and Stacy, and our special guest Annette Wierstra! Annette is the Director of Agents of Smooch, another Incomparable Podcast, and we can’t think of anyone better to go round and round with us as we review Round and Round, Hallmark Channel’s latest Hannukah movie! Join us as we schmooze about time loops and tradition, the twists, the turns, and the magic dreidel!

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Show Notes

  • Huge shout-out and thank you to Director Annette Wierstra for coming to the couch as our first guest. Check-out her fabulous, romance focused podcast Agents of Smooch here on The Incomparable network and wherever you catch your podcasts.
  • Many apologies for the occasional poor sound quality. We claim newbie status and promise to never let it happen again.
  • Yiddish-informed listeners will notice that Heather gender-switches Bubbe and Zayde. Stacy caught the switch, but didn’t want to restrain Heather’s obvious excitement. So, while we added a correction post-production as soon as we were able, we’re also acknowledging it here, to let folks know we left the error in service of letting the “Squee be Free.”
  • On a Musical Note: The musical interlude before Content and Process is the Hanukkah song, Ma’oz Tzur. A medieval Jewish liturgical poem, it is sung after the festival candles are lit.