This Is Turning Into a Death House

A final battle with greenery, and then our adventurers will try to escape from the Death House at last! But will the house truly live up to its diabolical name?

Fake Cult News

Death House continues barreling toward its inevitable end! Will all our adventurers make it out alive?

Not My Centipedes, Not My Circus

From a hugging wall come creepy, hulking ghoulish creatures ready to kill (or hug?) our adventurers! And then later there may be a crypt with a whole lot of bugs.

The Legendary Hugging Wall

Death House resumes, and our adventurers must explore strange passageways, discovering deceptive items and even more deceptive walls!

Tugging on the Orb

So there’s this orb, and it’s pretty shiny. Maybe we should touch it?

Paladins Crying Uncontrollably

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grick. Also, Ghouls are not nice.

A Little Dust-Up

The journey into Death House goes a little deeper, with creepy closets, creepy magical foes, and more creepy children!

All Children Are Creepy

A new adventure begins! Led by Dungeon Master Dan Moren, our adventurers wake from a night by a campfire to discover a deserted town, a couple of creepy kids, and a suspiciously creepy mansion.