Lions, Towers & Shields #31 July 1, 2021
“The Women”

The Patriarchy: You’re Swimming In It

Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard and a stellar cast of supporting actresses are just doing the best they can, moving through their upper-class New York world.

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Show Notes

George Cukor made “women’s pictures.” It wasn’t usually meant as a compliment, at least when assessing him against others of the time, and it wasn’t even universally true. “The Women,” though, with an all-female cast and a lot of things to say about female friendship, frenemyship and how a woman was required to move through the world at the time of the film, is a great one. And we have an all-female panel to break the whole thing down.

The Movie: review/commentary on a single classic film * The Women (1939), * Available to stream, rent or buy digitally * On disc: Blu-ray

Next time, we’ll watch The Philadelphia Story (1940)

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