The Boys S2E3-4 review

Welcome to TeeVee 666, the episode number EVERYONE but Moze was too scared and superstitious to own! What beast has been unleashed for ‘The Boys’?


The wrecking crew is back at full capacity! From coasting clean on yachts to breaking blowholes Homelander and Stormfront have a menace coming their way. Have no fear as Sam and Moze wipe down their blood brows to break these episodes down and prognosticate the future of this season.

Philip Mozolak and Sam Adams

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The Boys S2E1-2 review: “The Big Ride” & “Proper Preparation and Planning”

Welcome to the first of many episodes dedicated to “The Boys.” Amazon was almost too gracious and dropped three for a dynamic beginning. Sam and Moze wanted to get the party started by reviewing the first, as to not be considered “Super-Terrorists.”


The season 2 table stakes begin with our boys in hiding and their foul-mouthed silver tongued Billy Butcher falling from the skies high above somewhere in Indiana.

Come join the party and see who lives, who dies and who gets jacked with some Compound V!

Philip Mozolak and Sam Adams

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