“Mr. Robot” Season 3 wrap-up review

It’s time to break down the highs and lows of “Mr. Robot” season three. What does Whiterose want? How scary is Bobby Cannavale? Where was Tyrell? Are we supposed to like Phillip Price? From duality to longing to rewind time, we break down an exciting and tumultuous season.

Jason Snell with Stephen Hackett and Federico Viticci

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“Mr. Robot” Season 2 wrap-up review

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Jason Snell with Philip Mozolak and Dan Moren

Mr. Robot review: eps2.1-2.3

Jason and Moze get caught up on the whirlwind of events that are the next three hours of “Mr. Robot”, “k3rnel-pan1c”, “init_1”, and “logic-b0mb”. Joanna Wellick’s paralyzing gesture to prove she’s not a monster! Shocking violence! The mystery of Ray! An intriguing conversation about time between FBI Agent Dom and Minister Zhang! The fate of Romero! The weird high-level execs of E Corp! And, of course, Elliot’s daily struggle with different aspects of himself. We break it down and swirl it all around.

Jason Snell with Philip Mozolak

Mr. Robot review: “eps2.0_unm4sk.tc” (part 1 and 2)

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Jason Snell with Mikah Sargent, Dan Moren and Philip Mozolak

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