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TeeVee #728 February 16, 2022
Farscape S2E07-08

Don’t Beat a Dead Keedva (Farscape S2E07-08)

We continue our rewatch of season two.

First up, “Home on the Remains”, where Eric and Jason struggle with the pronunciations of the guest star character names. The crew is starving (what, no more crackers?) and go to a place Chiana used to call home to try to find some more food. Only to get caught up in the local power scheme of keeping people working in the mines to pay for food and protection from the mysterious, deadly creature that roams the mines.

Finally, we review “Dream a Little Dream”, where we learn what happened to the rest of the crew after the ending of season one while Aeryn, John and D’Argo were away from Moya. The crew winds up on a planet full of lawyers. And for once, it’s not Chiana or Rygel that you’d think would run afoul of the law… no, it’s Zhaan. Can Chiana and Rygel prove Zhaan’s innocence and get off the planet before Moya leaves?

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