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The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: “Chapter 8: Redemption”

The first season of The Mandalorian comes to a close this week, so Dan Moren and very special guest Kat Benesh to discuss a significant unmasking, drawing parallels with the past, and what we might see when season two debuts next fall.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 8

Dan Moren with K Benesh

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The Mandalorian S1E7 Review: “Chapter 7: The Reckoning”

We regroup on this week’s episode of A Complicated Profession, as host Dan Moren recruits trustworthy allies Guy English and John Moltz to discuss lazy biker scouts, Chekhov’s bassinet, and Baby Yoda’s moral code.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 7

Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz

The Mandalorian S1E6 Review: “Chapter 6: The Prisoner”

It’s double trouble on A Complicated Profession this week, as host Dan Moren is joined by special guests Jane and Evan Ritt, to discuss the offscreen life of our protagonist, warring codes of morality, and unfortunate high school flashbacks.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 6

Dan Moren with Jane Ritt and Evan Ritt

The Mandalorian S1E5 Review: “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger”

This week, on A Complicated Profession, host Dan Moren is joined by special guest Tony Sindelar to discuss the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, including how much fan service is just the right amount, droid-related head-canon, and the premature(?) fate of an anticipated character.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 5

Dan Moren with Tony Sindelar

The Mandalorian S1E4 Review: “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”

A Complicated Profession returns with Chapter 4 of The Mandalorian. Host Dan Moren is joined by special guest Kathy Campbell to discuss a compelling new ally for Mando, reinforcing the essential nature of our characters, and homages to a favorite Western trope.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 4

Dan Moren with Kathy Campbell

The Mandalorian S1E3 Review: “Chapter 3: The Sin”

We’re back for the third episode of A Complicated Profession and your host Dan Moren is joined by special guest and network head honcho Jason Snell to discuss chapter 3 of The Mandalorian. Our discussion covers the many possible interpretations of sin, what exactly happened to the Empire, and how this show paves the way for future Star Wars series.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 3

Dan Moren with Jason Snell

The Mandalorian S1E2 Review: “Chapter 2: The Child”

In the second episode of A Complicated Profession, Dan Moren is joined by Aleen Simms to discuss the second chapter of The Mandalorian, including how an episode can succeed without using a lot of dialogue, ants at picnics, the unpredictability of characters that live in the gray areas, and whether or not the Mandalorian should take off his helmet.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 2

Dan Moren with Aleen Simms

The Mandalorian S1E1 Review: “Chapter 1”

In the inaugural episode of A Complicated Profession, host Dan Moren is joined by fellow Star Wars aficionado John Siracusa to discuss the debut of The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series. We talk about the heritage of Star Wars on TV, Werner Herzog as Werner Herzog, and exactly what kind of show this is.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 1

Dan Moren with John Siracusa

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