Jane Ritt

Guest Panelist


601: The Mandalorian S1E6 Review: "Chapter 6: The Prisoner"

Total Party Kill

277: The Wicker Strahd

276: Strahd von Zarovich: Dreamboat

275: The Hill I'm About to Die On

274: The Last Wine in All of Barovia

273: Dungeon Buddies!

272: I Used to Like Nature

271: A Really Aggressive Salad

270: Mummy Corps of Engineers

269: Horse Law

268: Moon Jerks

267: Wolfageddon

266: A Face Is a Map of a Person

265: Skeletal Cats

264: My Favorite Flavor is 'Combination'

263: I Wish For Fewer Bones

262: The Pizza Rolls Argument

249: Very Special Holiday Episode

248: Backgammon in the Wine Gazebo

247: Minotaur Maul

246: The Bag Holder

245: #hagfact

244: Spooky Money

243: Follow Me To Great Deals!

242: Non-Fatal Arm Wrestling

241: Rictavio!

240: An Octopus Holding a Bag

239: A Most Interesting Bone Ghost

238: Little Joys in Big Barovia

237: Sad, Unfortunate, and On Fire

236: Better Dead than Undead

235: Non-Union Ghosts

234: Big Trouble In Little Barovia

233: Let's Bury the Burgermeister

211: Drugs are Good

210: The Ghost in the Gazebo

209: Cool Ranch Blood

208: A Light Tinge of Evil

207: That's Not Billy

203: Our Cleric Has the Bloodlust

201: Awkward Alligator

199: Ooze on First?

197: Pitfall Situation

159: A Dog, a Priest, and a Brain Surgeon

158: Ichor Cole Slaw

157: AirDND

156: Send Me an Angel to Kill

155: I'm a Bard!

Game Show

135: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor