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Incomparable shirts back on sale

The Incomparable's beloved collection of t-shirts is back on sale.

Hooded Skeleton
Recursive Clip Loop
#1 Draft Pick shirt

TPK Dragon
Total Party Kill
TPK Dragon shirt

Robot (or not)
Robot shirt

Random Trek
Rocket ship
Random Trek shirt

The Defocused Podcast
Defocused shirt

Zeppelin shirt

The Incomparable Membership Drive

This month is our annual membership drive. We’re encouraging listeners to become members and support The Incomparable and the shows you listen to. Support goes to the hosts of the shows you select, offsets editing costs, and a lot more. Plus, you get goodies such as bonus episodes, bootleg recordings, and (at the higher support tiers) physical goodies in the mail!

This month we’re also dropping special bonus episodes in our members-only feed, as a thank-you to all our members. Among the items being posted this month:

  • A two-hour commentary track for “Raiders of the Lost Ark” featuring John Siracusa, Dan Moren, David J. Loehr, Monty Ashley, and Jason Snell. Press play on “Raiders” and this podcast and it’ll be like you’re watching it with us sitting next to you.

  • A nearly 20-minute-long “rough draft” edition of an episode from the forthcoming second season of The Incomparable Radio Theater.

  • “Random Trek” finally breaks down and watches The Animated Series, as Joe Rosensteel joins Scott to talk about “Yesteryear.”

  • A special episode of “Unjustly Maligned” featuring listener questions, listener defenses, and a special turn-the-tables segment where we righteously malign things.

  • A three-plus hour bonus session of Total Party Kill, featuring a complete mini adventure involving Dragonforge and Associates.

  • Sophomore Lit tackles “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”

  • Afoot and the Game Show collaborate for a session of the “Murder, She Wrote” game.

  • Defocused watches “Lost in Space”, the horrible movie, with Random Trek’s Scott McNulty!

  • Lazy Doctor Who plays a few “Doctor Who”-themed games.

  • The Villain Edit looks at a classic reality show from the 1970s.

  • Klickitcast reads one of Beverly Cleary’s “Leave it to Beaver” novels.

  • Tim Goodman programs his own streaming service for a TV Talk Machine bonus.

  • Phil and Lisa will be Ruining a Movie exclusively for members.

Please consider becoming a member today.

Two Incomparable shirts on sale

The Incomparable’s beloved collection of t-shirts is back on sale. For this round at Cotton Bureau, we’re selling the hooded skeleton (in black) and the Total Party Kill dragon in red, black, or gray.

Become a supporter of The Incomparable

Many listeners have been asking for a way to support our podcasts, and now there is one! The Incomparable now has a membership system that lets you sign up for a monthly or annual pledge to support podcasts directly.

Here’s what you do: Go to our new membership page and sign up. You’ll then be asked to pick the shows on The Incomparable network you’d like to support. If you just check the box for one show, your entire contribution (after fees are taken out, of course) will go to that show.

If you listen to many podcasts on our network, you can also check multiple boxes, and your contribution will be shared equally by all the shows you want to support.

As a thank-you for supporting us, members will receive extras, including exclusive bonus audio tracks (via the private First Class feed), a live bootleg feed of The Incomparable (via the private Bootleg feed), a video-podcast feed of Total Party Kill, and other cool stuff.

There are contribution levels at $5, $10, and $20 per month, and annual equivalents are available as well. So if you’d like to support The Incomparable and our shows, sign up today.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Clear the way for the Klickitcast!

I’d like to welcome a new podcast to the network—Klickitcast, hosted by Phil Gonzales and Sophomore Lit John McCoy. It’s a podcast about Beverly Cleary, where Phil and John will be reading through most, if not all, of Cleary’s books.

The creator of Beezus and Ramona recently turned 100, and it’s cool to launch a podcast about her work right now.

—Jason Snell

Two new Incomparable t-shirts on sale!

The Incomparable’s beloved collection of t-shirts is back on sale. For this round at Cotton Bureau, we’re selling the Incomparable logo (in blue) and a hooded skeleton (in black).

We’ll do more shirts later this year, including a TPK revival.

Sophomore Lit is now in session

A new podcast to the network this month is Sophomore Lit, hosted by John McCoy. It’s a great idea for a podcast, revisiting the reading lists of our youth, but this time as adults. I’ve been on twice, and it was a blast both times… even if the second book we read was not a blast.

John is an old co-worker and friend of John Siracusa’s, and the first time I heard about the premise of his show—in the aftermath of our Required Reading episode—it seemed like a great fit for The Incomparable. John was up for bringing his podcast to our network, so Sophomore Lit is now in session at The Incomparable!

—Jason Snell

Introducing ‘Pod4Ham’

The musical “Hamilton” has become a pop-culture phenomenon. I can tell this because the my friends and collaborators have become infested with approximately 40 different earworms, all courtesy of this relentlessly catchy and intelligent musical. It’s the hottest ticket on Broadway, which is why we’re all just listening to the Original Broadway Cast Recording over and over again in lieu of actually attending. A bunch of us rushed out and read Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, which inspired the musical.

Somewhere in there, I got a stupid idea. What if you did a podcast about “Hamilton” and gave it the attention it deserved. What if you took it song by song, through all 46 tracks on the soundtrack? You’d have a fun miniseries that would stretch through 2016. And you could call it Pod4Ham, in the spirit of the “Ham4Ham” shows done in New York City for people waiting in line for the daily ticket lottery for “Hamilton.”

The thing is, I just don’t have time to take on another podcast. So I asked who would be interested in being on Pod4Ham, and I got deluged with interest—not just from regular Incomparable panelists, but from everyone they knew. And so a plan was hatched: Gather different panels of people for each song, so there’s no one host, but a whole chorus of voices with different perspectives on the songs and the work as a whole.

Today episode 1 of Pod4Ham has arrived. We’ll see how this grand experiment goes! You can subscribe on iTunes or via RSS. There are a million things we haven’t done, but just you wait…

—Jason Snell

T-Shirts are back on sale!

The Incomparable’s beloved collection of t-shirts is back on sale. For this round at Cotton Bureau, we’re selling the Incomparable zeppelin (in sky blue, fog gray, and manifesto red) and the Incomparable robot (in black, vintage black, and vintage royal).

We’ll do more shirts later in the spring, including the full logo and a reprise of some of our other popular designs. Maybe even a new one!

The Incomparable Holiday Feed is active!

We love the holiday season, in our own strange way, and our shows have covered many holiday topics. If you’d like a special podcast feed of only our holiday episodes, you can subscribe now at All the episodes are also now visible from our Holiday page.