Run faster, Barry!

The Flash S3E23 Review: “Finish Line”

Here we are at the end of our marathon. Lisa, Tony and Moze look at how the season finale paid off our predictions. What will season four look like? And the Flashcast team gives its fond goodbyes to you, the listeners, after a marvelous three years.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

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The Flash S3E22 Review: “Infantino Street”

“Infantino Street” is the episode season three has been building toward, in which Iris’s death at the hands of Savitar isn’t a distant probability but a reality Barry must face. The episode is interspersed with reminders of her impending doom. Twenty-four hours until Iris West dies, count down the episode with us.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

The Flash S3E21 Review: “Cause and Effect”

Team Flash works on their Savitar trap, but in the meantime, what if we experimented on Barry’s brain in order to slow down Savitar? What could go wrong? And so amnesia hijinks ensue! With Barry having no memory and Wally’s powers reset, the city has no Flash, which is a problem when discount Heat Wave goes on a rampage. Killer Frost offers to help out Team Flash at the price of Barry’s innocence.

Lisa Schmeiser with Tony Sindelar and Philip Mozolak

The Flash Review: S3E19-20 “I Know Who You Are”

A special double episode exposing Savitar’s identity that everyone seemed to already know. How did we feel about it? Where do we go from here? Sit back and let us figure that out together as Lisa, Tony and Moze put on their Strange Metal suits and run around this narrative.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

The Flash S3E18 Review: “Abra Kadabra”

The magic is back on this week’s episode of “The Flash”. At least Moze tries in earnest to convince Tony and Lisa. The episode presented a nice change of pace. Team Flash faced new challenges this week as Abra Kadabra waged a magical war on Central City.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

The Flash S3E17 Review: “Duet”

The long awaited musical crossover episode arrives. Lisa, Tony, and special guest Jess Viator discuss musicals, this episode, and the impact on the season as whole.

Tony Sindelar and Lisa Schmeiser with Jess Viator

The Flash S3E16 Review: “Into the Speed Force”

Away we go to visit “The Speed Force” again with Barry and company. Not pulling any punches, Lisa, Tony and Moze are having a hard time with the trajectory this season. We take a time out to discuss our dreams for the show. We also anticipate the musical episode next week and how Moze will handle it.

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

The Flash S3E15 Review: “The Wrath of Savitar”

It is time for the big bad Savitar to return to Central City and the team isn’t ready for him. However, it may be a plot problem. And your Flashcast team has a moment of catharsis over what has happened to the Flash team we love so much.


Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

The Flash S3E14 Review: “Attack on Central City”

The gang is back and ready to see how Central City did against an army of Super Gorillas. Was this episode a CG love fest or just an Earth-19 Friendship Day? And join us in the after show as we brainstorm our new business venture.


Lisa Schmeiser and Tony Sindelar with Philip Mozolak

The Flash S3E13 Review: “Attack on Gorilla City”

Your cryptograph invitation has arrived! It is time to finally explore the deep jungle that is Gorilla City. Join us for the monkey business in this first part of the Grodd saga.


Philip Mozolak and Tony Sindelar with Jason Snell

The Flash S3E12 Review: “Untouchable”

The gang is here to discuss the “unnecessary and awesome” things we saw on this week’s “The Flash.” Team Flash is racing against the clock to save Iris from dying via a metahuman’s deadly touch. (Uh, what was that bad guy’s name, anyway?)

Lisa Schmeiser and Philip Mozolak with Tony Sindelar

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