Bounty hunting, not unlike podcasting, is A Complicated Profession.

The Mandalorian S2E8 Review: “Chapter 16: The Rescue”

Season two of The Mandalorian wraps up with a few surprises…and more than a few questions about the future. Host Dan Moren is joined by very special guest Kat Benesh to discuss the Empire’s workplace safety requirements, season two’s wider world, and where we go from here.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 16

Dan Moren with K Benesh

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The Mandalorian S2E7 Review: “Chapter 15: The Believer”

It’s a break-in with a familiar face this week on The Mandalorian, and host Dan Moren welcomes special guests Jason Tocci and Genevieve Tocci to discuss a fight scene with a problematic edge, why min/maxing your stats is dangerous, and the moment that Mando became a dad.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 15

Dan Moren with Jason Tocci and Genevieve Tocci

The Mandalorian S2E6 Review: “Chapter 14: The Tragedy”

Tragedy abounds this week on The Mandalorian, as we ramp up to the end of season two. Host Dan Moren is joined by special guest Chip Sudderth to discuss the characterization of a storied (but rarely glimpsed) character, honor among thieves, and the many mistakes of Mando.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 14

Dan Moren with Chip Sudderth

The Mandalorian S2E5 Review: “Chapter 13: The Jedi”

It’s a big episode of The Mandalorian this week as several familiar names (and one brand new name!) are dropped, which means it’s a big episode of A Complicated Profession. Kelly Guimont joins host Dan Moren to discuss the bad habits we learn from our teachers, side quests aplenty, and all the questions we need answered.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 13

Dan Moren with Kelly Guimont

The Mandalorian S2E4 Review: “Chapter 12: The Siege”

This week on A Complicated Profession, we’re doing an easy job taking out an Imperial base. Easy! What could go wrong? Host Dan Moren is joined by Antony Johnston to discuss threading the needle of deep fandom and telling a great, accessible story; gorgeous production design; and leaving plot threads dangling.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 12

Dan Moren with Antony Johnston

The Mandalorian S2E3 Review: “Chapter 11: The Heiress”

What do you expect when you get your ship fixed on a fishing planet? A lot of netting. This week on A Complicated Profession, Dan Moren is joined by podcast pal Erika Ensign to discuss the balancing act of everything from fan service to lore to making sure your main character doesn’t always look like a galoot.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 11

Dan Moren with Erika Ensign

The Mandalorian S2E2 Review: “Chapter 10: The Passenger”

The only profession more complicated than being a bounty hunter? Being a taxi service. This week, on A Complicated Profession, host Dan Moren is joined by podcaster and developer James Thomson to discuss children being jerks, standalone storytelling, and why you should never touch anything in a creepy ice cave.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 10

Dan Moren with James Thomson

The Mandalorian S2E1 Review: “Chapter 9: The Marshal”

A Complicated Profession is back to cover season 2 of The Mandalorian, and host Dan Moren welcomes podcaster and author Helene Wecker to discuss the evolution of our protagonist from season one, having your tropes and eating them too, and whether there are more than six things in the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 9

Dan Moren with Helene Wecker

The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: “Chapter 8: Redemption”

The first season of The Mandalorian comes to a close this week, so Dan Moren and very special guest Kat Benesh to discuss a significant unmasking, drawing parallels with the past, and what we might see when season two debuts next fall.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 8

Dan Moren with K Benesh

The Mandalorian S1E7 Review: “Chapter 7: The Reckoning”

We regroup on this week’s episode of A Complicated Profession, as host Dan Moren recruits trustworthy allies Guy English and John Moltz to discuss lazy biker scouts, Chekhov’s bassinet, and Baby Yoda’s moral code.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 7

Dan Moren with Guy English and John Moltz

The Mandalorian S1E6 Review: “Chapter 6: The Prisoner”

It’s double trouble on A Complicated Profession this week, as host Dan Moren is joined by special guests Jane and Evan Ritt, to discuss the offscreen life of our protagonist, warring codes of morality, and unfortunate high school flashbacks.

The Mandalorian, Chapter 6

Dan Moren with Jane Ritt and Evan Ritt

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