The Incomparable’s large collection of hosts and panelists take turns on an episode-by-episode rewatch of season one of Apple TV+’s instant classic comedy, “Ted Lasso.” Then, it’s onward to season two!


“Two Aces” Rewatch (S1E6)

Football is Life! It’s a lesson taught to us by enthusiastic striker Dani Rojas, who is a refreshing change of pace from Jamie Tartt—until the long time curse of the training room rears its head! Put your prized possessions in the bin so we can set them on fire.

Mois├ęs Chiullan with Keir Hansen, Casey Liss and Aleen Simms

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“Tan Lines” Rewatch (S1E5)

It’s Sad Ted time, as Ted’s family comes to visit from America and all is not well. Also, The Keeley-Jamie-Roy triangle gets interesting and Sam finds success!

Chip Sudderth with Guy English, Heather Berberet and Dr. Drang


“For the Children” Rewatch (S1E4)

Relationships are hard. Whether it’s Roy and Jamie or Rebecca and Rupert—hey, it’s Anthony Stewart Head!—things can be fraught, even if you’re participating in a charity banquet. Don’t forget—it’s for the children.

David J. Loehr with Jean MacDonald, Heather Berberet and Keir Hansen


“Trent Crimm: The Independent” Rewatch (S1E3)

From the bookending f-bombs to the food bomb partaken by Ted Lasso, this week’s episode is full of hot stuff. Journalist Trent Crimm (The Independent) learns a lot about Ted along the way. There’s bullying in the locker room, but doting uncle Roy Kent is there to intervene. And Rebecca’s attempt at an evil plan falls apart.

Kelly Guimont with Kathy Campbell, Casey Liss and Steve Lutz


“Biscuits” Rewatch (S1E2)

Our visit to AFC Richmond continues, as we discuss secret biscuit recipes, how this episode plants seeds for future episodes, the clever deployment of Lizzo, and how the locker room is like a classroom.

Dan Moren with Shannon Sudderth, John Moltz and Paul Sabourin


“Pilot” Rewatch (S1E1)

Football is life! In the run-up to the second season premiere, we’re rewatching “Ted Lasso” season one, with an all-star collection of Incomparable hosts and panelists. This week we’re going back to where it all started: A sacked manager, a SportsCenter update, and an ussie on a transatlantic flight. Pour yourself a cup of hot brown water and join us, because nothing is into touch on this podcast!

Jason Snell with Tiff Arment, Chip Sudderth and James Thomson

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