TeeVee #733 May 29, 2022
Farscape S2E17-18

I’m Nobody’s Puppet (Farscape S2E17-18)

Eric and Jason have been gone for a little while due to real life, but we’re back with two above average episodes to make up for it.

First up, “The Ugly Truth”, where Crais tries to get Moya’s crew to help him disarm Talyn. But things don’t go according to plan and the crew has to recount, from each of their perspectives, what went wrong or else face summary execution.

Finally, “A Clockwork Nebari”, where Chiana learns some truths, some ugly, some not-so-ugly, about her people and her brother. Meanwhile the crew is mentally cleansed by the aforementioned Nebari and have to snap out of it if they’re going to get away. It’s like totally bitchin’, man. Far out.

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