It’s Only a Matter of Time

What comes next?


Now I’m the Villain in Your History

Hamilton and Burr duel to the death.


This Meeting’s at Dawn

Eliza asks Alexander to come back to bed, but he’s too busy writing a goodbye letter in the event he is killed in his duel with Aaron Burr.


Weehawken, Dawn. Guns Drawn.

Hamilton refuses to apologize for not endorsing Burr. The two agree to meet for a duel.


Jefferson Has Beliefs, Burr Has None

It’s time for the election of 1800, in which Thomas Jefferson faces off against Aaron Burr—and Hamilton has to choose who to endorse.


The Unimaginable

Alexander and Eliza cope with the death of their son. (Get out the tissues.)


I Did Exactly As You Said

Philip Hamilton is grievously wounded and is near death.


See You on the Dueling Grounds

Philip Hamilton challenges one of his father’s detractors to a duel, and Alexander gives him advice and support.


I’m Erasing Myself from the Narrative

In the wake of the Reynolds Pamphlet, Eliza ponders Alexander’s betrayal and burns their letters.


Consulting the Hamiltome

A bonus discussion from the middle of the recording of our “Reynolds Pamphlet” episode.


I Hope You’re Satisfied

In an attempt to salvage his professional dignity, Hamilton publishes an admission of guilt that will ruin his personal reputation.


I Wrote My Way Out

Hamilton, his professional and personal life on the precipice, recalls his childhood in the Carribean.


I Have Reasons for Shame

Madison, Jefferson, and Burr confront Hamilton over evidence of a career-ruining event that isn’t quite the one they were expecting to find.


Say What?!

In which John Adams gets confined to one term.


Good Luck!

King George returns to discover that George Washington is leaving the scene and John Adams is replacing him.


At Home in This Nation We’ve Made

George Washington refuses to run for a third term as President and asks Hamilton to craft his farewell address.


Follow the Money and See Where it Goes

Jefferson, Madison, and Burr resent Hamilton’s relationship with the president and vow to find a way to disgrace him.


I’m Super Dead

It’s Jefferson versus Hamilton in another cabinet battle, this one over supporting France.


They Don’t Like You

Aaron Burr stops waiting and makes his move.


How the Sausage Gets Made

Hamilton, Madison, and Jefferson plot the future of the United States as Aaron Burr looks on from the outside.


Nobody Needs to Know

Alexander Hamilton’s alone in New York. Maria Reynolds is there, too. And when they meet, Hamilton’s future begins to unravel.


There’s a Lake I Know

Philip Hamilton shows off for his dad. Angelica writes Alexander a letter. Eliza beseeches her husband to take a summer vacation.


A Civics Lesson from a Slaver

George Washington convenes a cabinet meeting, which becomes a battle of ideas and egos between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.


Thomas Jefferson’s Coming Home

Act Two begins with the return of Thomas Jefferson to the United States.



With Lin-Manuel Miranda and several other cast members having departed the Broadway run of “Hamilton,” and with us having reached our intermission break, we decided to take an episode to discuss the experience of seeing “Hamilton” with the original cast, live on Broadway at the Richard Rogers Theatre.


Like You’re Running Out of Time

Hamilton and Burr cope with life after the war, leading Hamilton to a decision to join the new American government as the show’s first act concludes.


You’ll Blow Us All Away

In the aftermath of war, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton talk to their children.


Awesome, Wow!

King George is back, and he is not happy with the results of the war in America.


Tony Awards special

We watched the Tonys and wanted to talk about it. So here’s a special bonus episode.


Immigrants, We Get the Job Done

Hamilton reconnects with Lafayette as they prepare for the Battle of Yorktown, the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War.

(Posted early in honor of the Tony Awards.)


When I Was Young and Dreamed of Glory

Before battle, George Washington speaks to Hamilton.


America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman

Lafayette brings aid from France to help defeat the British at Yorktown, and Hamilton is finally given a chance to lead in battle.


Let Me Be a Part of the Narrative

Alexander returns home to Eliza, who is pregnant, and asks him not to go back to the war.


Call Me Son One More Time

The duel is over, but George Washington’s arrival means that Hamilton’s trouble is just beginning.


Pray That Hell or Heaven Lets You In

This episode tries to set the record straight with an analysis of the codes of dueling. We hope this will provide you with the satisfaction you demand.


I’m a General. Whee!!!!

Things are getting tough in the Revolution, and General Charles Lee becomes a problem.


I Am Inimitable

Aaron Burr takes center stage and narrates his own story, for a little while.


You Are the Worst, Burr

They’re just doing the same song again! Is that cheating, or what?


She’d Be Lying

Angelica rewinds to the first meeting of Alexander and Eliza and shows it from a very different perspective. (And be sure to listen past our own rewind for a discussion of parallels between “Hamilton” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”)


At a Revel with Some Rebels

Eliza meets Alexander, and the sky’s the limit.



1780, a winter’s ball, and Burr and Hamilton are boasting about their reliability with the ladies.


Outgunned, Outmanned, Outnumbered, Outplanned

Here comes the General! Hamilton meets George Washington, and a long relationship is formed.


Oceans Rise, Empires Fall

A message from the King! George III makes an appearance to remind the colonies of what they risk if they go it alone.


Is He In Jersey?

A loyalist broadside is rigorously refuted by Alexander Hamilton, who would rather be divisive than indecisive.


The Greatest City in the World

Introducing the Schuyler sisters: Angelica, Eliza… and Peggy. Aaron Burr isn’t going to get in their way.


Raise a Glass to Freedom

A drinking song sung by comrades in a revolution, with a tip of the hat to “Les Misérables.”


Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

In contrast to Aaron Burr’s talk-less-smile-more approach, Alexander Hamilton gets overexcited and shoots off at the mouth.


Talk Less, Smile More

Alexander Hamilton arrives in New York and meets Aaron Burr, Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens.


Just You Wait

The start of it all. How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman end up as the ten-dollar founding father?

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