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Supergirl S4E11 Review: “Blood Memory”

This time we have sisters discussing sisters! Also under discussion: - new Alex; - dude-bro rage; - the keeping of far too many secrets; - Nia’s powerful, and painful, origin story

Edited by Deanna Chapman

Trish Matson with David Schaub, Deanna Chapman and Sarah Elkins

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Supergirl S4E10 Review: “Suspicious Minds”

Under discussion this time:

  • The towering hypocrisy of Kara opining that coverups always get found out.
  • Alternate plans to trap invisible creatures (silly string!)
  • The urgent need to have MIB-style memory flashy things.
  • New set alert! John Jones, PI
  • The possible impact of the mind wipe on Alex’s personality and identity

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Brianna Taeuber

Supergirl S4E09 Review: “Elseworlds”

No time for a clever synopsis; too much to cover. It’s crossover time!

Trish Matson with David Schaub

Supergirl S4E08 Review: “Bunker Hill”

Plot points:

  • Nia Nal’s powers are revealed.
  • Manchester Black’s creepy horror movie home invasion
  • Agent Liberty’s poor choice of secret hideouts on his own property
  • The new President isn’t evil, but is a bit of a populist ass.

Discussion points:

  • What does “Cards up” mean?
  • The possibility of weaponized shouting and/or spit in the right Superhands.
  • The incredible durability of Lockwood Steel (nicely surviving a Super drop test)
  • Supergirl winning the battle but losing the PR war.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

Supergirl S4E07 Review: “Rather the Fallen Angel”

This week, the episode is all about plans!

  • Lena trying to give Subject-0331 powers
  • Agent Liberty trying to kill Supergirl and blow up the “Statue of Liberty for Aliens”
  • Manchester Black’s trading Supergirl’s life for a chance to kill Agent Liberty.

Do the plans all make sense? We’ll leave it to you to decide. (But the answer is no.)

Trish Matson with David Schaub

Supergirl S4E06 Review: “Call to Action”

In this episode, Lena makes a discovery while failing to cure cancer, Manchester Black takes to torture, Ben Lockwood takes to TV, and Supergirl talks down a dragon. Meanwhile, Brainy is still mostly comic relief but does get to have one great operatic fight.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

Supergirl S4E05 Review: “Parasite Lost”

Brainy continues to be the butt of jokes! Kara is truly terrible at journalism and it mystifies our panel how the writers get this so wrong so often. There were also things our panel enjoyed.

Trish Matson with Alan Yu

Supergirl S4E04 Review: “Ahimsa”

  • Feelings!
  • Alex and J’onn give pep talks;
  • J’onn teams up with Manchester Black to find Fiona;
  • Brainy and Lena use nanites to clean the air;
  • Pies are eaten;

Trish Matson with David Schaub and Brianna Taeuber

Supergirl S4E03 Review: “Man of Steel”

The DEO doesn’t understand what an atmosphere is. Meanwhile, we get a back story for how Agent Liberty became radicalized. Does the explanation work? We’ll leave it to you to decide, but we still applaud the effort to make the villain compelling.

Trish Matson with David Schaub

Supergirl S4E02 Review: “Fallout”

Our panel shares their thoughts on topics including the alien-haters’ plots, rookie reporter Nia’s bravenesses, LCorp’s continuing poor security, and Lena’s nigh-inevitable realization that her BFF Kara is that lying alien Supergirl.

Recap by David Schaub, editing by Deanna Chapman.

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber

Supergirl S4E01 Review: “American Alien”

Supergirl is back for Season Four! Under discussion by our all-listener panel this week:

  • Kara’s white/human lookalike privilege
  • Possible future ramifications of J’onn’s disarming of the DEO
  • The delight at seeing Kara be, well, Kara Danvers, and discovering another of her kind in Nia
  • The literal other of her kind punching a tunnel in Kasnia for some reason
  • Lena one-upping her mother in the manipulation department
  • Brainy being kind of useless so far

Trish Matson with Brianna Taeuber, Alan Yu and Jess Viator

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